DVD Review – ECW Unreleased Volume 3


Welcome to my latest WWE DVD review, it’s been a while but I am back with a DVD that is sure to be absolutely EXTREME in every sense of the word! After WWE used their extensive library to release Volumes 1 and 2 of Unreleased and they didn’t stop there and they have now released the third volume. I got into Wrestling later on when I was a child and so I never really watched ECW but I endeavored to watch a lot of the early stuff which is awesome and so this will be a great DVD for me and hopefully as a result will get a great rating! We started the DVD off with the famous music and an into into the men who made ECW such as the Dudley Boyz, Sandman, Sabu, Shane Douglas, The BWO, RVD AND Raven to name just a few. Joey Styles introduced the DVD before The BWO joined him to host the DVD with him. Disc 1 starts off with an ECW World Tag Team Championship Match between Tommy Dreamer & Shane Douglas vs. Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac. in 1993 on Hardcore TV. This was a great match to start the DVD off with and is full of hard hitting moves like ECW is meant to be really apart from hardcore. This featured a young Tommy Dreamer who was 22 at the time I believe and ended up with Douglas basically turning on Dreamer which allowed Sullivan and Tazmaniac to win the titles. The next match was a ECW World Television Championship Match between 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Dean Malenko which was a good match which offered a change of pace from the previous match and was better than the next match between Shane Douglas and Ron Simmons for the Heavyweight title, I think Malenko and Scorpio are both good examples of great wrestlers at the time with Malenko more than Scorpio due to his classic matches in WCW. A No Disqualification ECW World Tag Team Championship Match between Public Enemy vs. Sabu & Tazmaniac followed which was an absolute brawl which I really enjoyed especially considering it was No Disqualification all teams could do anything in or around the ring! Weapons were used and blood was everywhere especially on the forehead of Johnny Grunge from Public Enemy. The best bit had to be Taz going through the table and Sabu going through the table onto Johnny Grunge at the end of the match. 2 Cold Scorpio & Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero & Tazmaniac followed that match, this match was going to be full of lucha libre, amateur wrestling and high flying action in a pretty good bout which highlighted like the first few matches on the disc that even though ECW was famous for violence and “going to the extreme” they also produced some great matches without the need for the violence. Olympics Rules Match between Cactus Jack vs. Sabu followed that match from Holiday Hell 95 and like the tag match from earlier on it was chaotic with 911 coming out at the start of the match to pick on John Pee Wee Moore effectively which made it into a good ol fashioned ECW brawl with chairs coming out as soon as 911 started officiating proceedings, Sabu used the chair to do a vintage Air Sabu. Sabu continued the punishment continueing to strike Cactus but Cactus is no stranger to Hardcore matches and he reversed the Air Sabu and put a chair into proceedings which helped him out on the outside of the ring as well. Sabu started to enter back into proceedings and he connected with an Air Sabu after Cactus Jack was “locked” onto the ropes. Cactus Jack was then hit with a chair to the midsection before being thrown to the floor, when they got back into the wrong it was kicks to the face all round by Sabu to Cactus Jack, Sabu hit with a snapmare and a springboard chair shot off the ropes. Sabu going through the table onto Cactus Jack made me mark out with both men laid out on the ground struggling to move. Sabu and Cactus absolutely beat the living crap out of each other in the ring with chair shots aplenty it really was a brawl and why wouldn’t it be as it was between two of ECW’s true pioneers. 911 and Rey Mysterio vs The Eliminators followed to end the disc with both 911 and Mysterio taking a beating one at a time in a numbers game assault followed by The Pitbulls coming to the ring with Joey Styles going crazy as a result and it ended with Francine being hit with Total Elimination.

