Interview – Sean Only

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1. First of all, please introduce yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival??

Hi BWR readers! My name is Sean Only, often referred to as ‘The Most Dangerous Man In British Wrestling’. I wrestle all over the country for various companies and promoters. I do lots of kicks, a few ‘movez’ and I’ve got a pretty silly hairdo.

2. Lets talk about yourself growing up, were you into wrestling at all or did it come later on in life and did watching wrestling inspire you to start training??

I’ve been watching wrestling practically my entire life. It definitely spoke to me as a young child, but it wasn’t until a little bit later that I even considered the possibility of doing it myself. The larger than life characters always seemed more like superheroes to me as a kid.

3. Speaking of training, how did you start wrestling training and who were you trained by??

I started training when I was about 20. I was lucky enough to come under the tutelage of legendary World Of Sport wrestlers Jeff Kaye and Drew McDonald. The training was hard, intense and painful, but it was just the start I needed and I’m massively appreciative of everything Jeff and Drew did for me.

4. You have been wrestling for my friends down at TIDAL for a while now, what are your thoughts on TIDAL as a promotion and also your feud with Dan James which recently ended with you taking the victory??

Tidal is a great place to work and showcases some of the best and most varied talent in the country. With the added bonus of the odd import thrown in for good measure (but without detracting from the UK guys). I’m not going to give anything away, but there are exciting things in store at Tidal. I would definitely recommend people stay tuned..

5. Speaking of TIDAL, you faced Josh Bodom this weekend, what are your thoughts on your opponent after the match??

Josh is an incredible opponent. Can’t put him over enough. I believe we have a rematch on the cards for a couple of months down the line. Expect fireworks.

6. Your style is quite MMA based, do you think this gives you a bit more of an advantage if so how and do you think your the only wrestler in the UK currently who uses that style in Wrestling??

I think my background in kickboxing and MMA certainly helps with conditioning, particularly during long draining matches. I’ve obviously managed to incorporate quite a few techniques from MMA into my offensive arsenal, so there are obvious parallels between the 2 sports. I believe there are quite a few guys out there that have something of an MMA influence, although to my knowledge, I’m the only one who specifically utilises it as a discipline.

7. You are making your debut for UKWE on May 9th, do you think it is good that there is promotions such as this popping up with great cards and also do you know who your facing next and if so are the fans going to be in for a treat??

I’m looking forward to this one actually. I’ll be teaming with Sam Wilder to take on Drake & Dragon for the vacant UKWE tag titles. Although me and Sam are known as members of different tag teams (The Proven and Anarchy Inc) and haven’t actually teamed together before, we know each other really well and have trained a lot together. With any luck, tagging should come pretty naturally to us, so we’re fully planning on taking those titles home. The rest of the card also looks really strong with a nice mix of talent, so expectations are pretty high.

8. What are your future ambitions/goals in Wrestling??

I just want to keep progressing and keep improving as much as I possibly can. 2014 was a pretty good year for Sean Only and 2015 is looking to be an even better one. If I can keep that consistency going into 2016 and beyond then I’ll be happy.

9. Where can the readers and promoters find Sean Only??

You can find me on Twitter or Instagram. My Instagram and Twitter handles are both realseanonly and I’m pretty easy to find on Facebook too

10. Have you got any future dates and/or projects you wish to plug??

There are almost too many to mention so it might just be best to keep checking in on my social media accounts! I update them regularly with show information, pretty pictures, stuff about punk bands and just general nonsense. If you’re a fan of British wrestling (or just wrestling in general for that matter!) you should also follow Dan James @armbarsuperstar, Liam Lazarus @liam_LZRS, El Ligero @ligero1, NGW @NGWrestlingUK and TCW @TIDALWRESTLING to keep yourselves in the loop!

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