Interview – ‘The Belgian Bull’ Robin Lekime

robin lekime

1) First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

My name is Robin.
I work as The Belgian Bull Robin Lekime.
I’m WAW’s European champion at the moment.
Born and raised in Belgium but living in Norwich now.

2) How did you get involved in Wrestling growing up and were you a wrestling fan growing up or did it come late on??

I saw my first match on tv when I was 12 and I was instantly hooked.

3) Could you sum up your training experience (who you were trained by and thoughts on this)??

I was trained by 2 old-school Belgian wrestlers.
Mostly bump training and etiquette.
All the rest I learned through trial and error.

4) You have 15 years in ring experience,how does it feel to have got this far in Wrestling and have you still got any ambitions you still want to accomplish??

It feels good knowing I’ve been able to do this for so long already.
As for goals, becoming a big name in the UK and returning to Japan are 2 of my immediate ones.

5) You are the current ECTA Heavyweight Champion, how did it feel to win it and when will you be going back to defend it again??

I actually lost that belt to King Kendo in France early Sept.
I’ve held that belt 3 times. I might challenge for it again in the future but my focus is on keeping the WAW European title around my waist.

6) You have now moved over here from Belgium, why did you choose to move over here and have you got any thoughts on living here so far??

I decided to move to the UK because I get more work here, all my friends live here and I get more respect over here.

7) You are wrestling at DOA/WAW Collision Course at the weekend, are you looking forward to it and do you know who your opponent is yet if so what are your thoughts on him??

As far as I know, I’m facing LJ Heron. I take every opponent very serious. I never underestimate them.
I am excited to return to DOA though.

8) Have you got a message for the readers who may already be supporters of you or those who have found out about you from this interview??

All I can say is, if you like a hard-hitting style mixed with technical wrestling and a variety of suplexes, I’m the guy to follow.

10) Have you got any future dates/promotions or projects you wish to plug??

Dec. 13, WAW presents Epic Encounters 11 in Norwich.
Dec. 18, I’ll be in Italy.
Dec. 20, I’ll be at HEW in Takeley.
And I might do the Xmas run for Best of British Wrestling.

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