#BWR Wrestlers Of The Future Interview – Courtney

Photo Credit : Contraband Photography
1. First of all, please give the readers a summary for yourself?
My name is Courtney and I’m based in Glasgow, I’ve been working on live shows for just under a year now. Aswell as wrestling, I’m also a trained kickboxer and professional dancer so I take a lot of influence from these and try and put touches of them into my style of wrestling.
2. How did you get involved in Wrestling training and what are your thoughts on training at Source?
I originally got involved in training while performing in a play about female professional wrestlers and being a bunch of clueless actors we needed some insight into what actually goes into being a  wrestler, so in stepped Damian O’Connor, head trainer at Source Wrestling School. He taught us a few holds and moves and straight away I was hooked, a short while later I started training and haven’t looked back since.
I absolutely love training with Source and feel really honoured to be part of the family there. To be able to learn from Damian O’Connor and Mikey Whiplash is unbelievable as they are without doubt two of the best in the UK and have supported me so much in my training and career. The school has produced heaps of talent and its thanks to the work and time thats put into the students and their development.
Outside of that, its also open full-time, 7 days a week with the most amazing facilities, has a great, fun and safe learning atmosphere and brings in the best guest trainers to take seminars. I could honestly go on about Source until the cows come home but I’ll stop before I start rambling.
3. You work for ICW, what are your thoughts on the rise of ICW and the fact you are part of the main show within your first year or so in wrestling?
The success of ICW really speaks for itself, it’s doing something completely different from everyone else and by God is it working. The talent and hard work that goes into the shows, both in the ring and backstage is just out of this world. They really have a world class roster so to be able to say I’ve wrestled on their debut Spacebaws show and appeared on Fear and Loathing 7 is mental. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, especially in my first year of wrestling. I’ve had a lot of fun at ICW and a few bumps and bruises (that bloody Layla Rose) so I aim to keep working my big butt off and keep pushing forward to keep having that same fun.
4. You also work for TIDAL facing Ruby Summers, what do you think of your debut and do you predict you will be returning to TIDAL soon?
I absolutely love being down at TIDAL and I loved my debut match. Ruby is a really strong competitor so it was great to get in the ring with her as we really challenged and pushed each other during our match. The crowd down there is awesome, there’s a great atmosphere at the shows and I can’t wait to be back! Which thankfully won’t be too far off, I will be back January 31 at ‘The Tides They Are A-Changing’ in Darlington against Lana Austin. Our first time wrestling each other so I’m really excited for that, I know shes going to put up a hard fight and will seriously make me work to win… but I’m more than willing to put in the graft to get it.
5. Where can the readers and promoters find you and have you got any future dates you wish to plug?
I am a social media addict so you can find me on the following:
twitter: Courtney94x
instagram: Courtneyd94
and you can keep track of all my upcoming shananigans. This weekend, 23rd of November, I’ll be at Fierce Females in Walkabout, Glasgow where I finally get my hands on Fiona Fraser in a 3 Stages of Hell match.
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