Interview – Richard Parliament


1. First of all, please introduce yourself to the readers of BWR and give them a quick summary of your career so far??

I am Richard Parliament, the UKs only Wrestler and Politician. I have been wrestling for quite some time now. I have been wrestling up and down the country campaigning to become Prime Minister. I have a wrestled in the United States and Germany. I also wrestled in the UK Finals of British Bootcamp 2 last year.

2. Let’s talk about growing up, did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who inspired you to become a wrestler overall??

To be honest I did not start watching wrestling until my teens, it took the attitude era to catch my attention, before I use to be one of those horrible children, who would annoy the other children by telling them it was fake. My attention was eventually swayed and won over by the over the topness of the attitude era. There were instances that inspired myself to train. The idea was put in my head by the reality TV show tough enough, watching normal people be transformed into wrestlers.Crazy to think back that one of the trainers on that show was Al Snow, considering a decade later I would appear on a reality show myself featuring Snow.

3. How did you get involved in Wrestling training, who were you trained by and do you have any training stories??

I started my training at my local Wrestling school , Best of British Wrestling Academy where I was shown the ropes by a couple of local talents. Further to this I also started training around to get a taste of training at as many places as possible including DropKixx and XWA at the time. I also enjoyed some great one to one training in the states by WWE Hall of Famer Larry Zbyszko which was a pleasure and honour. Most amusing story I can think of from training looking back was when my Brother and myself ran the ropes and done the international sequence for the first time and we both leaped at the same time colliding heads. Blood was every where, but it was amusing none the less.

4. Is there anyone you would like to have been trained by looking back and do you have any words/recommendations for up and comers??

Well the same goes now as it did then. Any time I have the opportunity to listen to people with experience that outweighs my own I am all ears. The initial training in school is the tiny tip of a massive iceberg. For up and comers I would say train in as many places as possible and wrestle for as many promotions as possible as variety is key in order to learn as much as possible. I think it is very important to pick experienced wrestlers brains and ask them as many questions as possible. For example I spent a couple of years on the road with a 30 year veteran named Karl Krammer, who I may of learned more from just talking to regular than I did in any wrestling class room. He could pick up on such minor details a younger wrestler would not have done. A solid week on the road and a match with Matt Striker was also pretty Educational, learning about the WWE system and the solidifying to me the importance of a facial expressions and character work over the physical side of wrestling. The newest person whos brain I have been picking since Boot Camp has been the TNA X Division Champion Rockstar Spud, who I also had the pleasure of Wrestling recently. He is in my opinion at the moment one of the kings of character wrestling,

5. Let’s talk about your character , how did the Politician character come about, do you think as a result of having this character you are unique and stand out??

I am the UKs ONLY wrestling politician, I have a silly moustache, EU trunks and a top hat, so of course I bloody stand out. As you put it I am a character, which sets me apart from most of the British scene. I go up and down the country and sadly the UK scene is slightly lacking in gimmick wrestlers. Which I must say I find absolutely bizarre. As surely show casing your personality over athleticism should be less challenging? I look around me and I see tonnes of ladies and gentleman with normal sounding names, wearing trunks and kickpads and needing to do flips, stiff kicks and a tonne of moves to get noticed, personally I just wear a top hat and shout ‘yeahhhhhhh’ and it gets the job done. If you look at the biggest names of all time they all have massive characters , memorable looks and personalities. Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stonecold, The Undertaker, John Cena, Machoman, Warrior . The List is endless. So if this is the case I do not see why more talent do not set out to sell themselves based on looks and catchphrases, yeeeahhhhhh. So to summarise I think my character makes me unique, but to unique for my liking, I want some competition, Im bored of personality vacuums who I cannot properly debate with. Going back to the first half of your question, the idea for the politician persona came from when I was younger and my friends would always accuse me of being too opinionated and trying to force my ideas on others. I was always telling the smelly grungers to have a wash and get a hair cut, as they would not be able to secure jobs when they left college. I like to think of myself as the counter counter culture.

6. You were part of TNA British BootCamp 2 where you gained a lot of exposure from, what are your thoughts on the experience and would you recommend it to any wrestlers who haven’t already auditioned in BB2??

The experience was absolutely fantastic and my favourite experience I have had in wrestling thus far. The exposure of making it to the UK finals raised my stock and notoriety and ever since my twitter following has boomed to over 5000 and I have wrestling bookings coming left right and centre from promoters all over the place. The whole thing was surreal really, I felt like a lesser known team making it to the knock out phases of the World Cup. In 2014 Football had Chile, Wrestling had Richard Parliament haha. To be honest my experience matched a lot of the competition, however I was a dark horse who no one had herd of as I had spent the majority of my career working for a national touring promotion, rather than doing the internet shows like many of the guys. I would recommend the competition to anyone looking to make a name for themselves, as the phrase goes you have to be in it to win it!

7. You wrestled at World War Wrestling 2 facing off against Dominator in what was billed as Politics and War, what are your thoughts on Dominator as an opponent and upcoming promotions such as WWW??

The Dominator is an absolute mountain of a man and was one of my most imposing opponents to date, in which I had to use every dirty trick in my book to keep up with. I am also set to soon debut in his home promotion of EWW, so it will probably not be the last time we cross swords. Its always nice to wrestle for a new promotion such as WWW. They appear to be going in the right direction. Good production, nice venue, a solid collection of talent. Everything you look for in a promotion really!

8. Also you wrestled for NGW at Eternal Glory 2014 defeating Liam Slater what do you think of his talent and people rave about their production values what are your thoughts on this from a point of view of a wrestler who has wrestled on these shows??

Ill be honest, I never really gave Liam a chance, but it was completely his fault as he turned his back on me, he should of known never to trust a politician, so I gave him the beating of his life, locked in the Austerity Measure and made him tap out. NGWs production is immense. The show was a 5 hour drive for myself, so when I finally get there and see a massive ramp, titantron and crowd of 800, colour me impressed. It certainly felt a cut above production wise.

9. What are your future goals/ambitions for 2015 and beyond??

To continue to focus on my Education, Education, Education and get as good as physically possible in the ring and to wrestle in as many promotions as I can and take on a range of diverse opponents. Id also like to hit the gym hard and when I am ready go knock on the doors of one of the big boy promotions again!

10. Where can readers and promoters find you on Social Media and have you got any future dates you wish to plug??

@richparliament and like me on facebook. I am the DOA Wrestling Heavyweight champion and we have a show and training seminar on Apriil 18th in Bury St Edmunds for anyone looking to get a taste of training, wanting to see a quality show, or simply make new contacts; then come see us! Im set to make wrestling appearances this year up and down the country for DOA, FSW, LDN, WWW, EWW, FPW, NGW, BWE, TNT, EVW, Pro Wrestling Chaos and a plethora of dates with other promotions to be announced, check out my social media and theirs for regular updates! Yeeeeeeeaaahhhhhh

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