DVD Review – TIDAL Wave 2014 Part 1 of 2


Welcome to the first TIDAL DVD Review of the year, this will be a two parter on the one DVD as it has two events, TIDAL Wave from November as well as Dark Waters as a special feature which means there is basically 3 hours of Wrestling! I cannot do 3 hours at once so the second part will be up the day after this part is released!

I will be doing TIDAL Wave today and Dark Waters tomorrow!

Match 1 – Micky ‘The Dragon’ Vs. HT Drake

I have never heard of either man before so it would again like TIDAL usually do show me wrestlers normally not thrust into shows like this looking to make an impression. This match was a bonus match which was not scheduled. Micky The Dragon especially impressed me with his combination of kicks and also arm drags. HT Drake also impressed me with his speed and skill to reverse moves straight away and being able to scout his opponent. Personal highlight for me was Micky The Dragon’s combination of flips which floored his opponent after being controlled by HT Drake. Even though Micky did impress with that combination, HT Drake got back into control and ended picking up his first win in TIDAL after a failed moonsault which landed on his knees which Micky The Dragon tried to follow up on but he used the ropes for leverage to win.

Rating 2/5 – Not the best match in the world by any stretch of the imagination but a good bonus match overall and was good to hype the crowd up!

Match 2 – Dave Carbon vs Robbie Ryder vs Perfect Purdie

This was the first match of the night after the bonus match and the line up did not disappoint. Dave Carbon has impressed me since coming into TIDAL and it is great he is picking up bookings with the core promotions in that area, TIDAL, Target (also an affiliate) and RAD:PRO and he always puts in a good performance in TIDAL. Robbie Ryder is someone I have never seen before on DVD or live but I have heard of, he was trained by Daniel Bryan and NWA-UK Hammerlock to my knowledge and seems to be someone who like Carbon and Purdie will be used on these sorts of shows which is good as it gets fans to see these wrestlers and also gets them bookings so fairplay to TIDAL. Purdie has become one of my favorites in TIDAL behind Liam Lazarus who I think will be his breakout year. I think if Lazarus goes abroad or gets injured, Purdie is a great alternative and hopefully this year he can challenge for the title. This had a bit of a back story as Carbon has been going round breaking everyone’s arms. In my eyes, this was a great match as it was more two on one handicap due to both men wanting retribution. While Carbon was out the ring, they didn’t just stand there they stepped up to the plate and showed their skills when they had the stage. Equally Dave Carbon. The problem was that i was a short match with Dave Carbon winning by submission snapping his arm in the process and continuing the streak of broken arms. Centurian who was ringside tried to get some retribution from Carbon but instead he argued with the referee. Purdie started beating up Carbon and the brawl continued in the locker room as far as i’m aware. A random masked man who was at the previous show the week before started taking it to Centurian and Ryder and another more skinnier one came out and did the same.

Rating 2/5 – Very short like the first match but it continued the storyline with the masked men who I expect them to reveal over the next few shows.

Match 3 – The Bucky Boys vs El Ligero and Noam Dar

It was originally scheduled to be Noam Dar and Grado vs The Bucky Boys but Ligero took his place due to BBC commitments from Grado. Both teams went around chanting yes and no with fans which of course is Daniel Bryanesque. Ligero and Davey Blaze rubbed each others jackets and/or capes on the ground to the dismay of each other. Ligero and Stevie Boy started the match off with Ligero using his speed initially to get in control of the match. Davey provided a sort of commentary at ringside which was hilarious. Davey and Noam got tagged in by their respective partners. Noam put a Sin Cara mask on to mirror El Ligero and Davey put on a Rey Mysterio mask. Davey unmasked himself after this but it took Dar longer to take it off. I would say the best moment was where Dar ended up slamming all men in the centre of the ring. El Ligero and Noam Dar ended up picking up the win by defeating Stevie Boy Xavier after both men ended up beating the crap out of him at the end.

Rating 3/5 – This match was great and included both the comedy aspect and also the serious wrestling. I think this worked out better than it would of for Grado if he would of teamed with Noam Dar once again.

