DVD Review – TIDAL WipeOut 2015


Welcome to the latest installment of TIDAL Wrestling and their show WIPEOUT 2015! It’s been a while since I have reviewed anything from TIDAL so it is good to finally be back reviewing their DVD’s!

Match 1 – Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey

This was a great opener on paper and could main event any promotion around the UK! Of course Rampage has been around since the beginning in TIDAL and was the second champion until he lost it to Liam Lazarus at the end of last year and Joe Coffey is quite new to TIDAL but of course is a mainstay up in Scotland and The Proven vs The Coffeys in TIDAL was one of my favourite matches in TIDAL last year so in theory this was going to be great. The match started with neither man getting the upperhand and instead of having a hard hitting match that they are capable of they had a proper wrestling match in the opening exchanges. Rampage took control with a dropkick and the signs of respect were happening but the fun and games were over. It went to the outside of the ring like expected with neither man holding anything back with chop after chop. It went back inside he ring and Joe worked on the arm mocking him by pushing the foot into the arm of Rampage. Rampage wasn’t happy and started with headbutts aplenty. Joe ended up winning a test of strength but Rampage would not kick out. Joe worked on wearing him down on the ground with a crossface chickenwing. Joe ended up kneeing him in the lungs but he ended up being thrown outside the ring. Joe stalked him around the ring and wrapped the leg around the steel ring post. Joe had a tactic and that was to wear his lower half down so he wouldn’t get up and execute the piledriver. This was working and Rampage was so close to be put away but he got back into the match and hit a crossface but he got to the ropes. The two men battled in the middle of the ring with more asking for more uppercuts and then Joe pulled away and hit two body splashes before Rampage scouted the third one and then Joe hit him with a right before a flying crossbody which nearly put Rampage away. He hit him with some shots the back and was fired up. Joe got the weightlifting belt on and hit the deadlift german suplex but this didn’t get him the three. Joe tried for a forearm but Rampage smashed him with a clothesline after failing a Samoan Drop but he could only get 2 and a half. Joe hit him with some forearm smashes a clothesline and a spinning tornado punch to the face. He ducked the second attempt and hit him with a Big Boot and a piledriver to get the 3 count and end an awesome match.

Match 2 – Sean Only vs Danny O’Docherty

Sean Only has really impressed me since he has debuted in TIDAL and it is good to see him making a name for himself. He previously had a feud with ‘The Armbar Superstar’ Dan James which ended with Sean Only winning their best of 3 series. Danny O’Docherty who has only been in TIDAL once before is his next feud and it will be good to see more of Danny vs Sean 1 to see if they gel in the ring together. Danny got Sean from behind and started the match by beating the living hell out of Sean. Sean took him down though and smashed the elbow into the face. Danny went to the outside and started running his mouth and when he got back into he continued the elbows to the face. Sean set him up in the turnbuckle but flew out the ring which allowed Danny to take advantage and wear him down outside of the ring. O’Docherty threw Sean back into the ring and took the beating to him inside the ring. Danny executed a gut wrench suplex and then hit him with some hard forearms across the chest before trying to make Sean submit with a move donned by Aaron BeatUp the gypsy clutch. Sean threw him back into the turnbuckle and started his trademark MMA style kicks. Danny was close to losing the match but got to the ropes, Sean started on a roll and executed a great neckbreaker. Sean hit The Last Caresse but could only get a 2, Danny hit a DDT  and then had the brass knuckles in hand but Sean ducked it and got the guillotine submission locked in and made Danny tap out.

Match 3 – No Countout – Violet O’Hara vs Nixon Newell

The next match was between Nixon Newell and Violet O’Hara. If your a regular reader of BWR you will know how much I am behind Women’s Wrestling and especially in this country with talents such as Nixon, Violet, Chardonnay, Nikki Storm, Lana Austin and Kay Lee Ray just to name a few. This was sure to be a great match and the fact it is a no countout makes it even better. Nixon started the assault and took control. Violet left the ring and basically ran away from Nixon which I thought was clever as Violet could catch Nixon off guard but she didn’t do this but still Violet started the assault now she was back in the ring including a neckbreaker. Nixon kicked the crap out of her and the assault by Violet didn’t last long. Nixon continued the kicks but a dropkick by Violet stopped this. Violet choked her on the bottom rope and then she slid out the ring off Nixon’s irish whip. Nixon went for the suicide dive but was caught by Violet. Violet hit a DDT on the concrete floor but Nixon hit some forearms before hitting a dropkick by jumping on an audiences members back. Violet smashed her face off the ring apron before making another audience member grab hold of Nixon before Violet chopped her. Violet continued by smashing Nixon off a wall and then hit a camel clutch but with it being No Countout it didn’t count. Both women hit each other with forearms and chops. Nixon hit some more forearms before being smashed to the apron followed by another dropkick and a 2 count. Nixon nearly tapped out after Violet executed an armbar but a superkick was executed by Nixon followed by a german suplex which only got her a 2. Nixon went for a moonsault but landed on her stomach before being kicked in the face by Violet which got her a 3 count. Violet hugged Nixon at the end before respecting her through clapping.

