#BWR Wrestlers of The Future Interview – Timber Wolfe


Photo Credit : Kane Arnell

1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers of #BWR??

ARF! I’m Timber Wolfe! I’m a domesticated wolf/dog, I play fetch, I can do tricks, I love going walkies, and I can also do a bit of wrestling! I’m high-energy, fun-loving and I bring a lot of mayhem to my matches, but I come with a bit of a bite too!

I’m part man, part dog, but all Wolfe! AROOOOOOOOOOO!!

2. You train at HOP, how has your experience been so far training here and would you recommend it for perspective wrestlers??

Absolutely! There is always a fantastic atmosphere at House of Pain, and Stixx is an excellent mentor, I can’t stress just how good he is. I turned up at HOP around late February this year, having spent most of my earlier years training in my hometown of Sheffield, and I felt like I slotted in with the group seamlessly. I feel like I have developed into a much better performer since joining HOP, and I would recommend the school to anyone in a heartbeat.

3. You tagged with El Ligero to take on Alex Gracie and JD Boom, what are your thoughts on working with one of the top talents in Europe in Ligero and the joint show idea??

I only learned I was going to be tagging with El Ligero the night before the event, and needless to say, I was super excited! It was an honour to stand alongside one of Europe’s best wrestlers to take on two of the UK’s up-and-comers in the form of Alex Gracie and JD Boom, and I had so much fun with it. I think we instantly had a funny sort of chemistry. It reminded me why I love pro-wrestling so much and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m very thankful to have been given that opportunity.

I thought the joint show was a fantastic idea; it’s always a great thing to be able to connect with another wrestling school, especially one as heralded as NGW, as we’re able to take on more new opponents and learn something new, I hope there’ll be more shows like this to come!

4. What are your future ambitions and where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time in Wrestling??

My immediate future ambitions are to make my name heard around the UK. This year has definitely been a bit of a breakout year towards the latter stages, having just recently made my debut for HOP:E FUTR, but I’ve only just clawed at the surface. In 5 years’ time, I want to be one of the UK’s top performers and I would love to wrestle abroad, and personally, I want to wrestle for Chikara. That would be a dream for me.

To make it to either WWE or TNA would be incredible, and that’s what I always keep my sights on, but I think I’m a good few years off that right now.

5. Where can the readers find Timber Wolfe and where can promoters book you??

BWR readers can find Timber Wolfe at House of Pain’s upcoming Christmas triple header of shows! We have three dates, 27th December at Beeston Victory Club, 28th December at Arnold Working Men’s Club and 29th December at Greyfriars Social Club, all in Nottingham, details of which can be found at House of Pain Wrestling’s Facebook page!

Otherwise, you can find Timber on Facebook: Timber Wolfe (facebook.com/timberwolfeuk)
…on Twitter: @TimberWolfeUK
…and if promoters wish to contact Timber for bookings, I’m available at: timberwolfeuk@yahoo.com

Thanks to Timber Wolfe for doing the interview and if you could support him as he is in my eyes one to watch over the next two years!

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