Interview – Jack Starz

1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival??
Right now? The most driven, inspired, hungry, ambitious athlete you will ever meet.
2. How did you get involved in Wrestling training growing up and did this stem from a love of Wrestling growing up??
The furthest back I remember was flicking through TV stations on a Saturday morning when I was eight years old.. I remember seeing Kurt Angle get crowned “king of the ring” and ever since then I have been hooked.
My wrestling training days started almost a decade later. I remember having this girl friend and one day I was watching some wrestling and I turned to her and said “I’m going to be a professional wrestler.” She screwed up her face and said “no you won’t, you never stick at anything.” I turned to her, smiled and said “watch me.”
I got my first taste of wrestling thanks to a girl I used to work with, she happened to be training to be a wrestler down in Rugby and invited me along. I went and trained each week for about a year with them. As my ambitions grew I asked how I’d get to the WWE and the told me it wouldn’t be possible with them and they pointed me to Robby Brookside in Leicester.
Since August 2010 I am honoured to be a trainee and professional under the Brookside School of Westling, flag. I’ve trained here ever since!
3. You were trained by Robbie Brookside how huge of an Honor is it for you to be trained by him and to bring a small part of him to new audiences??
I’ll quote The Flatliner.. “He’s the wrestling Jesus.” The endless knowledge and passion he has for wrestling is infectious. I truly believe you can’t get a better coach than him down to knowledge and experience.
He’s helped me gain confidence, character and made me realise that anything is possible if you put in the hours and work for it.
Since Rob has moved to the States to coach at the Performance Centre, Darren “Thunder” Walsh is the head coach in Leicester. Another man that knows wrestling inside out. I’m honoured for all the support the trainers have given me and so many others over the years, by far the best place to train in Europe today. 
4. You team with Jimmy Meadows in LCW, did the team form due to the fact you went to the same training school and what are your ambitions as a team??
The team first formed when we wrestled in the Worthing Assembly Hall for Premier Promotions in 2013. Jimmy has been a huge inspiration to me since I started training in Leicester, he’s a phenomenal talent and a great friend. 
I’ve had the privilege to team and travel with him around the UK and this year we are pushing to advance further up the ladder. This is only the beginning.
5. You are facing the Hunter Brothers at LCW Rumble an event I will be in attendance at in the second of the best of three series, do you have any words for the Hunters and do you think you will take the titles off them at this event??
Well the way they were acting after that 1st match of the series was if the series was already over.. I even got up off that mat and told them there’s two more to go. 
I have respect for the hunters. They know each other inside out and are brilliant athletes. I’m not letting that respect get in the way, I never have and never will with any wrestler I step into the ring with. I’m aggressive, I’m a fighter and I’m here to win. No one will ever understand the hunger I have for success in wrestling. It’s that hunger and desire that will drive me to get up one more time than my opponent. Until my last breath, I will never stop.
6. What are your thoughts on the current state of British Wrestling as a whole coming from a wrestler who was trained by an ambassador in my eyes??
There is good and bad.
This past year I’ve had the chance to meet some very talented and incredible people around the UK and Germany. It’s made me realise these people are gunning for the same thing I want, it drives me to better myself. Theres some great coaches around the UK and Europe and the quality of wrestlers is getting better in my opinion. I’ve always been told if you want to be successful then get taught properly, do your research. Travelling is part of it and for anyone wanting to be successful, if you want it, you will do what ever it takes.
7. Being quite new to the Wrestling scene who do you want to face this year that you haven’t faced already and why??
Robbie Dynamite- he’s tough as nails and one hell of a technical wrestler. I’ve had the chance to learn from him in the past year and I look forward to the day I get to step in there with one of the best.
Danny boy Collins- I had the chance to face him in a tag match last year but never 1-1. I don’t think they get much tougher than him. To be the best you have to beat the best and I’m always setting the bar high.
8. What are your future ambitions/goals and where do you see yourself in 5 years time in Wrestling??
My ambition for the last 5 years has been WWE and NXT. I’ve built a lifestyle which allows me to work towards earning my chance every day. When that chance comes, I WILL be ready. 
Until then I will continue to work harder each day and capitalise on opportunities.
9. Where can the readers/promoters find on social media/book Jack Starz??
Email- for bookings
Jack Starz – Facebook 
@Jackstarzzz – Twitter 
Jack_starz – Instagram 
10. Have you got any future dates or other projects you wish to plug??
My next scheduled match is January 31st for LCW in Leicester, England. Visit their Facebook or website for more details. For future updates like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter!
Brooksides school of wrestling is open every Sunday 12-4pm in Leicester. £10 for the four hours. Training taken by Head trainer Darren “Thunder” Walsh. Visit our Facebook page for more details!

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