Match 4 – Dave Mastiff & T-Bone vs Big Damo & Wolfgang

This match was going to be epic as it had 4 of the best heavyweights in the UK, Seeing Mastiff and T-Bone live before I know they can shake the ring in 1 on 1s but in a tag team match adding Damo and Wolfgang in the mix makes it even bigger. Damo and Wolfgang went straight after Dave Mastiff and so they could take him out early. Damo went to the ropes before being tagged in and then took the punishment to Dave before Wolfgang was tagged in and he took the punishment to him like Damo did previously. Damo tagged himself in but quickly Wolfgang was tagged back in again. Quick tags were happening but Mastiff dropkicked Damo before T-Bone ended up clotheslining Wolfgang numerous times before a fallaway slam. T-Bone picked Damo up one handed before giving him a fallaway slam. T-Bone was thrown into the turnbuckle and got the knee to the back. The referees back was turned which allowed Damo to take advantage while he was on the outside. The ring ended up breaking but this allowed them to take advantage even more and choke T-Bone on the ropes. More ropes were getting broken as they ignored the fact the ring was broken. T-Bone got back into the match but this was only for a matter of seconds as Wolfgang continued the assault. T-Bone climbed up to the top rope before hitting the flying dropkick. He was trying to get to Dave Mastiff which he did and Mastiff took it to Wolfgang. Mastiff could of pinned Wolfgang but wanted to continue the assault which he did with a deadlift german suplex. Damo jumped into the ring which made everyone came into the ring and beat the hell out of each other. A Double Disqualification occured which got the chant let them fight, Security were brought out but they got beaten up including the likes of Sebb Strife. Mastiff and T-Bone were the last two in the ring, Mastiff got the mic and basically said he agreed with the crowd about their frustrations about a No Contest and that he didn’t come there for that. He challenged them to a match on June 28th which will be No Holds Barred. Wolfgang and Damo taunted them on the ramp to end it.

Match 5 – Handicap – Ward 13 vs The Silver Age

This match was a weird one as I have never heard of The Silver Age and with Ward 13 being under masks I don’t know that much about them either apart from the fact they have been steamrolling through TIDAL. The Silver Age were like jobbers to be honest and that’s what they were there and that was for Ward 13 to make a statement. Ward 13 absolutely battered the living hell out of The Silver Age which made it an easy match to watch. The second member of The Silver Age was tagged in but he was the next victim of the beat up. He was set up into a high impact firemans carry into a neckbreaker. The Silver Age hung on for dear life as they wouldn’t lose easily but The match finally ended with Ward 13 of course winning. River gave one of The Silver Age a DDT to end it all.

Match 6 – Grado vs Mark Coffey

Grado of course I would say is the most over guy in British Wrestling right now and after his success on BootCamp he has been over for a tour of America and also Canada recently. Mark Coffey like Grado and his brother Joe is a mainstay up in Scotland and this is his 2nd appearance for the promotion. Grado complained about it being 6 sided as apparently he has a stitch. Grado went for a handshake and Mark gave him a middle finger. Grado did 2 forward rolls to evade Mark Coffey but Mark got him in a cravate lock and then slapped him on the back of the head to add insult to injury. Mark tried lifting him but Grado clowned around and didn’t let him execute anything. Grado ran around the ring confused before giving him a thumb to the eye but Mark wasn’t going to lose easily and he took control after this. Mark went to the outside but Grado gave the crowd the chance to chop Mark. Grado went to the top rope before going to the bottom rope but Mark was standing up meaning that he could easily dropkick him. He clubbed him across the back and then he threw him into the turnbuckle. Mark executed a suplex but Grado was resilient meaning he only got a 2. Mark squeezed the life out of Grado and Grado tried to get back into the match but Mark was back to beating him up. Mark hit him with a scoop slam and a hard knee to the side of the face, Grado got a boot to the face though after reversing an incoming Mark Coffey when Grado was on the turnbuckle. A punch to the midsection occured by Mark to Grado before Grado nailed an RKO but Mark kicked out. The shoulder straps came down for the wee boot but Mark reversed him and hit an elbow to the face followed by a clothesline to get the victory.

