DVD Review – TIDAL Deep Rising


The next DVD review is once again from TIDAL and is the 3rd out of 4 review over the next few days. On this review it is Deep Rising which gets the spotlight which was held in Newcastle and the second event from Newcastle in fact after the 20,000 Leagues Under The Tyne.

Match 1 – Perfect Purdie vs Dave Carbon

This match followed on from TIDAL Wave where at the end of the scheduled 3 way, Perfect Purdie started beating up Dave Carbon who had been taking out everyone in the locker room by breaking their arms. He finally got himself a one on one match with Dave Carbon. The match soon went to the outside of the ring and Purdie was allowed to take control using the closed fists to take control of the situation. Carbon though didn’t stand for it and they went to the outside again where Carbon started using to wear down the arms. Purdie tried to get back into the match time after time but wasn’t allowed to due to Carbon reversing every attempt made to get back into the match. Purdie who didn’t look 100% still fought through and used a great bodyslam and also a great neckbreaker. Dave Carbon though out of nowhere got the win by holding Purdie’s trunk during the pinfall. Carbon used a low blow while Purdie was complaining. Carbon then grab a chair wrapped it round his arm but AJ Anderson who was taken out by Carbon came back to save Purdie from an inevitable broken arm.

Match 2 – Kay Lee Ray vs Robbie Ryder – TCW Intergender Match

This is as far as i’m aware KLR’s first Intergender match in TIDAL and as previous said she always impresses me on the UK scene and really takes Women’s wrestling to new heights she was taking on Robbie Ryder who in my eyes has impressed so far in TIDAL. At the start Ryder didn’t want to get into the ring but KLR was on top which of course made him go out the ring. KLR offered out the handshake though which he shook but then slapped her in the face which made her go full steam ahead. Ryder went out the ring again like a coward and stalling KLR’s momentum in the process. Ryder tried to sneak attack KLR when she was outside of the ring but the experience showed as she dodged everything and then followed it up with a missile dropkick. Kay Lee then kick Robbie in the back then dropkicked him in the chest. Ryder got back into the match with a stiff clothesline after throwing her into the turnbuckle, he then choked her on the ropes and continued the punishment. Robbie followed that up with a bodyslam and a leg drop but KLR didn’t stop fighting in usual KLR fashion and fought on for the victory that to be honest she fully deserved.

Match 3 – Dan James vs Sean Only

This was the 3rd time the two men faced off in TIDAL and with it 1-1 this would probably be the decider. It started quickly with Sean getting the upperhand in the opening exchanges. Dan James though wouldn’t allow himself to be beaten that easy and came back going after the arm straight away which of course is his trademark. Sean Only used his kickboxing background to get back into the match which is of course good to have as you can target certain bodyparts. Dan got back into the match by continuing to target the arm of Sean. You could tell Sean Only’s arms were deteriorating from the pain he was getting dished out from Dan James. Sean Only got Dan James into the corner and started to punt him but James soon got back in control straight away in fact continuing to target the arm. Sean tried to fight back but couldn’t and every time he tried to fight back  his arm got even more worn down by Dan James. Sean continued to fight and in the end got the win to win the match and also the best of three series.

Match 4 – Liam Lazarus vs Jainus Centurian

Two of my favorite wrestlers in TIDAL right now faced off in Liam Lazarus and Jainus Centurian. This was going to be a great match and I love the commentary always from Aaron Beatup little plug there where he basically says Jainus’ face is made up of goo and spaghetti o’s and meatballs. The dancing continued like usual and ended up with a dance off. The WRESTLING then started with Liam Lazarus getting the initial offence but Jainus put up a fight with some great arm-drags and suplexes which made the match great and easy to watch. Lazarus went out the ring before slingshotting back in onto Jainus Centurian. Lazarus wasn’t in control long as Jainus Centurian went into control before Liam Lazarus finished him off with a Lazaslice. Lazarus then did his usual routine of finger pointing with the crowd which is so over in TIDAL like I said in a previous review.

Match 5 – The Proven vs The Coffey Brothers

The Proven returned to TIDAL as a team after an absence and The Coffey Brothers were making their debuts in TIDAL finally which is long overdue in my eyes. This was in my eyes tag team perfection and was a perfect example of quick tags in action with each team getting a share of offence. Even though the Coffey Brothers looked like the more ferocious and the more likely to win The Proven showed their resilience to get a win on their return to action in TIDAL. The finish came from a spot of cheating which is what I normally expect from the Proven, Sam Wilder low blowed Joe Coffey after John Myers was distracted which allowed him to get the pin and at the last second he got both his legs on the ropes to make sure of it. An outstanding match to follow through to the main event and I hope we say The Coffey Brothers back in TIDAL this year for sure and when you read this TIDAL management bear that in mind! 😉

Match 6 – Rampage Brown vs BT Gunn vs Wolfgang

Rampage Brown has been a one man wrecking crew in TIDAL and has beaten everyone TIDAL management have put in front of him. This match was another test for Rampage as it included BT Gunn and Wolfgang two of ICW and Scotland in fact’s best talents. El Ligero couldn’t make it so BT Gunn ended up joining in after the initial match was Rampage vs Wolfgang. BT Gunn used his speed to hold his own against Rampage the bigger guy but Wolfgang took his head off. BT tried to use his speed but was taken off his perch once again. Rampage grabbed Wolfgang out the ring and got revenge against BT Gunn with a flurry of moves. Wolfgang teamed up with Rampage to take out BT Gunn and was literally thrown around by both men around the ring. BT tried to sneak a win from behind but this just made Rampage angrier and angrier. BT Gunn had enough though and once again used his speed to get a clothesline into a DDT. He took control for a while versus Wolfgang but Rampage german suplexed both men to take them both out which was a holy s**t moment. Rampage won using a piledriver to retain once again and end the show to applause from the fans.

Rating 8/10 – Another easy watch like yesterday as it was only 1 hour 15 minutes which is what I like about TIDAL. I cannot wait for their next show I will be reviewing Anniversary #1 which will be out this weekend!

I would like to thank TIDAL for the opportunity as always to review the DVD’s they produce! The next review out from me is TIDAL Anniversary #1 including the likes of Uhaa Nation and Best PPV Matches and Hell in A Cell 2014 from WWE!

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