Interview – AJ Anderson

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1. First of all, please describe yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival??

I’m 6’1, 141/2 stone, hungry and motivated! On my comeback trail from an injury but expect to see more of me all over the country very soon!

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling training growing up and did this stem from a love of Wrestling growing up??

Absolutely. As a kid when I first seen a tape of hogan bodyslamming andre at Wrestlemania 3 its been the basis of my life. I was never a superhero, batman, spiderman kinda kid everything was always wrestling. When me and my friends used to play fight it was Batman vs Superman vs Spiderman vs Hogan. And it continues to be the basis of my life, just in an obvioulsy more professional role! I found a local school when I was 12 and went from there.

3. Could you describe your training experience (who you were trained by and your thoughts on this etc.)

Like I say I found a school in South Shields where I live that was ran by a guy called Adam Brown. Thats where I met Isaac who wrestled as Iceman on the UK scene. I trained with him for almost 2 years then Wrestle-Zone Wrestling opened in the North East and we went to there. I trained there under Iceman, General Trent Steel & Tony Spitfire who is my now tag partner but I still learn from him day in and day out.

4. You have wrestled for TIDAL a few times before suffering an injury at the hands of Dave Carbon, hows the recovery going and when you return will you be going after Dave??

I certainly will! Recovery is going fantastic I’m well ahead of the rehab schedule but still taking it easy careful not to re-injure myself. I’ll be making my return to TIDAL at their next show on May 15th at the dolphin centre in Darlington!

5. Before your injury you competed for NGW in a tag team title match teaming with Matt Myers facing off against The London Riots, what are your thoughts on NGW as a promotion and their production values and do you want to return when you are all healed up??

My thoughts on NGW couldn’t be higher. I think its absolutely the place to be at the moment and it’s only getting stronger. I’m detirmined to be back there very very soon!

6. You have been part of All Star Wrestling tours over the past few years, what are your thoughts on being part of a touring environment, meeting new fans every night and is it tiring to be part of these tours??

Not only is it amazing to wrestle every night but it’s how you learn and develop as a wrestler. Of course it is tiring but you are living your dream every night and to say it is ‘worth it’ is a giant understatement.

7. For ASW you have faced the likes of Hiromu Tanahashi and Kenbai from NJPW and Michinoku Pro, what are your stance on imports coming over to the UK, do you think it is good or a bad thing for talent such as yourself??

I think it’s a great thing. Not only do they add something different to the show but they a great learning tool. Not just wrestling every night but wrestling different styles of wrestler every night is an invaluable experience and it then becomes how you develop your own style. And of course its a great learning curve for the imports too.

8. What are your future ambitions/goals and where do you see yourself in 5 years time in Wrestling??

My main ambitions and goals are to just make a living being a pro wrestler, it’s what I’ve wanted since being 2 years old and I refuse to do anything else! I am working towards wrestling all over Europe and eventually Japan, but the main goal is WWE.

9. Where can the readers/promoters find on social media/book AJ Anderson??

Find me on facebook /ajandersonuk and my Twitter & Instagram is @jamieahmed89. For bookings you can drop me a private message on any of those.

10. Have you got any future dates or other projects you wish to plug??

I have only a few bookings until the summer due to my injury but keep a look out for me! Follow me on twitter and instagram and like the facebook page and continue to support British Wrestling!

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