DVD Review – TIDAL Anniversary #1


Welcome to this week’s TIDAL review! This is my second to last review of this season TIDAL wise and this time we visit their Anniversary #1 DVD! In November 2013, TIDAL was born and in November 2014 TIDAL celebrated their year anniversary with a stacked card! I have been reviewing TIDAL DVD’s since it’s inception so when this show was it was also the anniversary of me reviewing their DVD’s a job I have loved doing and hope to do for this year and beyond!

Match 1 – Mike Bird vs Dan James

Mike Bird make his debut for TIDAL in this match and as many of you know he is a #BWR shoot interview alumni and Dan James has his first match not against Sean Only in the promotion after their feud ended at Deep Rising in Newcastle. Dan James focused on the arms at first but Mike scouted the submission maneuvers in the opening exchanges of the match and knowing Mike from Pro Wrestling Chaos I knew that he could more than put up a fight against Dan James. James though of course made his mission to break Bird’s arm and of course it being his trademark why wouldn’t he. Mike Bird though surprisingly got a win on his debut which is a surprise due to the fact that normally debutantes in promotions don’t go over as they bring them in to big up regular members of the roster. I hope that Mike Bird returns to TIDAL this year as I am a huge fan of him.

Match 2 – Lana Austin vs Nixon vs Addy Starr

This match was set to be epic, I really rate Lana Austin and don’t think It was a surprise that she was getting booked up and down the country last year and I think this year the sky’s the limit for Lana. Nixon of course is one of if not my favorite women’s wrestler right now, she is great in the ring and I think she has really emerged over the past year and that is one of the main reasons why she won the Breakout Female Star of the Year in the BWR awards! Addy Starr on the other hand is famous for hardcore matches with Lego and competes in the likes of CZW, she is a regular over here now moving over here from Canada for short periods of the year and really adds a different dimension in this No Countout match. Addy Starr started the match by talking smack about Lana Austin which let her take a breather, Lana and Nixon started the match off with neither woman getting the upperhand in the opening exchanges. Nixon slid out the ring and tried to dish out punishment to Addy Starr but she scouted it and ended up doing it herself and with it being no countout, Nixon gained composure on the outside while Addy beat the crap out of Lana. Nixon got back into the ring and hit Addy with a scintillating superkick which shook the ring which allowed Lana to jump on the chance to hit her tilt a whirl hurricanrana on Nixon to grab the win. Ruby Summers who was in the crowd then got slapped by Nixon on the way out which could be a segway to a future feud

Match 3 – Dara Diablo vs JD Boom

Dara Diablo previous showing in TIDAL was a match where he got drunk on tequila with Martin Kirby and Courtney so it was back to proceedings for Diablo against JD Boom who I think has only ever been on one other review I have done before but I have seen other matches from JD and I am impressed from the likes of NGW and LPW. The crowd ended up taking the mick out of JD’s hair which halted the start of the match as Dara touched his hair. They finally locked up with both men getting a wrist lock on each other. JD went out the ring twice after lock ups and he was hilarious in this match with his time wasting and shouting aha whenever he did a move. Dara threw him back into the ring using his moustache. JD Boom then used a bronco buster on Dara which again showed the comedy side of JD. Dara started to take control after JD couldn’t pull off a move and ended up grabbing the win through a superkick and a Diablo Driver which grabbed him a win and got him back on track in TIDAL.

Match 4 – The Proven vs Sean Only and Matt Myers

The Proven return to TIDAL again after getting the win against The Coffey Brothers last time out in Newcastle and they take on a makeshift team of Sean Only and Matt Myers. The Proven took their time getting to the ring and Myers and Crash ended up starting off. Myers rolled around outside the ring going after Caz Crash which was pretty funny with WRESTLING chants ringing around the Leeds University Union. They finally locked up and even though the crowd were behind the team of Only and Myers with The Proven brandishing their usual tactics to try and get the win. All of the men got the chance in the ring through tags and after a great match between the 4 men, The Proven ended up picking the win against the makeshift team after a tag team cutter from The Proven. Sean Only was a split second away from disrupting the 3 count but couldn’t get it done.

