DVD Review – WWE Survivor Series 2014


Welcome to the long awaited review of WWE Survivor Series 2014, out today on DVD in the UK from wwedvd.co.uk. Long story short, my laptop charger broke so I was without a laptop for the weekend but the review is finally out on the day of release. Survivor Series for anyone who has been living under a rock is a yearly PPV event which normally includes 6 Man elimination matches with some type of stipulation involved. This time it was Team Cena vs Team Authority where if Cena won The Authority would have to relinquish the power they have.

I would say this event is normally the 4th best yearly PPV of each year with WrestleMania of course first, SummerSlam second and the Royal Rumble 3rd. Anyway before I ramble anymore here is my take on the best and worst matches of the event.

The first match between Goldust and Stardust who were champs going into the match taking on Miz and Mizdow, The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) and Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) (with El Torito) was good as one of my favourite teams of the time in Miz and Mizdow ended up going over Goldust and Stardust which provided a markout moment from me as I remember watching the event live on PPV when it was on. Since then I think the tag team division has gone a bit stale and it reminded me of a better time for the division back in November. The 4 on 4 Divas Survivor Series match was painful to watch and this was not needed on the card overall. Paige and Natalya were the only two Divas trying to put on a good match as usual but I think this was used to basically utilise all the talent that weren’t in storylines which is fair enough but it was not needed in this way. Onto the next match, Dean Ambrose against Bray Wyatt was a really good match and it isn’t a surprise they came up with the highlight of the night. There was nothing on the line which would have made it perfect but it was a great match overall which I would watch again for sure. Adam Rose and The Bunny against Slator Gator was awful and I am saying this for a second consecutive PPV, why is Rose even on the show and even though I like O’Neil and Slater the same applies, there are wrestlers in the back who deserve the spot more than Adam Rose. Jack Swagger vs Cesaro and Fandango vs Justin Gabriel were on the preshow, both of which could of been even better in this spot than Rose, The Bunny, Slater and O’Neil. At least the last 2 matches were good as I would have given this a really low mark!

Next of all, we get AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella (w/ Brie Bella). This was a great Divas match not a classic granted but still a really good watch. I really enjoy Nikki Bella as a wrestler and a personality on Total Divas and even though quite a lot of people don’t like her I am firmly behind her getting this title reign by beating AJ Lee. Both Divas were great throughout and really showed their talent when given the sub main event spot like they are in this case. I think if given a first match spot this wouldn’t have been as good so great booking from WWE on this one. I really enjoy Women’s Wrestling as many readers know which means this gets an even better rating so win win for me.

Finally we had Team Cena (Cena, Ziggler, Show, Ryback, Erick Rowan) vs Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Mark Henry, Rusev and Kane). All talent had their spot in this match with Ziggler who in my opinion is one of the best talents on the roster right now shining bright above the other wrestlers in this talent. Sting coming out at the end was a markout moment for me as I have grown up with Sting so any kids watching this DVD might not know who this is but for the older fans it would of been a surprise like it was with me. Granted it didn’t have that aura that normal special appearances have as it was rumoured days before hand on websites so people had an idea he would be appearing but it still gave me the usual hairs standing on end which normally happens when someone big returns.

Overall this was a good PPV with the 2 main events outshining the rest which makes it bearable but some of the matches don’t deserve to be on the show which makes it a bit of a shame as I enjoy Survivor Series and watching it back for a second time it pointed it out to me as apposed to when I was watching it in November. This gets a 6/10 from me with the under card failing to live up to the expectations.

Next review is TLC 2014 on DVD which will be out just before the release in a few weeks time, more interviews to come as well soon before my annual break between March 2nd and March 9th! #BWR


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