Interview – Davey Vega


1. First of all, please introduce yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival??

My name is Davey Vega. I’ve been a Pro Wrestler for 9 years and I really enjoy it! I try to let my emotions show through my work and I believe I have achieved that in recent years (live and learn!).

2. Did you watch Wrestling growing up and if so who did you enjoy watching??

I watched a lot of wrestling growing up. I sporadically watched it starting around when I was 6 or so but got heavily involved in WWF during 1994 and have been hooked since. Growing up during the Big 3 was awesome and gave wrestling fans so much access to wrestling that I was consumed by it. My main was WWF and I loved watching Stone Cold and Bret Hart with Hart being my favorite (their feud was awesome!). WCW was cool b/c the cruisers but I only flipped to them during commercials but Jericho/Guerrero/Malenko/Benoit was favorites of mine. I got started late on ECW (1999) but I back logged and watched as much as I could and still do. Taz was a favorite of mine as well as RVD. Then came the Indies and it was murder she wrote

3. How did you get involved in Wrestling training??

I knew from about the age of 12 that I wanted to be a wrestler but there were some other things in my life that would keep me from doing that at the age I wanted. I really wanted to start training at Chikara when I first started and had no intentions of changing that (I was really stubborn). I had a friend that started training and taught us some things while we all were backyarding. Another buddy of mine decided to train at the local indy GCW and kept telling me I should check it out but I still had it in my head that Chikara was my end all be all. Eventually, I ended up conceding and training at GCW and never looked back. Started training in Jan of 06 (20 years old) and had my first match in Dec 06 (21 years old).

4. You were trained by Dingo and Mike Quackenbush, what are your thoughts on this and if you could be trained by anyone else or have a seminar with anyone who would it be??

All of my main training was done with Dingo, with two Chikara stints happened with Quack for more knowledge. Dingo is a fantastic trainer and was the benchmark for a lot of St Louis guys and still is for the most part. He taught me everything I needed to know about wrestling, how to carry myself and how to do business (which is lost on a lot of people) so the knowledge he gave me is so invaluable and I am so indebted to him. I did two stints with Quack and it was a culture shock! I loved Chikara since I started watching them in 2004 and wanted to learn everything I could from Quack, he did not disappoint. Between himself, Claudio, Hero (2 sessions) and Skayde (1 session) it was well worth the travel and class cost. I learned so much and feel I am a better wrestler and person b/c of it. If I could go back and be trained by someone else, I don’t think I’d do it any differently but I would add some more seminars or “stints” with other people (Hero, Jerry Lynn, ROH school, etc).

5. You are the AIW Intense champion defeating Louis Lyndon, how did it feel to win the title and what are your thoughts on AIW as a whole??

At the time of me winning the title I had a streak of multi man matches leading up to it, so I was the uncrowned king of multimans! In fact, I wasn’t supposed to be in the match originally and had just garnered enough fan/staff support that they rolled with me facing Louis. I always made it a goal of mine to win a title at any place I wrestle but AIW has always been important to me and adding gold was a main goal for me. I was close to adding tag gold but my partner Mat Fitchett was injured during our ascent so singles competition did me well! AIW as a whole is a place everyone should strive to be. They book a ton of up and coming talent as well as established names, have a good show flow and are really committed to bringing a top notch product. Definitely a top place to be at!

6. In AAW as well you have recently had a title shot for the Heritage Title, will you be going after the title again after this and do you have any words for Christian Faith??

I did have a title shot at AAW for the Heritage Title and came close but was eliminated. I had a shot against Heidi Lovelace a few months ago and lost as well. 3rd times a charm? I will eventually have another shot and will be more prepared for winning that title. It is one of my goals to win the Heritage title and add my name to the list of greats in AAW so look for that when I compete for it again.

7. You have also wrestled for ROH back in 2014 in a dark match at Flyin’ High, do you think you will be returning to ROH this year and what was the atmosphere like backstage and also when you were in the ring??

I would love to return to ROH at some point, it’s a place I definitely want to work and be at so I can test myself against some of the bests around in wrestling. The atmosphere backstage was super professional but laid back and everyone was so willing to help and give advice. It was a good moment for me and would love to return.

8. Do you want to come over to the UK in 2015 and if so are there any promotions or wrestlers you want to wrestle??

Going to the UK and Japan are long term goals of mine so a very emphatic yes to that! I would love to be apart of WXW, All Star Wrestling, ATTACK, Fight Club Pro, and IPW-UK at some point to name a few. They all have some really awesome stuff and being able to go there and work for them would be an honor. I’m open to wrestling anyone but Mark Andrews and a rematch with Pete Dunne would be some people I’d like to wrestle.

9. What are your future ambitions and goals in 2015 and beyond??

My goals are pretty simple, always strive to be better and love what you do. I’m pretty good at conveying how I feel and it really comes out in the ring so giving 100% effort in the ring is always important to me b/c if you don’t love something then why do it? Future goals of mine are to travel abroad, make a bigger name for myself, keep having a good time and stay healthy!

10. Where can the readers find Davey Vega and have you got any future dates/projects/links you wish to plug??

Twitter: @DaveyVega85 Facebook: Email (fans or bookings):

I will be at PWCS in Granite City Illinois this weekend on March 14th, AIW in Cleveland, OH March 20th and AAW in the Chiacgo land area March 21st. Keep up with me for more dates as I fill them in!

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