DVD Review – The Road Is Jericho : Epic Stories and Rare Matches


This is my latest installment of WWE DVD Reviews and this time we delve into The Road Is Jericho before it’s release on the 16th March 2015. This 3 Disc Set entails a documentary where you Jump into the back of a limousine with WWE Superstar and entertainment jack-of-all-trades Chris Jericho, as he travels across the country and also it gives you a unique glimpse at what life on the road is all about. This set includes Jericho actually breaking down matches from ECW, WCW and WWE in the actual documentary meaning it does not come separate which in my opinion is a good move on the part of WWE Home Video. Even though to be honest, Jericho has only just had a compilation set out recently I think he warrants this 3 disc set, other people may say otherwise but I think he does. I was really looking forward to sitting down to watch this as I have always been a Jericho fan so it will automatically get an alright review even if I don’t enjoy the documentary. He starts the DVD talking about ECW and winning the Television title against PitBull 2 and going to Japan as a result. The match then follows which had to be on the set as it was his first title win in North America. The two embraced at the end after a great match which saw Jericho win the title. We then get two matches against Ultimo Dragon first of all which Jericho talked about and how he was in Dragon’s promotion and that even though this match was good no-one really cared at the time due to the NWO. Watching the match back it is what I enjoy in Wrestling as it has a lot of high risk offence and as a result it is a good match. You might pick out another match between those two but this was the last match according to Jericho so you can see why it is on the set. Second of all we get his match at Uncensored with Dean Malenko, Jericho talks about how he wrote Malenko off TV and how when he became a heel his chains came off that were on previous. The match followed this build up from Jericho and Jericho does point out that it is one of the first between the two and like Ultimo he has had better matches with Malenko and I think one of then reasons overall that both matches have been included is that they want to use the extensive WCW library, I may be wrong but if WWE picked the matches for him to talk about it will be for that reason. From here it is mainly WWF/WWE matches and it starts with Jericho talking about how he struggled when coming into WWE especially with the style transition. He then talked about how Vince picked X-Pac to work with Jericho when he first came into the WWE and how he was helped out by X-Pac. He talked about how he innovated the cables on top of the cage which are still used today and were initially used to give X-Pac the Walls of Jericho on top of the cage. This is a nice segway to their great match at No Mercy 2000 and this is the first WWF match on the set and is a good one to start the WWF matches off. Jericho talks about Kane following this and having to change his style to work with him, he talks about how the angle started about the cup of coffee which of course had to culminate in their match at Armageddon 2000 with their Last Man Standing. Following this we get a match vs Steve Austin from RAW in 2001 that he actually admit’s he cannot remember at all despite the fact that Mick Foley was a special ringside enforcer which he says was bad due to Mick Foley being there and he said he doesn’t remember it because of having so many big matches at the time. He says he cannot wait to watch it back with everyone else to finally see the match after forgetting it. A match with Booker T followed on Raw on July 16, 2001 for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship which was a great match and before that he explored their relationship behind the curtain and how Booker didn’t want to work with him because he was a Cruiserweight initially.

