Interview – Mario Bokara




1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival??

“I am the reigning, undefeated, undisputed PWS Champion. I am also the assistant trainer for the PWS Dojo, currently located at the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway, NJ. I have dedicated my life to the SPORT of PRO WRESTLING. All of my choices, decisions and sacrifices have made me exactly who and what I am today.”

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling training growing up and did this stem from a love of Wrestling growing up??

“I don’t remember life without wrestling. It’s always been the one thing while growing up that would make me happy, no matter what. My mom brought me to sign up when I was 7, I was disappointed there was mats and not a ring. To me, Wrestling was in a ring. But I tried it anyway, but got in trouble quickly. I gave a Belly to back suplex to one of the kids…. It didn’t make everyone too happy with me. My mother decided Wrestling wasn’t ready for me yet, football maybe better. But once I got to high school I competed in both wrestling and football Had about 4 years amateur wrestling experience.”

3. Could you describe your training experience (who you were trained by and your thoughts on this etc.)

“I started at ECPW with Gino Caruso in Lake Hiawatha , NJ. (February of 2000) It was a great place to start but knew that if I was going to go where I wanted to go, then I needed to get out and learn as much as possible. I attended camps/ clinics by Dr. Tom Prichard in Massachusetts or anywhere like OVW. After my second attempt at a tryout camp in OVW, I got the call back from Danny Davis Saying I could join the intermediate class ands bypass the beginners. Spent a year total with OVW learning from Rip Rogers who I give most of my credit to for molding me, also got to work with Paul Heyman learning the ins and outs of tv and booking. Became trainer of the beginners class, most notable student I trained stand out was Alicia Foxx. A torn ACL sent my back to NJ. ACE become my home training, helping younger guys but still growing myself. AJ Lee came threw their training program with Jay Lethal head training. Injury took me out for 2 yrs, Pat Buck and PWS have breathed new life into me. It’s been a new beginning, a second chance. To me, PWS is only comparable to OVW. But you should always be training, I don’t know how you can call yourself a wrestler but not train or practice. You never know enough to stop training. EVER.”

4. You are the current PWS Heavyweight Champion and have been for 8 months, how did it feel to win the title and is one of your goals for next year to eclipse a year with the title??

“It is a great honor to hold the PWS title,it is something I take great pride in. Everybody wants to be number one, but there can only be one champion. You represent the company and all eyes are on you. My goals are always changing cause I’m never satisfied. I don’t care how long someone holds the title, it’s what they do during their reign as champion that helps define the importance of how much the title truly means. The champion should help to elevate the title, not vice versa”

5. Have you got a message for any of the PWS Roster who may be thinking of challenging you for the title next year??

“I’m not hard to find. I fear no man. Please try me.”

6. You were part of ROW vs PWS taking on their champion Mysterious Q in a Champion vs Champion match, what do you think of your opponent now you have faced him also what are your thoughts on Booker T’s ROW after your debut and do you want to return to the promotion if given the chance ??

“I have respects for the ROW and Mysterious Q. He is a fighter, but he is not Mario Bokara. Given the chance, I would be more than willing to show ROW again exactly what Mario Bokara can do.”

7. If given the chance in 2015, would you come over to the UK and who would you want to face if brought over??

“I would come to the UK in a heartbeat, given the opportunity to. People have mentioned Doug Williams, I respect him very much and would gladly test myself against a technician like him. I would face anyone that the fans and people of UK would want to see me face.”

8. What are your future ambitions/goals and where do you see yourself in 5 years time in Wrestling??

“PWS is my home and I want to see it grow to new heights within five years. Personally, I want to be able to keep wrestling and giving the wrestling fans someone to believe in. I love this sport, cause that’s what it is… A Sport. We all want to be on the biggest stage possible, we can only see what the future holds. But I plan for everyone to know who Mario Bokara is by that time.”

9. Where can the readers/promoters find on social media/book Mario Bokara??

” You can find me in Facebook at /Mariobokara, and on Twitter @BokaraJr Also go to for all PWS and Mario Bokara updates.”

10. Have you got any future dates or other projects you wish to plug??

“PWS Frightmare Before Xmas is this Saturday 12/20/14 in Rahway, NJ. The show will be available on I-PPV so you do not have to miss out. Bonesaw VS Bokara for the PWS Championship. I am the only man to defeat Bonesaw in his PWS career. He didn’t get the point the first time, this time I HAVE to hurt him. Also RVD VS AJ Styles, Kevin Nash will be Guest Commissioner and so much more. ”

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As the blog goes for the rest of 2014, tomorrow I will be releasing the Annual #BWR Awards for 2014 so watch this space guys!

As for interviews, expect interviews with Iestyn Rees, Dragon Shynron and ex ROH star, TNA X-Division Champion and current IMPACT Wrestling star Kenny King before the end of 2014 and if they are not all up by the end of the year they will be released for sure in January!

DVD reviews will restart in January as well with WWE Home Video UK, TIDAL Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Chaos as usual on the agenda as well as the likes of World War Wrestling making their first appearance on the blog so watch out for them!

Show reviews will hopefully happen more often in 2015 with shows from SLAM Wrestling and Southside on the agenda in the first few months as well as the usual trips to EAW and hopefully some new promotions such as DOA and Coventry Pro Wrestling!

Merry Christmas to everyone whether your a fan, wrestler or promoter! This year has been great for me and hopefully the #BWR revolution continues into 2015 and beyond! Thanks also to every single wrestler who I have had the pleasure to interview this year, thanks for giving up your time to do an interview whether it was audio like Xander Cooper, Mike Bird and Martin Stone or the tonnes of written interviews I have done, I have enjoyed every one and hopefully I can bring you more interviews next year!


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