Interview – Sexy Kev

Photo Credit : Tony Knox
1. First of all, please give the readers a quick summary of yourself and your career so far??
I’m Kev, aka SEXY KEV!! Ive been wrestling as Sexy Kev since July 2013. I’ve been Branching out now across the North West, where I wrestle for GPW, Futureshock, PAID Promotions, PW4U and a few more others.

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who inspired you and do you still watch it today??
I watched WWE growing up! Funny thing is, I used to hate wrestling. All mates were into it in Primary school, and I didn’t get it. But one day, it was on TV, and I was hooked!!
I love how one man can create such a reaction out of a crowd, whether as a Heel or Face!
I watched WWE’s DVD release of Chris Benoit, and when I realized he grew wanting to be a wrestler, and then did it, that’s when I realized I can do the same!

3. How did you get involved in Wrestling training and who were you trained by??
I signed up to Grand Pro Wrestling’s training school located in Manchester, where I was trained by Johnnie Brannigan (Heresy). Learnt alot of character stuff, hence the ‘Sexy Kev’ character came alive!

4. If you had to be trained by anyone on the British Scene apart from the wrestlers that trained you, who would it be and why??
Theres far too many people to think of, I couldn’t really pinpoint one person. But you can learn something new from everyone, which I’ve found working on shows, and attending different training schools.

5. Lets talk about your Sexy Kev gimmick, what does it entail and what should fans expect when seeing you live and finally did you come up with it or did someone else??
In simple terms, Sexy Kev is a stripper!! On my entrance, I wear different outfits, which usually involve stripper pants. Such as a policeman, Chippendale etc. I have alot of fun with the character, and so does the crowd. I go out there, and shake my stuff…..but can also deliver a beating!
The character evolved at the GPW training school. Originally, Johnnie Brannigan suggested a ‘Ladies man’ gimmick…..and then after alot of banter in training, it soon spiralled into a stripper!

6. Recently you debuted for the new promotion New Wave Wrestling Alliance ran by Lauren Soar and Danny Hope, what are your thoughts on the new promotion, the venue and also promotions such as this one starting up adding even further to the amount of great shows in the UK??
I really enjoyed it there! Great guys on the roster! And the venue was cool too, in Manchester Victoria Baths. It was really cool just walking round this big Victorian building!
It was there first show, so it was exciting to be apart of it.

7. You are a regular with Futureshock Wrestling including facing James Drake on Sunday, have you got any words for him and do you think a title shot is in the offing at Futureshock in the future??

I’ve already faced James Drake, and showed him who the sexiest man in town is… But with regards to a title shot? I’m hoping Futureshock management are keeping a close eye on Sgt Sexy!

8. What are your thoughts on British Wrestling and do you think that it could make it on TV again after the World of Sport days??
It looks like we’re slowly getting back onto TV. Alot of people still don’t know that British Wrestling is still around, so hopefully the more exposure on TV, the more it can thrive.

9. What are your future goals/ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??
I’d love to help bring British Wrestling back to the mainstream!! And if I could be one of the top names in the country, that’d be pretty awesome!

10. Where can the readers and promoters find Sexy Kev and have you got any future dates/projects/merchandise you wish to plug??
You can find me on ,where you can find upcoming shows, my everyday shenanigans, and the SEXIEST Tshirts you’ll ever buy!!

Sexy Kev

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