DVD Review – Ultimate Warrior : Always Believe


Welcome to the latest WWE DVD Review, this week I will share with you my thoughts on Ultimate Warrior : Always Believe which is set for release on Monday next week! After the Royal Rumble got a low rating previously hopefully this DVD will come out better and by the look of it it probably will.  The synopsis is After 18 years out of the spotlight, Ultimate Warrior made his long-awaited return to WWE last year. Follow The Warrior’s homecoming in this moving documentary, as he prepares for his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, reflects on his career, and rebuilds old relationships. With 30 minutes of unseen footage, it’s a fitting tribute to one of WWE’s most enigmatic Superstars! I was really upset last year when Warrior died as even though I never really grew up watching him as I got into Wrestling quite late he left a lasting legacy and it was a shock to me and probably to all fans of either The Warrior or Wrestling in general mainly because he was inducted and a few days later passed away! It is good that WWE have released this DVD as a fitting tribute to one of the best! I have not seen the Network special mainly because of the fact I haven’t got round to purchasing the Network yet and if I did I wouldn’t make much use of it as I am busy all week so if It is the Network Special It won’t affect the rating as I haven’t seen the special. Disc One starts off with his return promo on RAW last year on the night after WrestleMania and two nights after his HOF induction which is followed up with the story of his death just 24 hours after being on RAW and included news reports on the day his death was announced. Dana his wife talks about how it was good but strange to return to New Orleans a place where he was so well received and how WWE was his home and how he could be with the warriors again who never let him down. She said his Warrior spirit lives on through her and their daughters. He followed this up with saying how the fact he was larger than life it makes it easier to be in real life situations. Warrior talks about how he never thought he would return to WWE in a limo going into WWE HQ in Stanford in March 2014 before his return in late March/ Early April. John Cena talks about how he caught his eye growing up, Cesaro likened him to an action figure, Stephanie McMahon and Sting also talked about him as a character and legacy. We get some great insight into the meetings when he returned to WWE HQ e.g what he wanted and his merchandise. Warrior talked about how he initially got into Wrestling after being a bodybuilder including teaming with Sting under Jerry Jarrett’s promotion as The Freedom Fighters and how at first they were so green. Zeb Colter then talked about how they came up with the Blade Runners in the end. We then move onto the story of The Dingo Warrior and how it was a mistake how the name came about and how over he was in Texas. We get the story from Vince and Warrior about him signing and then Warrior walking round backstage in New Orleans last year. Warrior of course debuted on Wrestling Challenge and we get interviews with the likes of Kofi Kingston and Batista about how larger than life it was to see him coming to the ring and the energy he portrayed. SummerSlam 88 came up after that and we got the addition of Dolph talking about his memories of the night when he went over Honky Tonk Man after his reign of nearly a year. In my opinion my first thoughts on this documentary are that it is a great insight to see it flip from him on WM weekend to him talking about his illustrious career. The rivalry between Hogan and the Warrior followed and the fact that mainly due to merchandise sales they were competing for a spot. His subsequent loss to Sgt. Slaughter is then covered as well as the ‘retirement match’ with Randy Savage. In this segment of the DVD, Warrior talks about how much he enjoyed working with Savage overall during his time in the WWF/E. The Summerslam 1991 debacle is talked about but not to the full extent we would have liked on this DVD release, he admitted following this that the only reason he went to WCW was for the money and that the overall experience wasn’t the best. Parts about the Self Destruction DVD followed this which were insightful as it talked about how it basically wounded him coming from the perspective of both Warrior and his wife Dana. Vince tries to deny it wasn’t his idea to make this DVD but in my opinion and for every single other insightful wrestling fan you have to know that it was his idea no matter how much he tries to deny it. From there on out the DVD wraps up with stories about last year’s WrestleMania and basically the legacy he made which is pointed out with WWE superstars giving him their thanks to him. I think that the addition of the Warrior Girls really adds to this documentary as they tell stories only them and Dana could of experienced and that is the man behind the face paint and that is as a loving husband and father. They also talk about how much the WWE helped them deal with their loss especially Natalya who always comes across to me when I watch Total Divas as being quite a nice and genuine person and this comes across here in this case for sure with Mattigan and Indiana. In the closing scene we get an emotional farewell to the Warrior in the form of letters read for Warrior from the Girls, Warrior Clips, thank yous from fans and them finally letting off balloons into the sky which were neon to represent his colors. I have to admit I don’t get emotional often both personally and when watching films or documentaries but this hit home as even though Warrior was this larger than life person he was also a caring father and husband as well.

Disc 2 and 3 cover the match side of things which most of them aren’t exactly exclusive but if you want a great documentary with some matches on the side instead of buying both Warrior DVD’s this is a must buy for any Wrestling or Warrior Fan! This DVD really shows that the spirit of the Warrior will live on FOREVER!!!!!!

Rating 5/5 – This was a great documentary which really has got WWE Home Video back on form after the not so good PPV’s recently released. When this is released, please go out your way to buy it and you won’t regret it! I cannot wait to review ECW Unreleased Volume 3 next weekend now as I am a massive fan of ECW and I hope that this is the start of a run of form for WWE Home Video.

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