Interview – Nina Samuels


1. First of all, please introduce yourself to the readers and also give them a quick summary of yourself as a wrestler?

Hi everyone, my name is Nina Samuels and I’ve been wrestling for a about a year now. I train at the London School of Lucha Libre, so I love to fly and put elements of Lucha Libre into my style. I’ve wrestled around the country and recently had my 1st international match in Berlin. I also wrestled Rob Cage in the Courteeners music video for Next Time You Call.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling training and did this stem from a love of wrestling growing up and if so who in particular inspired you to become a wrestler?

I have 2 older brothers who love wrestling so I’ve watched it with them from a young age. My favourite wrestler when I was really young was Bret Hart and then when Lita arrived she quickly became my new favourite, I thought she was amazing. Wrestling never occurred to me as a career choice, I wanted to be a dancer and I did that professionally for 4 years. It’s a very difficult industry to be in, I had a few bad experiences along the way and one day while watching wrestling I made the impulsive decision that I was gonna try that. A friend introduced introduced me to 4fw Training Academy in Swindon, so I made the 6hr round trip for my 1st session and it just clicked, I fell in love with wrestling instantly and that initial impulsive moment of madness changed my life! Quickly after I found the London School of Lucha Libre, which also now has a global reputation of being one of the best pro wrestling schools in Europe, very close to my home in East London. And under the guidance and support of Greg Burridge and Garry Vanderhorne, I have continued to enjoy learning the art of pro wrestling.

3. You are part of the Total Action Wrestling roster facing the likes of Faith Lehaine and also Toni Storm, are you happy to be on the roster due to the good competition on the roster and also what are your thoughts on the promotion in general and finally Robbie E appearing on a show at the end of the month in Dunstable?

I love being on the roster at TAW and I’ve had some of my favourite matches there. Faith Lehaine and Nightshade were very challenging opponents and definitely didn’t go easy on me. Wrestling Toni Storm was completely different partly because we were both fan favourites, normally the TAW crowd are on my side but in these matches the crowd were split. We also do so many of the same moves and both have a dynamic and energetic style so it was a real test of athleticism. I’m excited for the show with Robbie E, hopefully it will be bring some new fans to TAW that otherwise might not have come along or know about the promotion. It’ll also be a great experience to appear on a show with someone as internationally successful as Robbie E, I’m sure there’ll be a lot that the other wrestlers on the show and I can learn from him.

4. Also recently you appeared for our friends down at British Empire Wrestling now that there is a title involved for the Women’s division do you think you should be in the match for the title and how would you feel overall to win it?

Absolutely I think I should be in that title match and I would love to be given the opportunity to do so. To actually win the title itself would be an honour because it would be my 1st title in my wrestling career so far. A lot of talented female wrestlers have appeared at British Empire Wrestling though so the competition is tough.

5. In Lucha Britannia you are La Diablesa Rosa, does this gimmick differ to the Nina Samuels persona and is it good to wrestle as a different persona of always wrestling as your main persona?

There are certainly a lot of similarities between my 2 personas but I’d say Nina Samuels is a more of a smiley girly girl, whereas La Diablesa Rosa is a bit more fiery. When you wear a mask all of your mannerisms are heightened because you can’t use your face to express yourself as much, it makes you become superhuman and almost a more animalistic version of yourself. Lucha Britannia attracts a very different crowd to the average British wrestling crowd, so the style of the whole show, as well as the characters, is unlike anything you will see elsewhere.

6. You have been on WWE TV recently as a Rosebud on the last tour, how did this opportunity come about and how was this experience overall for you considering it was in your first year of Wrestling (was it surreal etc.)?

The opportunity arose shortly after I started at London School of Lucha Libre. My trainers said they had been asked for some females to be Rosebuds and if I was interested I would need to get a couple of photos together so they could send them off. The week before Raw I got an email from WWE asking me to do it. The funny thing was I already had tickets to go to the show, so I gave it to my Mum and she watched her 1st ever wrestling show. Surreal is absolutely the word I would use to describe the experience. At the time I had been training less than 2 months and had never had a match, so to get an opportunity like that was beyond a blessing. It was great to meet wrestlers I really admired, and it definitely helped to have such an inspirational boost so early in my wrestling career.

7. Speaking of WWE, is it your ambition in the future to wrestle for them or TNA instead of just appearing as a rosebud?

100% yes. I grew up watching WWE so it would be an honour to be part of something that I’m such a fan of and to work with people that I have so much respect for. At the same time I think the TNA Knockouts are extremely talented as well so to wrestle with their roster would be unbelievable.

8. Speaking of ambitions, do you have any other ambitions in the future in Wrestling for 2015 and beyond?

My ambition is to be the best wrestler I can be and hopefully more and more people will see what I can do. I take each day as it comes, continually training hard and striving to improve. I’m fortunate that I’ve already had some wonderful opportunities and I’m gonna keep taking on every challenge that comes my way. I’d love to wrestle for some more British wrestling promotions because there are so many out there putting on great shows. To wrestle in the US is a huge ambition of mine though.

9. Where can the readers find Nina Samuels/La Diablesa Rosa on Social Media and also how can promoters book you?

For bookings please email me at Facebook Nina Samuels – Facebook La Diablesa Rosa – Twitter @SamanthaNinaA Instagram @sam_nina_allen

10. Have you got any dates or anything else you want to plug finally?

Yes Lucha Britannia is the 3rd Friday of each month at the Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green. Other dates include; Tidal Championship Wrestling on Sun 22nd March Total Action Wrestling on Sat 28th March Wrestleforce on Sun 29th March

And more to come so please find me on Social Media for updates on upcoming shows

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