DVD Review – WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2014


Welcome to the latest WWE DVD review. This was the final Pay Per View of 2014 which is set to be released next Monday from WWE Home Video UK. Not being that impressed on the past few PPV’s this was their last chance on the 2014 front before Royal Rumble. I didn’t watch this live on the night so this was the first time I was watching this, here are my thoughts :

Dolph Ziggler versus Luke Harper in a Ladder Match was a great match with both men playing their part to make the opening match seem more like a main event. This ended with Ziggler finally getting his hands on the title. Overall a great match that lasted 16 minutes which for the 1st match was a long time which was good as it gets me as the viewer and also the crowd there at the time hyped up for the night of action ahead instead of just having the likes of Adam Rose like they usually put in.

Next of all, we get another tag team title match featuring The Usos and The Miz and Damian Mizdow. I find the Mizdow character hilarious but them constantly repeating these matches on PPV without any new blood really makes it seem more stale. Overall this was a fine match as all 4 men have tons of talent which carries it through instead of having a team such as Adam Rose and The Bunny which would have annoyed me no end and would have taken the rating right down. The Usos had the titles until February which was the right time for them to drop it as watching Royal Rumble soon it is good to see another tag match with Ascension and NAO instead of The Usos.

The next match was between Big Show and Erick Rowan which was in a stairs match which I didn’t get as why have a Stairs match when you could have a tables match or even a TLC. As a result this match could have been better if it was that, it was a fine match but would have been a lot better if it was at least Tables instead of Chairs. I think the reason why it was on the card was because they wanted to get every single discipline of the TLC in the card and especially considering on the DVD there is reference to TLC and also Stairs which will reference to the match even though it is not called TLC+C. 11 minutes was enough for me as if it was more it would have not been an alright match but it was that just alright as it didn’t mean anything whats so ever and if this was to be done again I would give it a bad rating.

I really enjoyed the next match between Seth Rollins and John Cena as overall I enjoy the whole storyline with The Authority/J&J Security and having them at ringside adds to this match overall with the best moment coming when they were made to paid to pay for the interference and sent packing through a table by Cena. Reigns coming to the ring to help Cena out was great as it basically assured Cena the match and so Cena’s no 1 contendership didn’t go packing by Seth Rollins who had Big Show and J&J Security help him but this didn’t help as Cena got the win to hype him up for his title match with Brock Lesnar.

Nikki Bella against AJ Lee was a good match, Nikki Bella sprayed AJ Lee with the contents of an aerosol can while the referee was ejecting Brie Bella, before pinning The Black Widow to maintain her grip on the Divas Title. This was the last time we would see AJ until recently when she returned on RAW, rumors went around that AJ was leaving but of course that wasn’t the case. This was abit of a rematch in a way after she won the belt at the previous PPV. I may be hyping this match up more than I should be but my opinions may differ to other people reviewing this show. I am looking forward to seeing what creative have instore for Nikki Bella and also AJ now she has recently returned. Jack Swagger and Rusev followed which was as far as I’m aware the last time they faced, the whole Russian gimmick was toned down overall and this was for the US title. Rusev ended up retaining but this was too short for my liking and should of been longer but I think it suffered in terms of time due to the next match between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose. I would like to see this match again but longer and at that point it will get a huge vote of confidence from me and when that moment comes it will be on one of my reviews!

The main event between Bray Wyatt against Dean Ambrose. This match as usual between these two was great. This was the most exciting and memorable moments which to be honest with you will make me remember this match compared to the other matches on the card. I loved this feud overall and it was a master stroke which I have to credit WWE for that this was the main event on the show. Overall this ended the year on a high and gave this PPV credibility and added to the rating like I will discuss below.

Rating 8/10 – A solid effort for the first time in a while from WWE and I am glad to have watched this. A great end to 2014 for WWE and hopefully when I review Royal Rumble in the coming week it will start the year on a high. The main event made this and even though some of the matches weren’t the best this one certainly made up for it and made it go above a 5. I am looking forward to my next WWE review and you can find out when the next one will be by going to :

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