Match 5 – Uhaa Nation vs Dynamite Pete Dunne

This match included Uhaa Nation who is touted to go to America and has apparently signed a contract already to go to WWE versus Pete Dunne who has made a name for himself on the UK scene and also in Chikara and other promotions in America. This was plain and simply a great match which showcased the technical prowess of Pete Dunne as well as the sheer brilliance in the ring of Uhaa Nation. If this match would have gone on for longer I think It would of been a huge candidate for match of the year as it includes two of in my eyes the best talents in the world at the moment. Uhaa ended up winning the match after two scintillating standing flips which is a surprise from Uhaa as he normally ends up getting beaten in the UK versus someone you wouldn’t typically think would beat a man of his size such as Kris Travis when I went to go and see him live back in June.

Match 6 – Joseph Conners vs Chris Brookes

This match was between two of my favorite wrestlers right now facing off! Joseph Conners who of course won the award of One To Watch for this year and is one of only a few wrestlers I have bought merchandise off in the past against Chris Brookes who in my eyes is one of the best this country has to offer and I think is underrated against other men who often get picked out! Hopefully this year will be Chris Brookes year. Brookes wanted to hug it out and ended up hugging most of the members of the crowd. This match was hilarious at the start especially the fan interaction and this is what I like about TIDAL is that it is in a University Union which means it is intimate but also it has the adult generation more which means this interaction is allowed. This match was straight up a great match which showed both men’s talents to full effect. I think TIDAL made the right decision in using Brookes as a replacement for Andrews as he is adequate enough to replace him at such short notice. Chris Brookes though got the win which showed even though he came in as a replacement he could still fight for the win, Brookes got the win through a top rope hurricanerana which got him the three count and get himself a good first win in TIDAL!

Match 7 – Liam Lazarus vs El Ligero

Up next was a great match on paper between Liam Lazarus and El Ligero. Lazarus has become one of my favorite wrestlers due to TIDAL and I hope he comes down my neck of the woods soon and Ligero is of course the best wrestler in the UK right now really! This match was a real test for Liam Lazarus and as a result went straight down to the nitty gritty instead of all the usual antics of Lazarus. This match was a straight out war and Ligero beat the absolute crap out of Lazarus for the most part not resulting to his trademark flips. Ligero I think didn’t want Lazarus to think he could walk this match and as a result battered his body to the actual limits. Ligero was leading right to the end but Lazarus got the cradle to become Number 1 Contender for the TIDAL Heavyweight Championship. Ligero must of been absolutely livid after this match considering he lead throughout the match. Lazarus’ interaction and overness with the crowd in TIDAL makes him better than just an average roster member and what makes him stand above in TIDAL in general.

Match 8 – Rampage Brown vs Dave Mastiff II

This was the second part in the feud between these two men and it was of course for Rampage’s TIDAL championship. This match was all set to be an all out war and it did not disappoint with both men smashing each other to the limit in the opening exchanges. Neither man budged and threw punches after headbutts at each other and of course this match had to go to the outside and it did including on the steps. Rampage was thrown head first into the pole which was a personal highlight of the start of the match. They kicked lumps out of each other and Rampage nearly threw him of the balcony. They used the merchandise table smashing all the merchandise and using them as weapons against each other. The hilarious thing was Aaron BeatUp on commentary in WWEesque style kept plugging the merchandise such as when Rampage was thrown over the table he said ‘He is surrounded by DVD’s and Blurays which you can buy by the way’. It went back to the ringside with the punishment insuing. The match went back to the ring and Rampage picked him up and Samoan Dropped him on the canvas which only got him a 2. Mastiff missed the cannonball which allowed him to take advantage with a piledriver which ended the match and a war in truth!

Rating 10/10 – Return to the 10’s for TIDAL! Every single match was a highlight especially the main event which capped it off in truth! I cannot wait to watch TIDAL’s last event of the year Silent Nightmare and I hope everyone can read it when it comes out like you have been doing over the past year or so!

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