Interview – Jack Gallagher


1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers and give them a quick summary of yourself??

I’m a five foot eight, redhead, Pisces, who’s been wrestling for approximately eight years at the time of writing. I’ve be fortunate to travel the world with my profession, and I’m currently situated in Manchester.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling and who were you trained by??
I wish there was some dramatic or poetic story I could tell about how I got involved in wrestling (like pulling a mythical sword from a stone or something) but I’m afraid it’s as simple as I wanted to train and Googled the nearest wrestling school.
I was initially trained by “Dangerous” Damon Leigh and Dom Travis at the FutureShock Wrestling School. After a few years I also incorporated freestyle and catch wrestling into my training. In this I was trained by Roy Wood in the Aspull Olympic Wrestling Club — also known as the new Wigan Snake Pit. I have heard other people here and there try to take some credit for training me, and if you run into one of these people, please call them a liar for me. Ta.
3. You have faced Xander Cooper a few times for his Futureshock title in a losing effort is this still firmly in your sights in 2015??
Right now I’m lobbying for a rematch with Zack Gibson in FutureShock. Our previous match was nominated as one of the best British matches of 2014, so I’m confident in saying people will be entertained when I finally do step onto the canvas with him again.
4. At NGW 50, you took part in the DB Smith Cup in a losing effort, what do you think of ideas such as this which remember the greats of our country in terms of wrestling and also being part of it??
It was nice to return to NGW after so long. They’ve come on leaps and bound from the first show — which I was on — and continue to improve in not only production quality, but their training school has begun to produce people with potential too.
I think it’s fair to say that I’m all for honouring the older generation of British wrestling. The majority of what I do is drawn from that old World of Sport style, as it’s come to be known, so I’m indebted to them in that respect alone. I would like to see more awareness brought to that period though. Everyone can tell you about Davey Boy and Dynamite, but when’s the last time you heard anyone talk about Jack Pie?
5. Recently you faced Mark Haskins at Ironfist Wrestling, what are your thoughts on stepping in the ring with Mark??
Honestly, I don’t think I had my best foot forward in that match. Just wasn’t my best performance. But it was nice to wrestle Mark. He doesn’t wrestle the typical style that I’m used to. It’s a nice change and challenge.
6. You have wrestled quite a few times recently for ICW recently, what are your thoughts on the rise of ICW (Insane Fight Club etc.)??
ICW is fun. Just so fun. And I’m someone who sort of shouldn’t fit in there. I’m just a wrestler who walks out to a Beatles track, and this is a company whose main audience is baying for blood and weaponry. I feel like it’s Malenko in ECW again.
The rise of ICW — and British wrestling in general — is nothing but good for everyone. The more eyes we can get on the product the better. It’s not for everyone, but they’re proving the have a strong audience that are for it.
7. You made your debut in Japan in 2013, what do you think of the current standard overall of Japanese Wrestling and is there any plans for you to return??
I have no plans to return to Japan: I’m not against going, I’m not saying I never will again, but I’m very happy to be where I am and do what I’m doing currently.
I think that New Japan is going through a boom period right now and that’s helping to elevate some of the other companies surrounding it. The wrestling has always been there, but now there’s top tier performers too.
8. What are your future plans/ambitions in Wrestling??
I plan to train, wrestle, rest, repeat. I’m just trying to improve by at least 1% a day, and maybe earn a little more money too, that’d be nice.
9.  For the personal question, do you have any other jobs outside of Wrestling and what type of music do you like and does this reflect in your entrance music??
The only other job I’ve ever had is, I was a glass collector for a few months in college. Aside from that, I’ve only ever earned money through pro wrestling. My life is ridiculous.
My entrance music is typically classical music or a Brit-pop track. Yes I love Oasis — I’m from Manchester, I’m not sure I’m allowed not to — but I’m not obsessed with Beethoven to any extent. I’m actually a fan of punk and hardcore music, but you’d never get that by looking or having a quick conversation with me. (Everyone should give The Gallows, when Frank Carter was still the singer, a listen.)
10. Where can the readers find Jack Gallagher and have you got any future dates or booking info??
I’m on Twitter, because everyone else is: @GrappleDays. If you wanna know where I’m wrestling, or booking info, or maybe you want me to recommend you a poem, it’s all there.

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