Interview – “All Good” Anthony Greene



1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers and give the readers a quick summary of yourself??

– Well, I’m 21 years old. I’ve been wrestling on the Northeast independents for the last 2 1/2 years.

2. Lets talk about growing up, were you into wrestling growing up and if so, who were your main inspirations??

– I’ve been a wrestling fan since before I could remember. I grew up watching 95-96 WCW (I was only 2-3 years old). Then, I slowly became a WWF fan in 1997. Some of my inspirations growing up were Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Shane McMahon, and many others in the 2000’s.

3. How did you get involved in Wrestling training from there and was this as a result of you being into wrestling growing up??

– I started out training as a referee. It was a complete reciprocation of me being a huge fan growing up. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I just knew I definitely wanted to be involved.

4. You were trained by Spike Dudley, how was this experience for you and do you think you would have been as good as you are today without the tutelage of Spike Dudley??

– My experience at Spike’s lock up was amazing. They definitely gave me the tools I needed to get where I currently am. Now, I train with Brian Fury at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy, formally known as the Killer Kowalski School of Professional Wrestling.

5. You wrestled for ROH at the end of January in a Dark Match teaming with QT Marshall to face Brutal Burgers, what are your thoughts on that experience as a whole and do you think 2015 is the year that Anthony Greene becomes a regular in ROH??

– My experience was great. I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot from “Uncle Bob”. It felt so good to be able to use what I learned standing across the ring from him. I don’t think 2015 will be the year I become a regular in RoH but, I think I will be noticed.

6. You team with Cam Zagami as the Can-Am Connection, how did the team form and what are your thoughts on facing the Anoai’s at WXWC4??

– Cam and I met in the summer of 2012. We first started teaming in the summer of 2013. I’m very excited to be facing Afa Jr. and Lance. Afa Jr. has been to the big time and has a lot of experience. Lance is on the rise and will be a huge star one day.

7. You worked for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promotion, how did this come about and how is it to work in the ECW Arena??

– I attended a tryout/seminar last August for the House of Hardcore school. I was lucky enough to catch Dreamer’s eye. I continued to stay in touch with him and attend one of his weekly classes- which kept me in front of him. Wrestling at the ECW Arena was the most nerve racking and amazing experiences I have ever had. On top of that, it was against an ECW original, Little Guido aka Nunzio and as well as, Team Tremendous. I also feel the need to mention my 2 tag partners who absolutely killed it, Ben Ortiz and Vik Dalishus.

8. Do you want to come over to the UK in 2015 and if so, who would you want to face while over here??

– I would love to wrestle in the UK. If I had the opportunity to wrestle anyone… It would have to be either Grado or Marty Scrull.

9. Where can the readers find Anthony Greene??

-You can like me on Facebook- All Good Anthony Greene Follow me on Twitter and Instagram- @allgoodag

10. Have you got any future dates/projects you wish to plug??

– I plan on making a name for myself this year. I’m going to continue to work all over the Northeast and, I will try to expand out more.

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