Interview – Cieran Donnelly


1. First of all please introduce yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival and give them a quick summary of yourself?

Hi readers of TheBritishwrestlingRevival, My name Is Cieran Donnelly graduate of the IPW UK training school and one half of British wrestling tag team DnD. May have seen me at IPW UK, RCWA, Climax Wrestling, Full house wrestling and UKPW.

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who inspired you to be the wrestler you are today?

I was always watching wrestling when I was growing up, I think from about 7 or 8 that is pretty much all I watched and all I talked about , and then from 11 onwards any show that was relatively near I would try and be at was pretty much obsessed. As far as being inspired, I was and am still a massive admirer of Shawn Michaels, the heart and the story he could tell mixed with the showmanship and athleticism just had me hooked.

3. How did you get involved with wrestling training and was the decision influenced by who you watched growing up?

Me and my tag partner Danny Duggan have always wanted to get involved with wrestling and is pretty much why we ended up as best friends. We have been going to IPW UK for years and one day we were offered the positions of working security just to get that little bit closer we snapped their hands of to do it. We worked security for a few shows and the topic of us wanting to train and an opportunity at the IPW UK training school came up, the rest is pretty much history, its crazy where we are and the year we have had. In regards to being influenced by what I watched a 100% , watching people like Michaels, Jericho and even on the British scene watching guys like Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch at a young age watching the story and how they could make the crowd believe and go crazy for them really made me want to do it. That’s my main aim whenever I am in that ring.

4. Who had a hand in your training over the past couple of years and are you happy you took the training route you chose instead of training in another school?

I have been absolutely spoilt by the great wrestlers that I have had the opportunity to train with at IPW UK. I have been blessed to learn form the best in the world, being able to learn of such guys as Zack Sabre JR, Martin Stone, Uhaa Nation, Ricochet, Finn Balor, Chris Hero, Paul London. As well as being able to train with legends such as Johnny Kidd, Tony Scarlo , Marty Jones and Johnny Saint and tons more. I couldn’t dream of being able to have such great teachers, all of my trainers have helped me in their own Individual way.

5. You are part of a DnD with Danny Duggan how did the team form and do you think this year is the year that DnD take IPW by Storm?

Me and Danny have been friends for a good 10 years now, we even went to the same UNI together and is all pretty much down to wrestling. We went to a few shows together when we got back from UNI and got the security job, we both jumped at the chance to train. I think us training together makes the other one work harder cause we know how much we want to do this . IPW Management gave us the chance to team up and it kind of clicked I think. We hope we can take it by storm this year and build on what we have done so far. I think it was a bit hard at the end of the year cause I suffered a few nasty concussions and it slowed our momentum and was hard to be away ,but the fans have been so incredible to us that all that we were thinking about was coming back even stronger. The IPW Tag team titles are definitely something we are aspiring to win, you just have to look at who has held them and you can see how much of a huge achievement it would be to win them. There are a lot of dominating teams out here as well just look at the London Riots and the Hammerlock Wrecking Crew and you can see how competitive the tag division is, me and Danny are just going to keep our head down train harder and we believe we can do it.

6. You went over to Germany last year with IPW UK What are your thoughts on having that experience so early on in your career and do you hope that is the start of many more trips in the future?

I think again that has been one of the ways me and Danny have been very lucky, to get that opportunity so early . Going over there was massive for us and we thoroughly enjoyed it, it was incredible to wrestle in front of the German crowd and experience the WXW atmosphere, the crowd made us feel at home and was an experience I will always remember. I really hope we get more opportunities to go over there in the future.

7. What are your thoughts on the current state of British wrestling?

I think the current state of British wresting is outstanding. I think the fact that we have arguably the best talent in the world over here and some of the best, loyal and Knowledgeable fans makes it one of the most attractive places to wrestle.

8. What are your Future ambitions /Goals In wrestling?

That’s a great question, I have a ton of goals and things I want to do really. I think of course being able to wrestle in the WWE is one that I will always strive towards. But I would also love to be able to wrestle in Japan and Mexico and see the world wrestling. My goals right now are to continue to improve my wrestling, try to have great matches and make this an even bigger year for DnD than last year, this journey has been crazy and I want to push it even further.

9. Where can the readers find you on Social Media?

You can find me and follow me on twitter @CieranDnD, follow my Instagram Cieran91 and there is a facebook page that you can give a like to Cieran Donnelly these will have all my info on, other than that if you see me at a show feel free to come and say Hi.

10. Have you got any future dates to plug?

Yeah there are some coming up quite soon, I will be at Swanley this Sunday the 26th of April for IPW UK future 12 which has some great talent coming up from the IPW UK school. May 9th I will be in Gillingham for UKPW and May 10th I will be in Tonbridge for IPW UK Royal Reward, Also June 6th I will be at the TapnTin in Chatham for IPW UK Blood sweat and beers that one will be insane so if you can get down to them come along. Thank you for your time guys I look hope you liked the interview and hopefully see you guys at the shows and talk to you soon.

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