Interview – Pastor William Eaver


Question 1: First of all, please describe yourself to the readers??

I am Pastor William Eaver and I am the light that casts out the darkness that is contained within professional wrestling, though He who strengthens me.

Question 2: How did you get involved in Wrestling training??

I got involved in wrestling training when I came across a promotion in London called Progress, noticed they had a training facility, The Projo in Camberwell South London, turned up one Saturday morning for a session with, a man who has since been possessed by darkness, Mr Jimmy Havoc who tested me and the others there beyond belief. And have not looked back.

Question 3: What are your thoughts on your training experience??

My training experience has been gruelling, I have been fortunate to have been trained under the tutelage of Jimmy Havoc, Darrell Allen, James Davis to name but three and have attended seminars by British legends Johnny Saint, Marty Jones, Doug Williams, as well as some American stars in Raven and Drake Younger, who have helped my shape my in ring style and conditioning. As long as you believe in yourself and commit, the results you want will follow.

Question 4:  You faced Josh Bodom at SouthCoast Wrestling, what are your thoughts on this match and your opponent after this match??

I did indeed face Josh Bodom at SouthCoast Wrestling {we had met once before in a triple threat with Eddie Dennis at EnDvR: 4} and I expected a battle, which I got. He is a tremendous athlete with wrestling ability to back it up, we had a very hard hitting back and forth contest in which I unfortunately allowed my foolish pride to get the better of me. This resulted in my defeat. I have the utmost respect for Joshua but next time I will humbly put him away.

Question 5: You have come up through the ENDVR ranks to the main show making your debut at Chapter 15 against Stixx, what are your thoughts on the rise of Progress and your debut on the main roster??

I am again fortunate to have been put on such a path which led me to Progress, Its rise is due to the love passion and commitment Glen Jon and Jim have put into Progress, not to mention the vast legion of heathens, who attend the shows and quality of competitors on the Progress roster. I, in actual fact, debuted on Chapter 14 in a Natural Progression Series qualifier against two other Projo graduates, in Chuck Mambo and Ali Armstrong, we knew what we were all capable of so it was a close match, but I was so focused on trying to beat the demons out of Mambo’s blonde mind, that I gave Ali Armstrong the opportunity to use his patented bridging German suplex for the win. From that to then being told I was to face a hugely respected BritWres vet in Stixx, at Chapter 15 was a welcomed surprise, I knew I needed the strength of the Lord above to guide me through, which he did, I blame Stixx’s lack of belief in himself, also contributed to his loss. It is a huge opportunity to wrestle on any main show, but Progress it quite special, I have grown up in London and have been to many a Church in Camden, so to wrestle in a part of London which I see as my spiritual home, in front of 700 non BillEavers was quite daunting but my faith got me through.

Question 6: You were on British BootCamp 2 on the London auditions not getting through, was the experience a learning curve and what will you be doing to improve for next time??

I have had a tremendous year with the TNA Boot camp audition being a highlight, it, like the Chapter shows, was a huge opportunity to get my message out to the wrestling masses. I shared the audition with the likes of Martin Stone, Dave Mastiff and Sha Samuels, and it seemed that the judges had the minds closed to my offer of salvation for TNA. I can perhaps project my message across to the judges with the wraith of God next time which will, if it is written, help change there minds.

Question 7: In your thoughts who will be the next breakout star from the UK??

There is a vast amount of breakout potential within the UK at the moment, at the Projo, Chuck Mambo and Ali Armstrong, as well as a man whose views are not shared by me but I see his desire is pure, Tom Irvin. Lance Lawrence is an incredibly talented individual, as is a ‘Fantastic’ chap in Jack Fox who I witnessed at SouthCoast.

Question 8: What are your future ambitions and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

My future ambitions are to spread my message across the country through wrestling, hopefully unto Europe and beyond, and in five years time I would like to BillEave that just my name alone sends the heathens of wrestling into prayers of redemption.

Question 9: Where can the readers find ‘Pastor’ William Eaver and have you got any booking info for promoters??

My message can be found on my Facebook page Twitter @TheBillEaver and through my email address

Question10: Have you got any dates for 2014/2015 you wish to plug??

I have a few things lined up in the New Year with Progress, FPW SouthCoast Wrestling and WrestleForce and I will certainly have made many more BillEavers along the way. All the best is yet to come.

Peace be with you.


This is a link to the Transworld Sport piece on Progress featuring an interview with The Pastor


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