DVD Review – WWE Night of Champions 2014


Welcome to the final WWE DVD review for the month of November and we end with a bang! After Attitude Era Volume 2, SummerSlam 2014 and Macho Man : The Randy Savage Story, we end with Night Of Champions 2014 which took place on 21st September 2014 and was the 8th Annual NOC! Taking place at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. The main match on this event was between John Cena and Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship with Cena getting his final shot after the previous month at SummerSlam! Other matches on the event included Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho and Sheamus vs Cesaro!

We start the DVD off with a video package which highlights what makes a WWE champion with highlight packages and words from Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels followed by a build up for the event mainly asking the question Will It Be John Cena’s night to regain the WWE Championship as well as Paige, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus and The Usos all showcased!

First match was between The Uso’s and Goldust and Stardust! The slickness of the WWE production values was apparent with graphics of former champions playing before matches. The Uso’s first of all approached the ring to a rapturous reception from the Nashville crowd. A highlight package of the health of Jey Uso’s leg being attacked by The Dust Brothers. My favorite team of the past year then entered the ring (Gold and Stardust), they may be bizarre but they definitely get the job done! This match was a great opening encounter and really showcased how over the Dust Brothers are and this finally came to a head as they ended up winning the Tag Team titles off the Uso’s which ended their reign at 202 days. The two men throughout the match focused on the legs and wearing them down which was a good strategy.

Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth then cut a promo about how he doesn’t spend his life at movie premieres and that he is never going to work in this town again after this night!

Second match was between Sheamus who was the champion and Cesaro the challenger and of course this was for the United States Championship. Cesaro was first out who earned the shot by defeating Rob Van Dam. Sheamus then followed really hyped up for the match ahead. This match was awesome and was really hard hitting and really showcased the talent that both men possess and why they are two in my opinion that will be fighting over the WWE World Heavyweight Title in a few years and I strongly believe that. Sheamus retained but either man could of come away with the win, Cesaro more so at most part than Sheamus and I look forward to seeing if these two men wrestle each other again in the future of course not for the US title because of course as of time of writing Rusev is now champion but any match between these two on TV or PPV is a good thing.


It then went to Mark Henry and Big Show, Big Show was basically hyping him up and saying he had every single American in his corner. Big Show then gave him a gift of an American Singlet and telling him to tear his head off.

Florida Georgia Line then came out to join JBL, Jerry and Michael on Commentary for the Intercontinental Championship Match.

The next match was for the WWE Intercontinental Championship between The Miz accompanied by his Stunt Double Damian Mizdow taking on the champion Dolph Ziggler who was accompanied by R-Ziggler. For the first part of the match we actually got a serious exchange between the two men with Ziggler getting the upperhand at the start but Miz took over when he came back into the ring. I found this match hilarious especially Damian copying everything Miz did such as when Miz was taunting him he was copying him. The stunt doubles started to get involved though after a while with Mizdow pulling Ziggler off the ropes and then attacking R-Ziggler. Florida Georgia Line then got involved with both men pushing Mizdow over. Both stunt doubles left the arena running after each other which allowed Ziggler to get back to the forefront but Mizdow came back down to distract Ziggler which allow Miz to perform a roll up and win the title.

A video package then aired about Roman Reigns suffering a Hernia Injury and not being able to compete that night and that there wouldn’t be that match at Night of Champions versus Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins still came out to the ring though saying Hernia Surgery is not an excuse and said if he didn’t get here in 10 seconds Reigns would forfeit. Seth then issued an open challenge to the locker room, Dean Ambrose then came out to the ring to make his return to WWE. Ambrose wasted no time beating the living crap out out of Rollins. The Authority came out to try and end it with security going after Ambrose. Ambrose still stalked Rollins and he continued to beat him up, Ambrose was then taken down and secured by Security.


The next match was between Mark Henry and Rusev, It was America vs Russia with Henry representing America and Rusev w/ Lana Russia! Garcia sang the national anthem which moved Henry to the point that he cried which of course showed his commitment to the country and fired him up! Rusev followed out to the ring accompanied by Lana! This match was of course hard hitting as they come with both men clubbing each other with blows! At one point, Henry was able to execute The World’s Strongest Slam, but could not capitalize. Rusev claimed the victory by applying the Accolade on Henry, who submitted.

The next match was between Chris Jericho and Randy Orton, Jericho did his usually spectacular of an entrance with his light up jacket! Since returning in 2012, Jericho has looked as better than ever and even though he is 44, he looks like he still has his best years ahead of him! Randy Orton followed with his usual entrance! This was a great match and was a great way to usher Jericho into a 2 month hiatus to go and tour with Fozzy, only just returning last week! The finish to the match came when Jericho executed a Codebreaker but Orton kicked out. Jericho attempted a splash but Orton countered into a mid-air RKO. Orton pinned Jericho to claim the victory.

The sub main event really broke the event up and get the crowd hyped up for the main event and that was the Divas match between AJ Lee, Nikki Bella and Paige! This was of course setting up for the inevitable match between Nikki and Brie! Paige and AJ of course always perform on PPV and are real testaments to the Womens division! After a good match which once again showed the dominance of AJ, AJ Lee won the match after she flipped Nikki of the apron to the floor and won after she performed the Black Widow on Paige and made her tap out to the submission move. AJ was always going to win as Paige was announced for Total Divas the following week which means she has commitments with that! Also AJ has been dominant over the past few months so it was going to happen soon enough!


The main event was between John Cena and Brock Lesnar for the WWE title! This was Brock’s first title defense and I am already bored already of Lesnar’s first reign back after leaving in 2003 and I hope when Bryan or even Reigns come back they put the strap on them. Cena executed an AA within the first half of the match but Lesnar powered out of one. Throughout the match, Cena executed four AA’s, out of those four, Lesnar kicked out of three of them. Lesnar also performed the Kimura Lock various times. Cena executed another AA after applying an STF. As Cena went for the cover, Rollins attacked Cena with the “Money in the Bank” briefcase causing a disqualification. Rollins laid out Lesnar with a Curb Stomp and then attempted to cash in his contract but Cena attacked him before the bell could actually ring to begin the match. Lesnar then executed an F5 on Cena to close the show.


Rating 3/5 – Not the best event of the year by any means but these events do start the foundations for the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania so they are always worth the buy on PPV, DVD or if your in the States the Network to see these foundations being laid! We should see more of this with the Hell in the Cell review in January!

Next WWE review is out next week and will be the True Giants release which as always will be reviewed 1-2 days before the release so you can get a taster before the release!

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