DVD Review – Pro Wrestling Chaos All Night Swann


Welcome to the first DVD review of this year! First of all, we have Pro Wrestling Chaos with their release All Night Swann including as the title suggests PWG star Rich Swann! This is the first of a ton of reviews I hope to complete this year and is the first of 6 over the next two weeks so watch this space for those!

Match 1 – Jeckel vs Ethan Silver

This match did not have entrances and just went straight to the action which in some ways is better. Jeckel is a heel in Pro Wrestling Chaos while Ethan Silver who was making his debut as far as i’m aware is more face and is in a tag team with Drew Parker called The Yolo Squad. Ethan was the obvious underdog and was thrown on the floor by Jeckel at the start of the match to iron home this point. Ethan had enough of being thrown around and used his highflying ability to floor Jeckel to the delight of the crowd in Brislington. They really got behind Ethan and I did too but it was never going to last long and Jeckel took advantage decimating him once again! In the end this advantage proved to be the turning point and Jeckel won leaving Ethan Silver sprawled on the mat to the dismay of the crowd

Rating 3/5 – A good opener to get the crowd hyped up for the action and it gave me a look at Ethan Silver finally!

Match 2 – KillBane vs Roger The Cabin Boy

Roger The Cabin Boy is of course part of the Wyld Galleons a team which Gideon and KillBane have been trying to kill and to the dismay of the PWC crowd as The Galleons are firm fan favorites. Roger got the opening offence which angered KillBane who of course took his frustrations out on Roger The Cabin Boy but it only worked for a tiny portion of the match with Roger taking control again and looking good for the win in the process. Roger got smashed up by KillBane after the rope was pulled. The thing that made this match hilarious was the children in the background who constantly shouted for disqualifications and RKO’s and clearly were getting behind The Wyld Galleons. Roger though after the period of being attacked was back to full form and even humped KillBane in the face in the corner to the dismay of Gideon. It was back and forth for the most part but Roger The Cabin Boy ended up picking up the win which of course delighted the crowd in the process. The finish came with Roger The Cabin Boy interfering and giving the fans what they wanted and that was an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!!

Rating 3/5 – Another solid match which gave the fans what they wanted in the process!

Match 3 – Dave Mercy vs Lomaxx

The next match was between Dave Mercy who after fighting for the King of Chaos title was facing two behemoths in a row in Jeckel at Fiesta Del Rey Chaos and Lomaxx who as far as i’m aware was debuting at this show All Night Swann. I am yet to see Fiesta Del Rey Chaos as of time of release but hopefully Dave can hold his own in these matches and hopefully delight the fans in the process. From the start Lomaxx set on decimating Dave but it didn’t work with him holding his own in the opening exchanges. Even though Dave did take a beating after this he came out on top in this match and really defied the odds really, one of my favorite parts of the match was when the fans were chanting Dave and he went around shouting look at them Dave before punting them in the face and played up to the usual heel where he shouted who’s your hero now. The finish came when Lomaxx failed to use his finisher which allowed Dave to win the match with an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE for the second match of the row. A real fan favorite who I think should be getting back into contention for a title shot in 2015! I also hope to see more of Lomaxx in PWC as he really showed what he is capable of!

Rating 4/5 – A real great match which completed the first half and once again solidified Dave Mercy as a serious threat to the title!

Match 4 – The Magnums vs Henchmen 3000

The Magnums are of course the sleaziest tag team in Great Britain and fill the void that Joey Ryan leaves when he goes back to America after his tours over here! The Henchmen 3000 is of course including Scott Grimm instead of Benton Destruction who of course has a shoulder injury! The Magnums were hilarious and really played up to the crowd shouting abuse at them but none of them wanted to come into the match against Jim Diehard. Chris Walker came into the match and the usual clothesline routine in sued with Walker not able to knock Diehard down. Riley tried and instead kept running the ropes and when he did come towards him he hugged him and played up to the sleaziness by poking him in the eye. Walker and Riley tried to take him out together but it didn’t work and they ended up getting a double clothesline for their troubles. The crowd hated their time wasting but I loved them as they were a hilarious change and really split the show up. They ended up winning in the end after Riley reversed a Doomsday Driver which was going to be administered

Rating – 5/5 – I loved this match and was match of the night so far for me and I would pay good money to see the Magnums live for sure.

Match 5 – Gideon vs Alex Steele

This match was for the Number 1 contendership for the King of Chaos title. Gideon came out first and is a wrestler I have found more about since watching him in PWC and I’m glad PWC has exposed me to his talent. Alex Steele is the hometown hero and was out next to a raptous applause from the PWC crowd. Of course Gideon is part of the Doomsday Killers as well. Gideon of course smashed it out the starting gate and went straight after him using his strength but Alex was making sure he wasn’t a pushover. This match was a just about 20 minute epic and really showcased both mens talents to the fullest with both men having offence against each other which underlines the fact that Alex was out to prove he wasn’t the pushover.  It was a weird ending to the match with Roger The Cabin Boy coming out in a KillBane mask and kissing Gideon only to reveal himself. This of course will continue the feud onto upcoming shows and sends both Alex Steele and Gideon on different paths in terms of storylines. Steele speared Gideon and then get the three count!

Rating 4/5 – As explained above, this was an epic and had a great ending which shows what may hold for both men in future!

Main Event – King of Chaos Championship

Mike Bird vs Rich Swann

The first out to the ring was The KOC Champion himself, the man known as ‘The Ginger Jesus’ Mike Bird who of course took part in an audio interview with me late last year! He got his usual reaction from the crowd which I think he thrives off! He is really starting to break out with appearances for NGW and TIDAL notably late last year and I think this year could really be his year! Next out was a personal favorite wrestler of mine and one of the best in the world right now, he also has one of the best entrances in the business today which like Uhaa Nation captivates the audience with the music choice! Both men were then introduced to the crowd and then a dance off was meant to happen but instead Mike Bird attacked Rich Swann. Bird matched Swann for highflying ability in the opening exchanges but it was always going to be that it would be back and forth due to both men being phenomenal athletes. It was always going to be the case that Bird was going to retain as Swann was returning home a few days after and I really think Bird is good as the title holder and really brings an image to the title and I hope PWC go with him going forward. He ended up winning after distracting the referee with the title which he brought into the ring which in my opinion was a good move by Bird!

Rating 5/5 – A great performance once again by Rich Swann while he was over here and the same with Mike Bird who is continually growing up the pecking order of best Wrestlers in the UK in my opinion Great end to a great show!

DVD Rating Overall – 24/30 – Another solid DVD from Pro Wrestling Chaos who I think will be major contenders for #BWR promotion of the year this year! I cannot wait to see where the storylines go and they only way you can find that out is by going to their Facebook :


Follow them on Twitter : @chaos_wrestling

Go to their website : http://www.prowrestlingchaos.co.uk

If you want a copy you can get one at the bargain price of £6.00!!! –http://www.prowrestlingchaos.bigcartel.com

Next up review wise is – TIDAL WAVE 14, followed by Anniversary then Deep Rising all from TIDAL Wrestling! Watch this space! The #BWR revolution starts now…


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