Interview – Lucy Cole

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Photo Credit : Contraband Photography

1. Welcome to BWR, Lucy first of all could you please introduce yourself to the readers and give them a quick summary of yourself and your career so far??

Hi everyone, my name is Lucy Cole. I currently train at the PBW Academy in Barrhead, Scotland, and made my wrestling debut in February 2014. I have wrestled for several different companies including PBW, BCW, ICW and All Star, and am hoping to add to this list in the coming year.

2. What age did you start watching wrestling growing up and who inspired you to become a wrestler??

I was more or less oblivious to the world of wrestling until the age of 21! I had never watched it growing up, and didn’t really have any friends that were into it either. My ex was a bit of a fan, so I happened to sit down halfway through him watching a WWE DVD and was instantly fascinated. The more I watched wrestling in general, the more I began to wonder how people even went about following that career path. A quick Google search led me to PBW.

3. How did you then get involved with Wrestling training and being trained by Kid Fite would you say you would recommend the training he gives at PBW and is there anyone else you have had the chance to be trained by or have seminars with in your career so far??

As I say, it was literally through curiosity that I ended up at training. I had no idea what to expect from any aspect of it but knew it was something I had to try. It was an instant obsession and as each week passed I became more determined to learn and improve. The academy is a brilliant environment to train in. I feel really lucky to be able to learn from Kid Fite considering his achievements and the fact that he has wrestled all over the world. Fite and his assistant trainers are really good at motivating and encouraging students, no matter what level they are at. At PBW we are also really lucky to get guest seminars regularly. I have attended ones with the likes of Drew Galloway, Marty Scurll, Zack Sabre Jr. and Rampage Brown. In the past the Academy has also hosted seminars by Fergal Devitt and Paul London.

4. You have been called one of Scotland’s biggest rising stars, what do you make of your rise on the Scottish Wrestling scene and who in Scotland do you want to step in the ring that you haven’t already had the chance to face??

Have I?! Haha. Honestly it was completely unexpected and overwhelming. I have been really lucky with the opportunities I’ve had and the companies I’ve worked for. All in all it was a bit of rollercoaster first year. I have always said I would like to wrestle Kay Lee Ray in a singles match. Her and Carmel both came from PBW and are considered two of the top names in the country. I have been lucky enough to wrestle Carmel twice, so I think wrestling Kay Lee aswell would be exciting. They set the bench mark for the girls, so wrestling both of them would be pretty cool.

5. On Friday March 27th, you face Angelina Love for Rock N’ Wrestle at The Ironworks in Inverness, what are your thoughts on your opponent, facing one of the top knockouts in TNA early in your career and also do you think you will learn in the ring when facing someone like Angelina??

It’s mental isn’t it! I could never have dreamed of getting such a big match so early in my career. I am really excited for it, but also don’t think I have ever been more nervous in my life, haha. Wrestling someone as experienced and well known as Angelina is pretty intimidating, but it is also a really amazing opportunity. I will definitely be able to learn a lot from the experience.

6. You have wrestled for ICW:FF and also ICW as well as your home promotion PBW, are you glad to get the chance to perform in some of Scotland’s top promotions so early in your career??

Yeah definitely. The more experience I can get the more I can learn, and there’s no better places to do that than in companies like the ones mentioned. They also all have very different atmospheres which is good to experience as a wrestler as well.

7. In 2015 do you want to wrestle in England if given the chance and if so who do you want to face that you wouldn’t get the chance to in Scotland??

Yeah that’s one of my main goals for the coming year. I think it would be a great learning experience and I would be interested to see how English audiences differ from Scottish ones. It’s difficult to say who I wouldn’t get the chance to face in Scotland as companies like Fierce Females are really good for bringing up English talent. I am definitely less likely to face the English girls though, so I would say maybe Lana Austin. She can do some impressive stuff so I think wrestling her would be a lot of fun.

8. What other ambitions and goals do you want to achieve in 2015 and where do you see yourself in 5 years time in Wrestling??

I’m keen to keep working on improving my skills in the ring and working with new companies and talent across Britain. I would never think that far ahead. When I came into wrestling I didn’t think I would ever even debut, so since then I like to just take things as they come.

9. You are also an actress and model, have you had any notable roles in your acting career and if anyone who is reading this that wants to book you for an acting role where can they find you??

I studied acting at college, and am currently in my third year of a BA. I toured a play to Romania, which was a great experience. I also performed in a sellout run of Dracula for In Your Face Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe. If anyone wanted to book me they would be best to contact me on Star Now.

10. Finally thanks for the interview and Where can the readers and promoters find Lucy Cole and have you got any future dates you want to plug over the next few months??

No problem! I have a page which is This has all the info on my upcoming matches as well as pictures and graphics. I can be contacted there or you can tweet me @_LucyCole_. I will be wrestling Angelina Love for Rock N Wrestle at the Ironworks in Inverness on Friday March 27th, and will also be wrestling at SSW at the Regal Theatre in Bathgate on Saturday March 28th.

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