DVD Review – WWE Live In The UK November 2014


This is my latest WWE DVD Review, this time we get WWE Live In The UK November 2014 which is out on Monday! On this set of course you get RAW, Smackdown, Main Event and Superstars over 2 discs from the November tapings in the UK! The first problem I have with this set is it is just 4 episodes on two discs meaning anyone who is a casual watcher would not have any context to the set.

Personal highlights for me overall on this set first come from Raw with a great match between Jack Swagger and Seth Rollins, I have always thought Jack is underutilized and this further backs up my point and that is the thing I like mainly about the tour that they use the talent that may not get a look in for big spots during shows in the US. Paige vs Alicia Fox was another highlight, as anyone will know who reads my reviews I am a huge fan of Women’s wrestling and Paige which means it is going to be a bit biased but just the pop she gets from the crowd makes a heel Paige into a fans favorite when she returns to the UK. Dolph Ziggler vs Mark Henry was also pretty good and showed why Ziggler was the form guy around then heading into Survivor Series. I always enjoy Ziggler matches in general and adding Mark Henry into the mix, another guy I have always enjoyed watching makes it an easy watch for me. AJ Lee and Brie Bella also put on a pretty good match, Nikki got some involvement which was good as it made the match better for one but also built up their feud heading into Survivor Series where AJ would face off with Nikki, having two experienced WWE Divas in the ring like this really builds up a feud such as this and Nikki just being there builds it up even more. Finally in the highlights category, John Cena and Ryback which was good but not amazing by any stretch with it being a textbook Cena match to be honest which can be good but also drab when you watch constant Cena matches, I don’t think this match will be remembered in a hurry.

The bad parts of RAW

Miz and Mizdow against Los Matadores was fine but didn’t need to be on the main show and could have been better on Main Event or Superstars or even Smackdown, the match was nothing special and it made it even worse it being on Raw instead of the other shows where is would shine out. Adam Rose vs Tyson Kidd is another example, why put this match on RAW when there is a better match between Kidd and Zayn on Main Event. I liked Rose when he was Kruger but don’t anymore now he is Rose as I think his character sticks out like a sore thumb on WWE TV. Finally Sheamus and Rusev was pointless due to the fact Rusev just does the same match week in week out meaning any WWE fans who watch week in week out such as myself would get bored out of their mind watching a paint by numbers match.

The other shows (Main Event, Superstars and SmackDown)

Now is the turn of the 3 B shows on Disc 2, on Main Event you get 2 good matches between Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd and Alicia Fox vs Cameron which showcases all the talent on the tour that is there including the NXT talent they brought over. The other two are Stardust against Adam Rose and Dean Ambrose vs Justin Gabriel which even though they are good have no purpose on TV as there is no storyline which means they are just there to fill up a B show which is a shame. Superstars is the same but worse as it has a Raw Recap for most of the show which is bad for the DVD especially if you watch Raw first as you have to skip through most of the show to then get to 2 standard matches between Sin Cara against Curtis Axel and Big E vs Heath Slater which are nothing special but do make the show better and adds to it. SmackDown is a little better as even though we get abit of a Raw Recap again we also get a great match between Dolph Ziggler, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro which is the highlight of the tour for me, Bray Wyatt vs Sin Cara is ok but the only problem is that it is short so neither man can really show that much. Adam Rose and The Bunny against Goldust and Stardust is another example of a bad match on the tour and the last two comprise of Natalya vs Layla and Kane against Ryback which are not bad at all.

The rest of the DVD is just segments for example Jericho’s Highlight Reel and a few promos ahead of Survivor Series which offer a bit of a context to the upcoming PPV. Special Features wise we get a great classic match between The Rockers w/Andre The Giant and Orient Express and a Fan’s Eye View between Jericho and Ambrose vs Kane & Wyatt which was after the show, this had some good moments only qualm being that it had no commentary!

Overall I think Live In The UK November 2014 is good in parts but with no context it makes it fall short and the amount of pointless matches make it worse, If you are a person who was at the tour or buys everything it is worth it but for just a normal fan it is pointless, the classic match though puts the mark up to a 7.5 but not enough for me to fully recommend it to every one and get a 10!

Rating 7.5/10

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