Match 7 – Kay Lee Ray vs El Ligero vs Mike Bird

This match is simply going to be awesome on paper. Ligero is of course in a lot of peoples opinion the best in the UK right now, Kay Lee Ray is often called the best in the women’s scene right now both here and abroad including by myself for two years running in the BWR awards and then Mike Bird who is really starting to make some waves for himself and is currently engaging in a feud with Ligero ironically in PWC down in Bristol. KLR was face in this but of course I think she will now turn heel in most promotions after turning on Ligero in Southside recently but we will see whether it is just in Southside and ICW:FF or in TIDAL and other promotions as well. Ligero got the bible out for the Ginger Jesus and Mike ended up signing it for Ligero before going after him but failing in the process. KLR went after Ligero but it didn’t last long and even though Kay Lee did have the crowd behind her, Ligero got back into the match almost straight away. Mike Bird came into the match with a bible assisted axehandle. KLR was asking Mike to bring it and he came into the ring only to be chopped and thrown onto turnbuckles via assistance from the bible. Mike got back into the match when he executed a low Samoan Drop to KLR. Mike set up for a piledriver but Ligero superkicked Mike only for KLR to hit an enziguri on him. Mike hit a clothesline on KLR following this which left Ligero and Bird in the ring. Ligero kept on the ropes which means he couldn’t irish whip him, Bird got him up on his shoulders and threw him down onto his knees only for Ligero to dodge the knees and stomp on the chest of Bird. Bird caught Ligero mid air and both men exchanged forearms. KLR came back into the ring by hitting both men with the dropkick. She took both men out again with a great Suicide Dive. Ligero got back in only to get a top rope hurricainerana from Kay Lee, Bird came back in only to go face first into the turnbuckle before hitting KLR with a crucifix bomb. Mike thought he had it wrapped up until a superkick by Ligero ended the count. Mike got claps to the head after Ligero jumped over him, he followed this up with a footstomp to the back of Bird. Ligero went for the C4L only for both men to be taken out by KLR who then hit Mike Bird with a Gory Buster to get the 3 count.

Main Event – Liam Lazarus vs ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster

The main event was for the TIDAL Wrestling Championship between the new champion Liam Lazarus who in this match was having his second defense after defeating Joey Hayes in Darlington and Flash Morgan Webster who was making his second appearance after being beaten by Mike Bird at Silent Nightmare. Flash Morgan went straight after Liam Lazarus using his fast paced style to gain the advantage in the opening exchanges. Liam slid out the ring and asked Flash to bring it, Flash went out the ring only for Liam to slide back in and kick him in the face through the ropes. Liam clicked for the lift only for Morgan to put a stop to it, Liam threw Flash back into the ring and executed a nice slam. Liam started the brew chant and got a nice elbow in the corner. The assault continued with Liam wearing him down on the floor which was clever as it means he couldn’t use his high flying offence. Morgan showed some fight with an enziguri before going after him with some vicious headbutts. They went to the outside of the ring but when they returned Morgan hit a perfect standing moonsault. Liam fought back with a great dropkick which floored both men. When they got up they had a proper brawl with elbows a plenty, Liam caught him with a crossbody from the top rope. Liam went outside the ring only to get a dive from Morgan. Liam got a headbutt followed by a moonsault pinning combination which astounded me watching it on DVD. Morgan went to the top rope only to be brought back down by Liam but even though he was brought down he then turned Liam inside out. Morgan went up to the top turnbuckle again only for Liam to superplex him but he only got a two. Liam drank some tea to get fired up but Morgan scouted his Vengabuster, Morgan went up again and hit Liam with a headbutt but Liam scouted the 450 and then hit the Vengabuster finally to get the win and to retain the title!!! Morgan shoved Liam but the two men shook hands!

Rating 8/10 – Another solid event from TIDAL. Liam retaining was great as I have became a massive Lazarus fan because of TIDAL and I think Lazarus vs Flash Morgan II as well as Rampage vs Joe Coffey II would be awesome! I am looking forward to seeing how WARD 13 Develop over time. Always great to see Kay Lee Ray, El Ligero, Mike Bird, Nixon Newell, Violet O’Hara and Sean Only who all put in great performances! The Second Heavyweight Tag War will be awesome as well!

I don’t know when I will be back reviewing the next TIDAL DVD but If you can support TIDAL please visit their Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/tidalchampionshipwrestling and Twitter @TIDALWRESTLING! If you want to buy DVD’s, T-Shirt’s or badges go to tcwrestling.bigcartel.com for more information!

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