Interview – Sammy Smooth

sammysmooth sammysmooth2

Photo Credit : The Ringside Perspective (Oli Sandler)

1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers to the readers of #BWR??

20 year old British pro wrestler, had my first match March 2014 and not stopping anytime soon.

2. Let’s talk about beginnings, did you grow up watching wrestling and if so which era did you grow up with and who did you idolise??

I’ve been watching wrestling for as long as I can remember. The wrestler i idolised the most was shawn Michaels, simply amazing at everything he did. Many more wrestlers but Shawn is the man!

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling training??

I started training at the IPWUK school and slowly getting better and better I was given the opportunity to wrestle for them and I haven’t looked back since

4. Who had a hand in training you and is there anybody that you would want to do a seminar with in the future??

James Davis of the london riots has been my main trainer as well as mentor, really helped me become who I am today. Zack sabre jr had a big hand as well in my training and would site both men as good friends and mentors. I’d love to do a seminar with Ric Flair, an all time great.

5. You made your debut for EBW last night, what were your thoughts on debuting and how did the fans react to you??

Iv actually wrestled there twice before but am still new to the promotion. Great time there as usual, the crowd were very good to me so after my match I sat in the crowd for the rest of the show as a kind of thankyou. I had free drinks for the rest of the night so couldn’t complain.

6. You also wrestled recently for FHW in Peterborough recently against James Davis of the London Riots, do you think this is good for you that you get to debut in a different part of the country and get your foot in the door so to speak??

It’s always good to get around and that’s a big goal of 2015. Travel up and down the country and wrestling as much as possible.

7. At IPW:UK recently you shared the ring with Vince Russo, what are thoughts on this??

Vince Russo endorsed me in the middle of the ring in front of everyone! Mental! We’ve talked since and he’s got great stories and great advice.

8. What are your future ambitions/goals in Wrestling??

Conquer the world really. Il be heading abroad later this year, so the goal really is wrestle every where and put on great matches wherever they’ll let me.

9. Where can the readers find Sammy Smooth??

Find me on Twitter @sammysmoooth and on Instagram @sammy.smoooth

10. Any future dates/projects or promotions you wish to plug??

IPWUK is my home promotion so check there for updates. Great promotion that have done a lot for me.

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