Interview – Dickie Divers



1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival??

My Name is Dickie Divers I’m 5ft 10 from Glasgow Scotland. I’m known for kicking and kneeing folk in the face and generally being a wee Dick about it. I also have the most talked about face in Scottish wrestling being given nicknames such as the man of 1000 faces. I’m the wrestler people love to hate, and I’m good with that.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling training growing up and did this stem from a love of Wrestling growing up??

I like most people I know in the business watched loads of wrestling as a kid, I was never really the guy that said “I want to be a wrestler” but then the attitude era hit and I straight away thought that’s what I want to do! I started Training in 2006 when I found out there was a school just down the road from me that was run by the Scottish Wrestling Alliance debuted if I remember right December of 2007 and I’ve pretty much worked from there.

3. As far as I’m aware you were trained by the likes of Fergal Devitt and Doug Williams, what are your thoughts looking back on your overall training experience??

I did do a few training sessions with both Fergal and Doug but I was actually trained in the Scottish Wrestling Alliance school in Linwood by a variety of people. To be brutally honest out of the 4 or 5 different trainers there was only one or two who I actually learned anything from. I learned most of what I can do by practicing stuff on my own or in the ring on shows. I can remember days where myself, Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn and Damian O’Conner would go down to the centre and just go over different stuff we wanted to try and would push each other to limits we didn’t know we could get to. Ironically Damo is now the head Trainer of his own school “Source Wrestling School” in Glasgow which has some of the best trainers in Scotland in my opinion.

4. You have become a major name on the Scottish Wrestling, what do you think this is down to overall??

Simply put, Hard work. When I first started training I was going down the centre 4 times a week trying to get myself better and better. Now I’m a regular on show all over Britain I try to get better by watching not only my matches but other peoples and analyse everything I do and everything they do, and I think it shows.

5. You are part of the New Age Kliq in ICW, how did the stable form and what are your beliefs as a group from the point of view of a member of NAK??

This will be a quick answer as there is a lot of tension within the NAK just now. We are basically all best mates and felt like we weren’t getting a fair shake of the stick so we formed the NAK and caused an absolute riot every chance we got. Then we brought in Darkside and just started doing what we wanted when we wanted, who was gonna stop us??

6. What are your thoughts on working with the likes of Sumerian Death Squad over the past year and also Kenny Omega in the SWA and also speaking of international talent what is your stance on imports??

I love working with Both the death squad boys, they are great guys and great wrestlers. Kenny Omega was awesome , he was one of the guys id watched a lot before that match was announced so to get put against a guy who I rated so highly was truly and honour. As it stands with imports I genuinely have no issue with it. Guys in Britain are only gonna get better by working people better than them or people with more experience so I don’t really see the issue. It makes sense from a business point of view as well you’ve got ICW selling out shows left right and centre without imports so you can imagine the interest garnered when there is one, plus you have PCW down south who are selling out shows with the imports they bring over too so it’s just the way things are, promoters want to make more money and imports can play a big part in that so I personally have no issue with it at all.

7. What are your thoughts on the current state of Scottish Wrestling and also the rise of Insane Championship Wrestling a promotion you wrestle for regularly??

Scottish wrestling is defiantly hot right now you have great shows almost every week with ICW, SWA, PBW, PWE and W3L putting on great shows week in week out. ICW is a whole different kettle of fish though it’s a promotion that started in a bingo hall in Maryhill! And now it’s known all over the world and even has a legitimate World Heavyweight Title!! It’s been amazing to have been such a big part of it and I cannot wait to see how far me and the boys and take it.

8. Have you got any future ambitions/goals you wish to achieve??

As far as ambitions go I’d like to tour America and Canada for a few months at some point. Maybe even tour Europe for a while but just now I’m happy doing what I’m doing and just having fun with it.

9. Where can the readers/promoters find on social media/book Dickie Divers??

yeah, For bookings you can email or alternatively you can just search for Dickie Divers on Facebook or Twitter.

10.  Have you got any future dates or other projects you wish to plug??

Have you got any future dates or other projects you wish to plug?? I will be wrestling for ICW on Sunday 22nd feb in edinburgh and doing a double header for W3l on the 27th and 28th of feb in Stirling then Carnaigie. For Dates past this just visit my Twitter or Facebook.

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