Interview – Sasa Keel


1.First of all, please describe yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival??

S. My Name is Sasa Keel from beautiful Split in Dalmatia, Croatia. I am 1,96cm and weight round about 110Kg. I´m shootfight Champion and the best croatian of the biggest Promotion in Germany

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling training growing up and did this stem from a love of Wrestling growing up??

S. I was a former 2 time national amateur greco-Roman Wrestling Champion and Second on European Championchips. Train 16 years in amateur Wrestling. In 2010 I tried the Wrestling Training at a local Promotion and want some more. After this I started Training in the new founded Westside Dojo Oberhausen. With my good Physics and intelligence I quickly debut also in 2010.

3. Could you describe your training experience (who you were trained by and your thoughts on this etc.)

S. The Westside Dojo, got Headcoaches / Big Daddy Walter, Tommy End or John Klinger… a lot of Guest Coaches….. Dave Finlay, Davey Richards, Daisuke Sekimoto, Nigel McGuiness, Matt Striker, Super Crazy and many more. So I pick from everyone my best fitting Parts

4. You are part of Keel Holding in WXW, how did the team form and what are your future plans as a team this year in WXW??

S. First, I´m the Boss, President, Chairman, General, Messiah of the Keel Holding! That means I formed the Group, pick my employees. Were the most entertaining and successful Group in wXw and we´ll staying on Top at wXw

5. At the end of 2013 you were part of an eight man tag team hardcore match with a mix of WXW, CZW and BJW talent on show, what is your stance on hardcore matches and promotions such as CZW who use these types of matches on their shows and when they return at the end of 2015 to Germany, would you take the chance again??

S. 7 Days ago, I was part in a 8-Man Streetfight with my Employees and The Autsiders and Team Prost. 30 Minutes of extreme Hardcore Wrestling… Im undefeated in UV-Matches. I always can go further into extreme…. I was born and grownes up in to the Blakan wars… If the CZW-Crew come back, im not hiding.

6. If given the chance in 2015, would you come over to the UK and who would you want to face if brought over??

S. on 15.03 I´m on the IPW / wXw-Event in tonbridge. Who I facing… I don’t know. Hopefully I come back early after this.

7. Being from Croatia, is there a Wrestling scene there and if so is it in your plans to return to Croatia to wrestle in the future??

S. After / With Mirco Crocop whole Croatia was hyped for MMA. The Balakan Citzen goes crazy for Sports with Ball,, Football, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis.. But Wrestling needs an Icon in Mainstream Media to get attention.

8. What are your future ambitions/goals and where do you see yourself in 5 years time in Wrestling??

S. I would love to work in Japan. Best for NJPW. I´m the Best from Balkan right now. Even one of the Best in Germany on top at the biggest Promotion. Maybe I reach the top of Europe and work for other big Promotions.. I don’t know

9. Where can the readers/promoters find on social media/book Sasa Keel??

S. Just search in Facebook for Sasa Keel! Google my Name! Mail me;

10. Have you got any future dates or other projects you wish to plug??

S. Just follow me on Facebook or Twitter and stay tuned

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