British Wrestling Revival Awards 2014

This is the second annual BWR awards and a great way to end the year and celebrate the achievements of some of the best in Britain! I have added more categories from last year and some of the winners have been kept the same! I will of course explain every single winner one by one!

Best British Male Worker :


Photo Credit : Brett Hadley

Last Years Winner : Mark Haskins

This year the award has to go to none other than Will Ospreay, he was originally going to be the Breakout star of this year but I thought he deserved the main Male award more than anyone! I have seen Will 3 times this year, twice in St Neots and once in Bedford. In every single appearance he has blown my mind facing off against Darrell Allen, Stixx and Marty Scurll. Three different sorts of opponents which is good assessment on his prowess in the ring which is evident! Since the start of the year Will has gone up and down the country and also other countries in Europe impressing everyone in the process. I think next year he could go to America whether it be for an Indy promotion like PWG or even WWE or TNA, I think he is that good! If you are anywhere near where he is Wrestling, take the trip for this guy it is worth it!

Best Female British Worker :


Photo Credit : Brett Hadley, used with permission

For the second year in a row, it goes to the Hardcore Daredevil Kay Lee Ray! Kay Lee has shown both the UK and the world in fact this year that she is one of the best Female athletes to come out of the UK for years, she is not scared to mix it up with the guys and is not afraid of weapons as well as being a high flying daredevil which means she is basically the full package in Women’s wrestling. Capping off the year with a top 3 place in British Bootcamp 2 and successful tours in America with Shimmer, Kay Lee has had another great year and like Will, could get snapped up next year by a major promotion. She is a mainstay in the Southside roster having finally beat Martin Kirby for the Speed King title in an epic end to the feud and has debuted for a lot of promotions this year such as our friends down at Pro Wrestling Chaos, I think by this time next year she probably will win it for a 3rd time!

Best Promotion :


Southside win this honor for a 2nd year running and having attended their shows this year I have finally seen what the fuss is about and it has lived up to it for sure. I have had the chance to see some of the best British workers as well as the likes of Tommy End, Tommaso Ciampa, Chris Masters, Juvi Guerrera, The Hurricane, Chris Hero and Uhaa Nation all in one year and that is only 2 shows, other commitments got in my way of going again this year but already I am seeing X-Pac and Chris Sabin next year which is amazing! Teamed with some of the best production values in Europe and one of the nicest promoters in Britain in Ben Auld, Southside win this award by a landmark!

Male Breakout worker Next year :


Photo Credit : Brett Hadley

Joseph Conners

Joseph has been one of my favorite wrestlers for a while and was the first wrestler I saw live in fact, he has it all in the ring and his move to heel was always the right one as he plays it so well. His feud with Paul Malen was a war in Southside which made all other promoters take note and make him a heel character in their promotions. He is one of the nicest wrestlers outside the ring and one of the only wrestlers I have bought merchandise from. I really think Joseph will breakout hopefully in America next year!

Female Breakout Worker Next Year :



Photo Credit : Fiona Fraser/ Contraband Photography


Interviewed this year by myself as part of the Wrestlers of the Future Series, I think that Courtney is starting to go places and hopefully in 12 months time I can tell you I told you so! Training out of the SWA school, she has a great team of trainers behind her and team that with debuting in ICW and Fierce Females this year, I can see her really breaking out next year!

Male Breakout Worker This Year :


Photo Credit : Brett Hadley

Tyler Bate

I told you so 12 months ago and it has happened! Ever since I interviewed Tyler last year, I thought he would become the Breakout Star of this year which is why I gave him the award 12 months ago and debuts in WXW and Southside have shown his full potential to the world as well as facing off against top talent such as Chris Hero and Jay Lethal! I really think Tyler is going places and 2015 he will hopefully like Will, he will grab the Best Worker of the Year award and be noticed by WWE and TNA!

Female Breakout Worker This Year :


Photo Credit : Brett Hadley

Nixon Newell

I really rate Nixon and this year she has broke out for sure becoming like Will Ospreay in terms of being in demand from some of the best promotions in the country today, Debuting for affiliates such as TIDAL this year as well as the likes of Southside, Bellatrix and WXW in Germany. I really like her finisher The Welsh Destroyer which is a perfect name to be in line with her gimmick. I cannot wait for Nixon to become even more bigger next year and hopefully go to America for the likes of Shimmer. Also Nixon is also a BWR alumni this year and did one of my favorite interviews this year! Her intergender team with Chris Brookes. ‘The Vulture Squad’ are one of my favorite teams as well and they will hopefully break out as team even more next year as well.

Best DVD :


TIDAL Wrestling ‘Against All Odds’

This DVD had it all with the main feature being the battle between TIDAL and CZW. I am a huge fan of CZW so this DVD was perfect as it included the great roster of TIDAL including one of my favorite new wrestlers Liam Lazarus in an awesome Teabag deathmatch. I cannot wait for more releases like this next year as this had it all!

Best Ring Announcer :

Photo Credit : Brett Hadley
‘Diamond’ Dale Mills
Ring Announcer of Southside, Dale has called basically every single SWE event and it is evident when you hear him ring announce that he has a real passion for what he is doing! Also a great color commentator and his entrance music is awesome! Congrats Dale!


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