DVD Review – TIDAL Silent Nightmare


Welcome to this weekend’s review and the latest chapter of TIDAL. After a break of two weeks from reviewing TIDAL, I am back with their last show of 2014, Silent Nightmare which was headlined with the highly anticipated match between Rampage Brown and Liam Lazarus, A Tsunami Tag Team Match between Ruby Summers & Lana Austin vs Nixon and Violet O’Hara and finally a onesie match between JD Boom and Dara Diablo as well as the debut of TNA star Bram.

Match 1 – El Ligero vs Mark Andrews

Before the match kicked off, Liam Lazarus came to the ring to say it would be the biggest fight of his life and there would be no tea or dancing. The first match was between ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero and ‘White Lightning’ Mark Andrews, the TNA British Bootcamp 2 winner. This match was going to be fast paced but it wasn’t at the start with both men focusing on each others arms and being more technical than their usual styles employ. After the two men had that technical exchange, it finally became serious with both men using their speed and high flying ability which they are known for. Ligero took control after Andrews failed a shooting star press which allowed him to capitalize and pick up the victory. This was a good win for Ligero who will gain a momentum boost thanks to beating a new TNA superstar. Andrews wise as far as i’m aware this was his last appearance in TIDAL but I don’t know for sure, if so it was a great way to end his time in TIDAL.

Match 2 – Dan James vs Sean Only

This feud has now restarted to my knowledge with this match and it was fitting really that this was a 15 minute Iron Man submission match. This match could of been 10-0 to either man as it was 15 minutes and whoever got the most submissions ended up winning at the end of the 15 minutes. Dan James got the first tapout to make it 1:0 via his trademark Armbar and made it 2:0 shortly after with the same submission move which showed it is an unstoppable submission move in Dan James’ arsenal. Sean Only didn’t want to make himself out to be a pushover and ended up winning the contest via an Armbar first of all as basically a dig at Dan James, second of all he used the Rear Naked Choke and finally the Armbar once again. Dan James nearly made it 3-3 in the dying seconds but Sean Only didn’t tap out. Once again Sean Only picked up another win vs Dan James. Dan James went crazy while Sean Only who looked injured carried himself to the back.

Match 3 – Lana Austin & Ruby Summers vs Nixon & Violet O’Hara

In my opinion on paper this match was going to be awesome which I think is a bit biased on my account due to the fact I am a huge advocate of Women’s wrestling in general. 2 referees were down there and with it being tsunami chaos ensued in the ring.Ruby and Violet fought on the outside and Lana and Nixon on the inside. Nixon and Lana were more fast paced on the inside and for Violet and Ruby it was more about an all out assault. Violet and Lana went outside and Ruby and Nixon continued inside with Ruby getting the upperhand. Nixon and Lana were on the outside watching Violet and Ruby fight but Nixon get set up for a kick to the face which laid out Lana. The match kicked off on the outside with the Lana on Nixon and Ruby on Violet. They used the outside to their advantage. Ruby picked up her first win in TIDAL defeating Nixon. Violet and Nixon attacked Craig Anderson following the match to the delight of Aaron Beatup.

Match 4 –  The Proven vs Ryan Smile & Damian Dunne

The Proven who are mainstays on the TIDAL roster take on new comers to the roster but not the British Wrestling scene by any means ‘The All Day Star’ Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne also known as So Scandalous. The Proven went straight after beating the living hell out of So Scandalous but it didn’t work as they were smarter not to fall for it. This was overall perfect tag team action between 4 of the best in the UK and it was a very fluid match as a result. So Scandalous also known as Q2 and Quiffs and Quads in other promotions were in control from the very start and momentum carried them through. Both teams gave it everything they can throughout but Smile and Dunne always looked in control of the match, the match finished with an epic tag team move with a codebreaker followed by a frog splash. Hopefully Smile and Dunne become a regular feature in TIDAL as they are both great wrestlers who gel really well in a wrestling ring.