Match 4 – Kay Lee Ray vs Ruby Summers vs Nixon Newell

This is the battle between the #BWR Female Wrestler of the Year two years in a row versus two BWR alumnis in Nixon and Ruby Summers. Nixon is currently my personal favorite female wrestler and really broke out in 2014. Ruby Summers I think should do the same this year and KLR is in a league of her own having been part of TNA British Bootcamp 2 and having numerous tours with Shimmer. They ended up starting with a test of strength with KLR winning. Nixon ran fast first into the turnbuckle then was sent straight to the outside and ended up nicking sweets of one of the members of the crowd. KLR and Ruby Summers started wrestling even though Nixon was absent from proceedings still on the outside. Nixon though took advantage throwing KLR into the ring post and Nixon and Ruby ended up beating the crap out of each other with KLR struggling to get to her feet. KLR was sent out again with Nixon getting a 2 with the schoolgirl. Nixon then dominated Ruby and when Kay Lee tried getting back in the ring she was kicked even more by Nixon. KLR had enough and proceeded to get revenge but Nixon threw her out the ring again. Nixon and KLR of course are entering into a feud in Southside after KLR used the welsh destroyer on her in St Neots. KLR went to the top rope and unleashed a beautifully executed dropkick and then went on fire. A double suplex was then unleashed by KLR and Ruby onto Nixon. Nixon then dropkicked Kay Lee onto Ruby. Kay Lee then got the Gory Bomb to score the win on Ruby Summers.

Rating 4.5/5 – Seriously great match as it included three of the best females in the country today. Hopefully we see more female action in TIDAL this year and I am looking forward to Courtney vs Ruby Summers on Dark Waters.

Match 5 – Jainus Centurian vs Sebastian Radclaw

This was a bit of a comedy match with the hilarious Sebastian Radclaw taking on Jainus Centurian. Radclaw then told the Uncle Eggbert story and proceeded to Gremlin Dance on the outside of the ring and then climbed into the ring and continued the antics inside the ring. Radclaw called for a staring contest which was won by Jainus Centurian. Radclaw then taught him the Gremlin Dance and they did it all around the ring. They then finally started wrestling and even though the crazy antics pursued they still used their agility to do some great moves off the top rope including a frog splash which got the victory! Radclaw then stumbled around the ring and said thank you as it was one of his hardest fought battles. He then got Centurian back in the ring and complimented him on his Gremlin Dance.

Rating 3/5 – This gets a 3 just for the comedy value alone. Good move from TIDAL to break the show up and give the fans abit of comedy before the two matches ahead of them.

Match 6 – Liam Lazarus vs Mark Andrews

The next match and the sub main event was between Liam Lazarus who like I said who has become one of my favorite wrestlers and the future of the UK scene and Mark Andrews who of course ended up winning TNA British Bootcamp 2. Lazarus was in the ring with his trademark Yorkshire Tea in a flask and he asked Mark Andrews to sign it for him and he did after saying he was awestruck. They shook hands as a sign of respect. Andrews couldn’t reach it until he caught his arm wrapping it round his back in the process. Lazarus and Andrews shook hands again and re locked up. Lazarus twisted the ankle which means he could take out the legs of Andrews. Andrews reversed it and did the same but with a bridge. Lazarus tried to get him tied up again but he grabbed the ropes. They once again shook hands from there. This match was always going to be Lazarus going over on his quest for the title which he ended up achieving a few weeks back beating Rampage Brown and getting a concussion in the process. Lazarus won using a roll up out of nowhere after ducking a flying Mark Andrews. Lazarus is so over in TIDAL and everyone has worn to him since Lazarus debuted in TIDAL and Andrews held his hand up at the end.

Rating 4/5 – Great match between Lazarus who is the future of this country and Andrews who is going to be the future of TNA Wrestling. I am glad that Lazarus won the title from Rampage and cannot wait to see where it goes.

Main Event – Rampage Brown vs Stixx – TIDAL Championship
This was always going to be a war as it included two of the best heavyweights in the country in Rampage Brown, TNA British BootCamp 2 finalist and Stixx who has been the best in the UK in my eyes for years and is a real ambassador for British Wrestling and is also one of the nicest on the UK circuit when you meet him. Stixx showed his athleticism in the early goings which shocked Rampage Brown. Also in the early goings they both had the same amount of offence with them both working on the head which of course means you can control the body. Stixx finally took him down but Rampage easily matched him. This was a theme in the early goings with neither man backing down and relinquishing the either chance of the title or the title itself and I don’t expect anything different from these two men. The finish to the match came with a Samoan Drop from Rampage Brown which meant he got another win and held onto the belt for another show.

Rating 4/5 – Shows how unstoppable Rampage Brown is and up against a wrestler also his size in Stixx, this match was evenly matched as a result and hopefully Stixx returns to TIDAL in 2015

Rating (Overall) – 7/10 – Another great show from TIDAL and hopefully questions will be answered in the next show, Dark Waters. It got a 7 as even though it was great, it wasn’t their strongest show and their strongest shows are the bar!

I would like to thank TIDAL for the opportunity as always to review the DVD’s they produce, Next review and second part out tomorrow of the Dark Waters show including Rampage Brown vs Damo O’Connor and Courtney vs Ruby Summers
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