DVD Review – ‘Macho Man’ The Randy Savage Story


Welcome to my latest WWE review and the 3rd out of 4 this month! This time it is the turn of ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savages latest DVD release! This release unlike the previous one when it was just matches and a few interviews focuses on the life and career of Randy and it chronicles the highs and lows of this up to his death in 2011 and event which shocked the world including myself! Disc 1 profiles his father Angelo Poffo and his amateur background which rubbed off on Randy and Lanny, Randy’s transition into Wrestling from Minor League baseball, WrestleMania III, becoming WWE champion, Miss Elizabeth, WCW, Giving Back, Marrying Barbara Payne his 2nd wife and finally his death and the legacy he left! What I found was great about this release from the outset was that as well as interviews from legends such as Pat Patterson, Dusty Rhodes, Bret Hart, Lex Luger, Ted DiBiase, Gene Okerlund and Jerry Lawler they had his mother, his brother Lanny, his friends and people that knew Randy which gives you a different aspect than just WWE superstars who watched him growing up like the WCW Nitro Volume 2 which you get in Ziggler, Sheamus and CM Punk (with Former WWE superstar in his name card)but not every single superstar on the roster! Also they used the archive with interviews from Randy from back in 1993 which is also great as it gives his own perspective of his life in small snippets!

Disc 2 and Disc 3 are matches and some of them are on the Macho Madness DVD such as his match with Bruno Sammartino back in 1987 and his WWE championship match with Shawn Michaels from European Rampage in Munich, Germany but apart from that all the matches are unseen and are hidden gems in that way including some of his final matches in WCW which makes this release worth the £20 price for the DVD set and if you want even more you can buy the BluRay including 4 more matches and 18 more stories which you can get for 2 more pounds which is a bargain for some great insights into one of the best of all time!

Rating 5/5 – The first 5/5 of my reviews and this insight into one of the most unique and larger than
Life stars of the 80’s and 90’s and one of my favorite wrestlers of all time! This solidifies his legacy and hopefully WWE don’t release another set of Randy as in my opinion as this doesn’t leave anything else to be explored unlike the previous release ‘Macho Madness’
The final WWE DVD review I will be doing this month is Night Of Champions 2014 and will be out around this time next weekend!
You can get this release as of tomorrow from http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/macho-randy-savage-story-p-11880.html on DVD or BluRay and if you have pre ordered it already you will hopefully get it tomorrow

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