Interview – Tomas James Sky


1. First of all, please give the readers a quick summary of yourself??

My name is Tomas James Sky and I am from Coventry in the West Midlands. I’m 5ft 11 and weigh in at 13 Stone (182lbs). I use a mixture of stern kicks and acrobatic high flying manoeuvres inspired by different styles across the world as part of my attributes. I also tag up with ‘Kieran Young’ as part of a team called ‘Born 2 Fly’ and have done so for the past 3 years.

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up and if so, who inspired you to be the man you are today??

As a young kid I never watched or had heard of wrestling. I was completely oblivious to its existance but when I was roughly the age of 7 I remember borrowing my neighbours VCR tape because he’d recorded a ‘kids programme’ for me earlier that week. I sat down in my room and watched the recorded programme until finish but for some unknown reason I left the tape playing.

The film cut off and it appeared that my programme had been recorded over the top of some wrestling which was very luckily ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock’. I was blown away and as every young kid does I tried to imitate the match to my friends. I then at the age of 10 began to realise the likes of AJ Styles, Christian Cage and Rhino from TNA. I loved the high flying combat and the strength of these athletes as they ‘fought for our entertainment’. Then I saw Lowki and I was sucked in to every second of his appearance. His viciousness, his gymnastic ability, his ways to make me pop like I’d never popped before! He was the one who made me want to do wrestling and made me want to become ‘hopefully’ a future ‘TNA/WWE SuperStar’.

3. How did you get involved in Wrestling training growing up??

I remember doing what most young kids did and that was buying a trampoline and beating my mates up, imitating anything I’d seen on the previous TNA show/PPV. It was between that and asking my dad to set up a bouncy castle in the garden so I could try “top rope moves”. I came up with all the names and used the finishers I could find. This went on for a good few years until I started training with ‘Psycho Steve’ at Phoenix Wrestling Association in Holbrooks, Coventry in 2010.

4. Who were you trained by and what are your thoughts on your training looking back on it now??

The first place I even trained was in 2010 and was Phoenix Wrestling Association. I have further trained with: AMP / Triple X Wrestling Coventry Pro Wrestling Kamikaze Pro Pete and Damian Dunne in Solihull

I currently train with Attack Pro Wrestling, The Hunter Brothers (and Mastiff when he’s available). I also regularly participate in seminars across the country. Rescently I trained with Chris Masters and Rockstar Spud and planning to train with Johnny Garganno and Zac Gibson which I’d urge anyone in my position to take part in.

A lot of people begrudge with training schools because of quality and incorrect teaching but I’m grateful for every time I get to train in a new environment and especially step into a ring. I’ve been wrestling over 4 years now and I’ve never been hungrier to learn more. I plan to keep training at this intensity for the entirety of my career and even if I reach the top of the top, it’ll only push me to train harder and hold my spot at the top of the wrestling ladder.

5. You wrestled at Leicester Championship Wrestling Rumble 2014 in the 30 man rumble, how was it to be in the rumble match and do you want it to be a regular fixture at LCW whether it be main roster or Elevation??

Working along side the superstars of Leicester Championship Wrestling was a fantastic experience which I’m grateful to experience for the second year in a row. I have got my eyes on LCW and have done for a while and I will work my backside off and go through what ever they put in front of me in order to gain my permanent spot on their roster.

6. You are facing Ozzy Saint Vio at PWA on Saturday, have you got any words for him ahead of your upcoming match??

I am looking forward to my title opportunity on Saturday against Ozzy St Vio at Phoenix Wrestling in Leamington Spa. I’ve got a reputation amongst the people of Leamington that I plan to keep.

In regards to St Vio I want him to know that no one in PWA history has ever held the belt for over a year and although he’s almost at the 9 month mark, I guarantee that I will not only defeat him and take the PWA Title at any cost, but I plan to become the first Superstar in Phoenix history to hold the title for an entire year! Look out Leamington Spa because this Sky has no limits!

7. You wrestle for Future Championship Wrestling in Dudley, what are your thoughts on FCW as a promotion and will you be going after RC Chaos (the heavyweight champion) soon now you are a roster member of FCW??

Future Championship Wrestling in Dudley is always a pleasure to work. Their roster is full of some really nice guy but also so extremely talented workers. They have currently just updated their set up and I plan to step into the spotlight of FCW and when the time comes I will take the belt from RC Chaos.

They recently have given me The Judge and Saul Adams as opponents and yes I did come up short in both matches but things are about to change. I’m coming for the title but I’m not rushing. I’ll bide my time until it’s time for me to shine!

8. Have you got any future ambitions/goals you want to achieve??

My ambitions for this year is to discover more promotions across the UK and hopefully travel abroad to wrestle. In the long run I’d love to work for one of the top Japanese or American companies but for now I’m going to concentrate on the United Kingdom and showing everyone from my home why I’m the future of professional wrestling.

9. Where can the readers find Tomas James Sky??

You can find me on:

10. Have you got any future dates you wish to plug??

Please get along to the following shows where I will be making an appearance and please don’t be afraid to say hello and check out some of my merchandise.

7/2/1 – Phoenix Wrestling Association – Leamington Spa

22/2 – Future Championship Wrestling – Dudley

8/3 – Venom Wrestling Federation – Stourbridge

8/3 – LCW Elevation – Leicester

27/3 – Superplex Wrestling

27/3 – Superplex Wrestling – Weymouth

29/3 – Kamikaze Pro – Birmingham

4/4 – New Breed Wrestling – Banbury

4/4 – Elite Pro Wrestling – Rugby

25/4 – Royal Imperial Wrestling – Port Talbot (Wales)

6/8 – Plex Wrestling – Aldershot

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