Interview – The Madjai Amasis

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1. First of all, please give the readers of BWR a quick introduction to yourself??

I am the the Funky Fresh always the best dance sensation that beats all nations, The Black Bruce Wayne of the Wrestling Game!! The Madjai Amasis!!!

2. You were trained by Chris Hero and Mike Quackenbush according to Cagematch, how did this come about and what are your thoughts about these 2 respective experiences??

Being trained by these two legends is the greatest thing I could’ve ever done.. Mike Quackenbush and Chris Hero put me under their proverbial wing and took time and effort to. mold me into who I am as a performer and for that I owe them everything. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for their guidance.. Much love and respect to them both..

3. Speaking about training, thinking about your respective style who do you think would be a good person to do a seminar with??

Aww man. That’s a good one… After much thought I’d love to do a seminar with Naruki Doi and/or Masato Yoshino.. I’ve done one with CIMA a couple years back and it was awesome.. So learning from them would be the divine trinity..

4. Speaking about training, thinking about your respective style who do you think would be a good person to do a seminar with??

Superkick’d was amazing!! The crowd was rabid and the show was so well put together.. Brent Banks is an amazing athlete who I can wrestle all day if asked to.. I definitely hope to return there soon and put in work..

5. You are part of Osirian Portal with Ophidian The Cobra, how did you teaming come about and do you like teaming on a regular basis with Ophidian??

Ophidian and I have been friends ever since the building of the pyramids. We’ve trained with each other in many forms of combat so it was only proper that we become a tag team in the art of Pro Wrestling.

6. You are part of the current Chikara UK tour, has coming to the UK been a goal for you for a while and what are your thoughts on the American talent compared to the British talent now you have been to both countries??

Going to the UK has always been on my list of career goals. The performers over there are immaculate and breathtaking. My personal favorite is El Ligero who not only is a real great dude, he’s a phenomenal athlete and I hope to get in the ring with him soon..

7. Last year you worked with Caprice Coleman in a dark match for ROH, how did this come about and is a return in the pipeline either another dark match or a full time deal??

I got the call for the opportunity and I had to think about it… FOR LIKE A MILLISECOND!! It was such a blessing to have that experience in an ROH ring and to have a match with one of the best talents they have. As far as a return goes. I can only hope and pray another opportunity. Until then I’ll just continue grinding and getting my name out there.

8. What future ambitions/goals do you have for 2015 and beyond??

In 2015 I just hope to have greater opportunities to shine and show the world what I can do. I hope to get back to Europe and do work there. Especially one day become a future participant in the WXW 16 Carat tournament. I’m also aiming for NJPW also but one step at a time. As long as I stay diligent and full of faith, the world can be mine..

9. Where can the readers find The Madjai Amasis on Social Media and do you have any booking info??

Readers can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook all under Madjai Amasis. Give me a follow, talk to me, or whatever else. I always interact with my peeps!!

10. Have you got any future dates you wish to plug and any merchandise??

You can always find me on Chikara. Next Saturday on April 18th you can find me at On Point Wrestling where I go up against the young hungry lion Joe Gacy in singles competition. For all other dates give me a follow on social media and you’ll never be left out in the dark!!

You can check out my personal on line store on www. and get all ya Madjai freshness there!!

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