Interview – Danielle Hunter

Photo Credit : Tony Knox
1. First of all, please give the readers a quick summary of Danielle Hunter as a wrestler and your career so far??
Danielle Hunter as a wrestler…. I’m very martial arts and power based influenced as well as psychotic, I tend to go by any means necessary. My career has involved working for Futureshock wrestling for 2 years come May and that has included working in the Uprising, a group of myself and 3 amazing guys including;Don Meacho, Ryan Hendricks and Xander Cooper. Within that time I have been futureshock women’s champion, which I won on my debut at futureshock underground 3 against, in my opinion one of the best, Scotland’s Viper.
2. How did you get involved in Wrestling training and do you think this was a result of loving the product growing up??
I’ve always loved wrestling, I wasn’t as young as most when I first discovered it (a no violence but dancing thing with the mother bless her lol she lost that battle) but immediately became fixated with it. watching The Rock, Edge, Triple H etc, I took a particular liking to Mae Young as she was the first female wrestler I saw and thought “hell yeah girls can do it too!” After that I was always the one who’d ask for a wrestling ring or a costume for my birthday (still waiting) One of my closest friends who I’ve known for years mentioned he trained with a company called XWA in Morecombe. The head Trainer at the time was Dave Rayne who, along with the trainees, made me feel at home. After a year there I began to train at futureshock, again under Dave, as it was a lot closer to home and has good reputation for its wrestlers. So for almost 5 years now I’ve been under his wing and had the experience of training with some brilliant people including Jack Gallagher and Xander Cooper. And it’s thanks to this experience I’ve had at training that made me fall in love with wrestling even more.
3. Are you still training in Wrestling and if so is there anyone you would like to have a seminar with if you were given the chance in the future??
Referring to the previous question I love training and I honestly think in this business you can never stop learning there’s always something new to discover or perfect. I’ve had the best time learning with Dave and Cooper etc. I also do the yearly Star power training seminars held at futureshock. I’ve had an amazing experience learning from the like of Chris Masters, Jay Lethal and Davey Richards, I have also planned on doing this years course with the Wolves, Davey and Eddie Edwards!  I have a lot of favourites I would love to learn from, William Regal being one of them, Tomasso Ciampa, Kevin Steen (Owens) the list is endless really because of how diverse and wonderful wrestling is.
4. You were the Futureshock Womens Champion until recently losing it to Lana Austin, how long were you champion for, when will you be invoking your rematch clause and finally do you have any words for Lana??
don’t remind me i lost it haha. I was fortunate enough to win the championship on my debut against Viper as previously mentioned and have held it for a year and half 🙂 I actually had a rematch for it at the recent futureshock show in Stockport on the 19th April unfortunately the only thing I left with was a bloody nose and saw head. Lana Austin looks all sweet an innocent… But looks can be deceiving! As tough as she is, she and others forget it took both her and Toni Storm to take me down for that belt, the only thing I  have to say to Lana is she’s gonna regret busting my nose and stealing my belt from me  😉
5. You are making your UKWE debut at Leeds Slam taking part in a 3 way match, what are your thoughts on new promotions such as this one popping up, do you think that it is another chance to hone your skills??
I love new and promising promotions . To have promotions in your local area filled with amazing British talent and a wonderful home crowd is always amazing. I’m really looking forward to my debut for UKWE and triple threats are always fun! As this is an opportunity to home my skills it’s no different  to any of my regular bookings at futureshock… Every match I put 100% in and make sure that crowd get what they paid for. With wrestling in different places the crowd are always different you learn who likes to see what which is always a good learning experience for me so I could be power inning Lana Austin at futureshock and here the crowd go wild or knock her out with my fatality kick in UKWE, or Violet Ohara whoever gets in my way, and get the same reaction.

6. You are part of the HXC Women’s Battle Royal at their next show ‘An Extreme Dark Night’ on May 1st, what are your thoughts on the other competitors so far in the match and do you have anything to say about the match or the promotion in general??

I like HXC a Lot. I’m use to family shows and love them as the kids are so enthusiastic it’s brilliant but HXC is strictly over 18s and I think this is a brilliant experience for me, As is the battle royal filled with amazing competitors. Some I’ve had the experience of wrestling before such as Viper, Lana Austin and Toni Storm, I’ve even had Melanie Price rip my hair extensions out at a show before today in Warrington! Others like the Owens twins I’ve seen and heard of a lot because of their skills.  I Like the promotion so much and to be in the ring with some amazing girls is an amazing opportunity. Like UKWE I’m so excited.

7. What are your thoughts on Women’s wrestling and the talent like yourself in the country right now??

Women’s wrestling here right now I think is blooming. People shun female wrestlers a lot and because of this it drives all of us to show everyone where just as good as everyone else! You look at the female scene today, you have Viper, Bête Noire, Nikki Storm, Nixon, Lana…. There’s so many girls with amazing skills you just can’t complain!

women’s wrestling here right now is something people definitely need to take a look at.
8. What are your future ambitions/goals in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??
I don’t really know where I see myself in 5 years time to be truthful. For me right now I still have a lot to learn. being futureshock women’s champion showed me what I am capable of and what I can be capable of if I work my derrière off. and that’s what I plan on doing, I train harder than I ever have! For me I’ve always had the dream of travelling with wrestling, watching Prince Devitt wrestle literally everywhere before NXT really inspired me (he’s one of my favourites). I’ve always had a goal/Dream of wrestling for ROH :). Right now… I just want my belt back!
9. Where can the readers find Danielle Hunter on Social Media and where can promoters book you who are reading this??
You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram… All under Dannii Hunter 🙂 for latest updates of what shows I’m on and me ranting about stuff. Best place for promoters to look me up is my page on Facebook, which has all of my contact details on.
10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??
Haha anything to do with Futureshock. futureshock has a full year of shows for you and guaranteed you’ll see me around for them. The Next Show is Futureshock Slam in Warrington on the 3rd of May. All shows can be found on their website
I will also tell you guys to look up UKWE and HXC, and a promotion I’m really looking forward to seeing in the near future is Rock n Wrassle.
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