DVD Review – TIDAL Wave (Dark Waters) Part 2 of 2


This is the second part of the TIDAL Wave DVD and this time it is the turn of Dark Waters which was their first show at SASS in Darlington. This was originally scheduled to be released on YouTube but instead was released on this DVD. This event was headlined by Rampage Brown vs Damo O’Connor.

Match 1 – Dan James vs Sean Only

This match continued a feud that is seen in a lot of promotions up and down the British Isles of Dan James vs Sean Only including at TIDAL Wrestling. This was round 2 in the promotion after the first battle at the Leeds University Union. At the start Sean Only dominated Dan James with his muay thai style which is reminiscent of a lot of UFC fighters who train in this art. They ended up fighting on the outside of the ring after Dan James finally got into the match using his trademark techniques to wear the arms down of Sean Only. Sean Only finally got back into the match after a while of his arms being weared down and if he was hit by that arm bar it sure would be the end of the match and that did end up occuring for Dan James to get the win by submission. This meant it was 1-1 in TIDAL between the two men which means that probably there would be a decider soon enough in TIDAL. The masked an that we saw at TIDAL Wave made his debut at this event with this event before this. Dan James was beaten the crap out of.

Match 2 – Courtney vs Ruby Summers

Courtney was making her debut at this event to my knowledge and is of course my pick to breakout this year in my awards for 2014 and also has been interviewed as part of the Wrestlers of the Future series which will return this year. Ruby Summers is also someone who in my opinion will breakout this year and has also been part of the Wrestlers of the Future series in the past. In my eyes we were in for a cracker with this match. The two women locked up with neither getting the upper hand in the opening exchanges but Courtney got into control and wore Ruby Summers down on the ground. Ruby reversed it though and did the same to Courtney until she got Ruby in a headlock which got Courtney slammed on the ground and choked once it was reversed. Courtney battled back though with shots to the midsection but was just a little late with the dropkick which allowed Ruby to throw her face first into the turnbuckle. Courtney was struggling for breath which allowed Ruby to pounce but Courtney fought back with a flying elbow after being set up for a suplex which she fought out of. Courtney then got a 2 from an enziguri. Courtney ended up getting the 3 count to get off to a winning start in TIDAL which annoyed Ruby Summers as she hasn’t won yet in TIDAL and is constantly getting close to the win.

Match 3 – Joe Hendry vs HT Drake

‘Global Hero’ Joe Hendry of WWE RAW and ICW fame in this match finally made it to TIDAL Wrestling and in my eyes is a great addition to the ever growing TIDAL Roster. HT Drake who as far as i’m aware was a last minute replacement for Stevie Boy Xavier also took on Micky The Dragon at the next event (TIDAL Wave). The match finally got underway after the fans singing Joe Hendry. Hendry ended up taking down Drake twice with his Judo style and used this to try and snap his arms which didn’t work as Drake took down Hendry taking the air out of him as a result but Drake was soon fireman carried down and then Hendry tried to wear his arms down but this didn’t work as Drake got out of this and started working on his head and legs. Hendry sweeped the leg out which got a two count. Hendry suplexed Drake after holding him up. Drake threw him into the turnbuckle and shoulder first into the ring post. Drake worked on the elbow kneeing it twice, he then went for the head and the arms once again. Hendry fought back getting him up and using the fall away slam to get the three count and a win in his first match in TIDAL Wrestling

Match 4 – Martin Kirby vs Dara Diablo

Next match was between in my eyes one of the best in the UK right now in Martin Kirby taking on one of the best wrestlers who wrestles predominately up north in Dara Diablo. Neither man got the upper hand in the opening exchanges with both men scouting each others moves. This match was evenly matched up on paper and it lived up to that hype an example off this was when Kirby got Diablo in a headscissors which Diablo reversed. Kirby got a great enziguri which was followed with another kick to the head by Kirby which made him sit in the corner talking to the crowd which nobody could understand.  Courtney came down giving out free tequila to the crowd and wearing a Dara Diablo t-shirt when down at the ring. Courtney then came inside the ring giving Kirby and Diablo tequila. Kirby threw it behind his back. Diablo then did two shots with Kirby throwing it behind his back again. Diablo did 3 following this and Kirby did the usual routine of throwing it. Diablo did 4 shots and nearly fell out of the ring. Diablo, Kirby and Jumping John Myers danced and the bar. Diablo covered him but only got a 2 count. Kirby chokeslammed him when he turned around to get the 3 count and end the first half.

Match 5 – Caz Crash vs Dave Carbon

Caz Crash returns to TIDAL in this match but in singles action against a man who has been going round breaking every man in TIDAL’s arms in Dave Carbon. This was an absolute brawl with either man not holding back. This match even though it was a brawl didn’t last long as in front of the referee Dave Carbon low blowed Caz Crash which was followed by Carbon basically breaking Caz Crash’s arm. Robbie Ryder and Jainus Centurian then came out to make the save and it made sense really as they were involved in tag action afterwards.

Match 6 – The Super Party Power Force vs Robbie Ryder and Jainus Centurian

The team of Matt Myers and Liam Lazarus also known as The Super Party Power Force took on Robbie Ryder and Jainus Centurian in this match. This match pitted two of the best in TIDAL and NGW in my eyes verses two of the best up and coming talents in TIDAL. Liam Lazarus and Robbie Ryder started the match off with Lazarus taking control and included the antics he normally does incorporated with those moves. Robbie Ryder tried to take control but couldn’t which meant Myers and Centurian could get tagged into the match. It was a great exchange between the two men which was followed with Robbie Ryder being tagged into the match. Myers followed it up with an epic clothesline. Lazarus and Myers got a double suplex which was followed with Lazarus and Ryder again until Myers was tagged in again with a 2 count. Myers got a scoop slam versus Ryder before getting Lazarus in again. Lazarus whipped Ryder from corner to corner before another Scoop Slam. Myers was tagged in again with quick tags the norm in this match. The win for The Super Party Power Force came when Myers got a cutter to Ryder and they got a tag team cutter to get the win before a show of respect from all of the wrestlers.

Match 7 – Rampage Brown vs Damo O’Connor – TCW Championship

Rampage Brown came up against another heavyweight making his debut in Damo O’Connor who many people may remember was interviewed by me a while back. This was going to be a war between both men and a test for Rampage for sure. Damo took the belt of Rampage and the two beasts locked up and beat the crap out of each other with forearm after forearm. Damo used his size advantage but Rampage took him down with a huge shoulder tackle. The match went to the outside with both men beating the crap out of each other. They went outside with security chasing them outside and then came back round. The match became hardcore with boxes and belts being used. The finish came through a Yakuza Kick and Piledriver from Rampage onto Damo to retain the title!

Rating 7/10 – Another solid effort from TIDAL and an easy 1 hour 20 minutes to watch in my eyes! I cannot wait for the next DVD I will be reviewing tomorrow. To be honest It was always going to get a 7 as there is better shows than this but as an extra on the DVD this is a great little extra to have!

I would like to thank TIDAL for the opportunity as always to review the DVD’s they produce, Next review is of Deep Rising which will be out tomorrow followed by Anniversary #1 which will be released next Saturday!
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