Disc 2 starts with Jericho talking about how tiring the UK tour was and how the locker room was like a refugee camp and how they did the PPV then just went home. Jericho talked about how Undertaker’s ear got half ripped off but couldn’t get it stitched up due to the fact they had to fly back to America. The match with Kurt Angle followed which is a great match and even though they had a hectic travel schedule they still had a great match. I wasn’t there but anyone watching this would have fond memories if they were there. I have previously watched this match having previously watched Rebellion 2001 but it was some years ago so it was good to go back in time and rewatch a great match between two of the best in Wrestling. Jericho then puts The Rock over and talks about how great their chemistry was and he then talks about how they did all three dastardly finishes (exposing turnbuckle, low blow and holding onto the ropes) in one match. The match followed which was great and a classic from back in 2002. Following this he plugged his podcast before talking about how him and Triple H clashed but they had great matches with each other. He goes onto talk about their match on Smackdown where the winner would face Hulk Hogan for the Undisputed title and how it was the only one that he ever won against Triple H and he talked about how good his matches with Hogan was. He goes onto say that he was the George Harrison of the Attitude Era and how the Rock and Steve Austin at the time were Paul McCartney and John Lennon. After the great match he goes onto to put over Jeff Hardy and how he has the X-Factor, he talked about how great it was to work with Jeff overall and finally how under rated he is like Malenko and X-Pac, their match from 2003 on RAW that I have watched dozens of times before followed this. Next of all, Jericho talks about Edge and how injury prone he is  and how it hindered their storylines that were meant to happen such as at WrestleMania 19. Their match between the two from RAW in 2005 followed this which wasn’t their best by any stretch but it was a good ending to Jericho talking about him previous to the match but even though it wasn’t their best it wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination.  A Last Man Standing match between him and Shawn Michaels followed this from RAW in 2008 and he talks about how he forgot about the match and how they used the car and telephone box to their advantage in the match, how he had never seen it and finally how it was his final match ever with Shawn Michaels before his eventual retirement. This match was great and was a great end to Disc 2.

Disc 3 is the final and it starts off with Jericho talking about Dark Matches and his Dark Match Street Fight with John Cena back in 2008 on RAW and also he talked about how he always had a blast working with Cena. He then talks about Rey Mysterio and about how he never locked up with him in a match in WWE and how they finally locked up when it was mask vs mask. Jericho puts him over and how he is the best high flyer bar none. The match followed this where Mysterio won and retained the right to wear the mask. Jericho talks about MSG and how even though the match wasn’t classic by any means but it was because of the people involved and this was the truth when I watched the match that followed Jericho telling the story. Jericho followed this up by talking about how the locker room was trying the jacket on, he talks about how half the lights on the jacket wasn’t working and trying to hide it as a result from Vince who complained the previous night about how the first jacket wasn’t working. Jericho then talks about the Chicago crowd and how good they are. Jericho and CM Punk’s match at Extreme Rules back in 2012 followed and in my opinion this was one of my favorite feuds in 2012 with my favorite moment being when Jericho said that CM Punk was drinking in a pub in England and their whole interaction throughout the feud cracked me up no end. Jericho goes from CM to RVD and how it was RVD’s first match back and how they went from a 2 segment match to a 3 segment match, Jericho said he enjoyed the fact that he was basically trusted by the people in the back to have a 3 segment match. This was a good match as it was a moment that I marked out for when RVD returned so it was good due that and also because it was a good match overall. Jericho vs Bray Wyatt feud followed which was highlighted by a great match on RAW in the steel cage. Jericho basically says that he doesn’t like coming back for the sake of it and that the Bray Wyatt feud was a highlight of his career. The DVD wraps up with a good encounter at Night of Champions 2014 vs. Randy Orton

My opinion – Rating 8/10 —

This is a great DVD which isn’t just a match compilation set and the comments made in between matches make this an insightful DVD and a great companion to the Breaking the Code set previously released. If you want to hear about some of Jericho’s best opponents and stories from the road this is the set for you if you just want matches I would go for his previous set. Only problem I can flag up with this is that it relies too much on TV matches and you would think the library they have they could come up with some PPV matches but apart from that it is worth every penny if your a Jericho fan.

This DVD/BluRay is released on 16th March in the UK and tomorrow in the States and you can get your UK copy from http://www.wwedvd.co.uk/road-jericho-epic-stories-rare-matches-p-11892.html?osCsid=1e933abeca17ec417209feca6cdd2f60

Finally I would like to thank WWE Home Video and Fetch Publicity for their continued support of myself and my reviews! So please go and Support WWE Home Video : https://www.facebook.com/WWEHomeVideoUK?fref=ts and @WWEHomeVideoUK and I will be back with the TLC 2014 review over the next few days so watch out for that for sure.


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