Match 5 – ‘TNA’s King of Hardcore’ Bram vs ‘Dynamite’ Pete Dunne

This match looked great on paper as it included Bram of course of TNA and WWE NXT fame also known as the King of Hardcore in TNA taking on one of the country’s best in Dynamite Pete Dunne who was a perfect fit to face a wrestler like Bram as it was a contrast in styles. Neither man got the upperhand with reversals coming quick and fast. Bram of course had a size advantage which stood him in good stead. Bram brought Pete up to the top and stole someone’s drink in the process. Pete had the better of him at the top with Bram nearly going over the balcony, Pete decided the only way he could wear him down was in a fist fight. Pete superkicked Bram down a flight of stairs but Bram was in control even after being superkicked. Bram was on the back foot but got it back when they were back in the ring. Bram ended up defeating Pete Dunne through cheating after distracting the referee and poking him in the eye after giving Pete Dunne everything he had, Bram had to resort to cheating to get the job done against Pete Dunne who gave it his all.

Match 6 – Dara Diablo vs JD Boom – Onesie Match

This match had shenanigans written all over it and was a change of pace after the previous encounter between Bram and Pete Dunne. The stipulation was that you had to get into the onesie to win. JD was sneaky and took he onesie and ran off which was a good tactic as if he could lock himself away he could put it on. Dara had a drink after dishing out some punishment to JD. Dara tried to untie the onesie off the corner post which allowed JD to take control and he did to full effect to use the ring to his advantage. Overall I would say this match is great due to the sheer shenanigans including JD Boom doing a Cesaro swing on the Onesie. Dara set JD up after this and took control after a moonsault. Dara got the win in the end by putting the onesie on and the reaction at the end of the match by Sean Only and Aaron BeatUp was hilarious as they went crazy on purpose.

Match 7 – Flash Morgan Webster vs Mike Bird

Mike Bird returns to TIDAL in this match after his previous encounter with Dan James while I think this was Morgan Webster’s first appearance in TIDAL Wrestling. Mike of course is a #BWR audio interview alumni and Morgan is a friend of #BWR. This was going to be a great match in my opinion between two of Wales’s best. This match was fast paced from the beginning and really showcased both men’s obvious talent to the full. Mike was in control and even when Morgan did get a bit of offence he always looked to be on top, Morgan though kept using his fast paced style to the end which shows the agility but it wasn’t enough for Morgan as Mike ended up picking the win turning Flash Morgan Webster inside out in the process. Mike is making a name for himself even more and appearing for TIDAL and getting a win like this will cement this and if he can put a string of wins together I can see him challenging for the title some time in 2015 if he can continue the streak he is on in TIDAL.

Match 8 – TIDAL Championship Match – Liam Lazarus vs Rampage Brown

This was sure to be a great match and a great end to 2014 for TIDAL Wrestling with Liam hopefully picking up the championship off Rampage. I really enjoy Lazarus as you may know if you are a regular reader of my reviews and he has really grown on me since his debut. The staredown finally happened in a match months in the making. This was a great match from the start with it being more of a fight than anything. Lazarus angered Rampage which made him get slapped. Rampage would have normally got the upperhand after reversing certain moves but this did not happen as when it did Lazarus reversed everything and really played up to this biggest match of his life comment at the start of the night. It was the first time I have properly seen Rampage be dominated but being the wrestler he is he wouldn’t back down and after Lazarus was dominating, a sudden clothesline and a big boot turned Lazarus inside out. Rampage tried to take control with Lazarus actually asking for more pain which made him hyped up and as a result not succumbing to the pins of Rampage. Rampage wore him down on the ground with the crowd split down the middle, Liam had the heart and he fought to his feet to fight back but when he got some edge, Rampage fought back and destroyed any offence. Liam couldn’t be killed and he kept getting up no matter what even when the life was squeezed out of him. Rampage threw him down for 2 powerbombs and went down for the pin but the foot was under the bottom rope. Liam looked dead in truth but got the win with a small package to finally win the TIDAL Heavyweight Champion. Aaron and Sean went crazy and so did I in truth. Rampage didn’t want to let go but handed it over and with that the torch was passed. Liam was concussed and was taken off by Sebb Strife. The last shot was Dan Eagles showing the belt to the camera.

My thoughts — 9/10 – This event capped off a great anniversary year for TIDAL and the fact Liam finally won the title made this event great for me. The other matches were great and really provided a great build up to the main event! Another solid outing from the TIDAL team!

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