Interview – Katey Harvey


1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers and give them also a quick summary of yourself??

My name is Katey and I’m a professional wrestler from Ireland.I’ve been wrestling 4 years, previously to that I was heavily involved in Martial arts and Karate. When I’m not wrestling I work as a personal trainer and Les Mills instructor.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling training and was this due to a love of wrestling growing up??

Where I lived, everybody was obsessed with wrestling, WCW in particular because nobody had sky sports. I could only watch wwe when my nanny was kind enough to stay up until 1am to record ppvs for me! NWA Hammerlock was a local promotion running shows in my town (with Fergal Devitt and Becky Lynch wrestling on them) I I went to pretty much every show they ran with my brother, who was also a massive fan at the time. I always wanted to give it a try but it wasn’t until myself and a college mate were making a documentary about Irish Wrestling about 4 years ago that we both decided to give it a go. We train with Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, which is what NWA Ireland has evolved to.

3. Speaking of training, is there anyone in the future you would like to take part in a seminar with either ex- WWE, TNA, Indy or UK Wrestlers??

I take part in as many seminars as I can. My favourites have been Zack Sabre Jnr, Jonathan Gresham and Fergal Devitt. I’m fortunate that FFPW has such good coaches too. Phil Boyd the head coach has spent time wrestling in Japan, America and all over Europe and has forgotten more stuff than I will ever probably know. I prefer seminars by ‘indy guys’ as I feel sometimes the WWE/TNA guys are just there for a paycheck. I would love to Train in Johnny Moss’ new school, or in the Progress school as I’ve heard great things.

4. You became the PWU Women’s champion defeating Pollyanna, Viper and Lauren La Roux at SuperShow 4, how did it feel to win this title and do you think any of the 3 above will be challenging you in the future if so have you got any words for any of them??

Ireland has a fairly small pool of female wrestlers so myself and Lauren will definitely cross paths! Pollyanna and Viper are two of the most talented ladies in the UK so I hope I cross them again too. The title match was without a doubt my favourite match ever, theres no better feeling than hard work paying off. I’ve been wrestling and hitting the gym as hard as I can for 4 years now so it was an amazing moment.

5. You went over to Belgium I believe facing Leah Von Dutch, what are your thoughts on going abroad and do you want more trips like this in the future if so where would you want to go??

I love going abroad, and luckily I get to do it quite a bit. I’ve wrestled in Belgium, Holland, France, England and Northern Ireland so far. I’m due to visit all these places again over the summer, as well as a few new ones. One of the perks is getting to wrestle someone like Leah Von Dutch who is just great at what she does. I love a challenge. I also like to try train with other people or in other schools while I’m away.

6. You wrestled for Main Event Wrestling over in the UK, do you want to get over here more in 2015 after that and your appearance in NBWA last year??

I love getting the the UK, I’ve made about 12 wrestling trips there so far with another 4 lined up this year. The standard in some of the promotions is unbelievable. I was really happy to get to wrestle for NWA Hammerlock on one of their last shows too as so many of the Irish workers I look up to were trained there. I’m super busy with clients and classes in work at the moment too so I’m juggling this with wrestling at the moment too.

7. Do you have any other future ambitions in Wrestling??

Just to keep working and getting better. I want to visit as many countries as I can, and I want to have a WWE tryout, like probably every other indy pro wrestling. My short term goal is to keep defending the PWU title.

8. What are your thoughts on the current state of Women’s Wrestling and the rise of all Female promotions??

This is a seriously exciting time for womens wrestling. The title match for the PWU womens title was considered by many people to be match of the night, because we had been given time and opportunity to put a lot of work into the build and the match itself. I too risks I’ve never taken before. That wouldn’t have happened when I started even 4 years ago. Its the first womens title in Irish history, because the fans of that particular promotion wanted a champion.All female shows are fantastic because now there is so many opportunities as its not 20 girls fighting it out for one match on a male dominated card. I have openly been told by promoters to ‘keep matches short’, who tried to make me wear revealing gear, who told me they don’t like womens wrestling but the show needs a ‘pissbreak’. I don’t have to work for people like that anymore because theres so many more shows now, women can pick and choose their roles in wrestling now. I love it. Attitudes are changing.

9. Where can the readers find Katey Harvey??

My facebook is Instagram is /miskatey Twitter is /MissKateyxx

10. Have you got any future dates you wish to plug??

You can check out any title defenses of the Pro Wrestling Ulster womens title on their facebook page. I’ll be making my debut at Empress Pro Wrestling in the UK in July also.

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