Disc 2 started with Cactus Jack vs Bam Bam Bigelow in a pretty good bout to start the disc off between a Future WM headliner in Cactus Jack a.k.a Mick Foley and a former WM headliner in Bam Bam. A match for the ECW television title followed with a young Chris Jericho taking on “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, this was a great match as expected due to the talent on offer with some great high flying offence by Jericho as you can expect. Weapons were used when they got to the outside with a steel chair being smashed over Douglas’ head and Douglas going through a table as well as the previously alluded to high flying offence. Douglas also had his offence including smashing Jericho rib cage first into some steel chairs. He used a frying pan and a baking sheet which he used to smash Jericho and wear him down. A match between Raven and Tommy Dreamer from their great feud followed, this of course wasn’t their best match in the feud but with it being an Unreleased set this was a nice touch. An ECW World Tag Team Championship Match between the Eliminators and Dudley Boyz was a good match and having seen all forms of the Dudleyz and having watched most of their ECW matches it was good to see them on the Unreleased set like the previous match, I marked out the most at the Dudley Death Drop/3D at the end of the match when they became the tag team champions. RVD vs Taz offered out some pretty good action and the first look on the set at one of my favorites of all time Mr Monday Night, The Whole F’N Show etc ROB VAN DAM! We get a look at Stevie Richards career which was good as why have him on the set to not even use his career, we get more of Stevie in the next two matches with him winning the #1 Contender three way dance with Sandman and Raven also involved and finally him facing Terry Funk to end the second disc, Stevie got beaten in the end after Dreamer interfered in the match, even though he never won the ECW title it was good to see him profiled in some way at the end of Disc 2.

Disc 3 starts with Shane Douglas taking on Bam Bam Bigelow in another match for the ex WWE star/WrestleMania headliner in a bout which was worthy of starting the disc off and wasn’t the best match I have seen in a while by any means! Lance Storm and Chris Candido then face off in a pretty good match, like I said I got into Wrestling late in my early life which means that to be honest Storm and Candido are two wrestlers that I need to watch more of as I was more enamored with the likes of Rob Van Dam at the time not taking away from Storm or Candido in anyway. We then get a great match between Tajiri and Taz who in my opinion has always been underrated in his work and Paul Heyman playing up Taz like he does today for Brock Lesnar is great.  ECW World Tag Team Championship Matches between Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney vs. Dudley Boys and vs. Tommy Dreamer & his mystery partner Raven on the same night. These were their last appearances in ECW which is one of the reasons why they were included and it was great to see the Dudleys do what they do best, be the best damn heel tag team in the business and this is a fine example of that. Rob Van Dam vs Rhino was a great match even though it may not be to some people who don’t like either workers but these two were for sure apart from Sabu my favorite workers back in ECW. Dusty Rhodes and Tommy Dreamer vs Rhino and Steve Corino was ok but seeing Dusty in his early 50’s shows it is something I wouldn’t watch again, his best days were past him at this point but it was still an ok match overall. Kid Kash vs EZ Money wasn’t very good and was maybe the worst match on the main feature and that is no bad thing as this DVD is very good. Steve Corino vs. Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Sandman finalises the main feature and to be honest it was a great end to the DVD as it was a wild match which showed what ECW was famous for, crazy hardcore pioneering action!

Blu Ray Exclusives are :

WreslePalooza- August 5, 1995

Cactus Jack, Tommy Dreamer & Pit Bulls vs. Raven, Stevie Richards, Big Dick                             Dudley & Dudley Dudley

Hardcore TV- June 1996

Rob Van Dam vs. Mikey Whipwreck

Unreleased Deleted Scene: Sorry, Sal Philly

Paul Heyman Directs Danny Doring

Philadelphia, PA – October 26, 1996

Eliminators vs. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams & Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy

Unreleased Deleted Scene: I Have a Tommy Dreamer Story

Dudley Driving School

Hardcore TV- July 1998

Masato Tanaka & Jerry Lynn vs. Mike Awesome & Justin Credible

Unreleased Deleted Scene: Maven Disappeared!

Raven Throws Sandman’s Son a Birthday Party

Crossing the Line Again-  February 12, 1999

                        ECW World Television Championship Match

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

Rating – Two fives out of 5’s in two weeks! 5/5 – This is a great look at ECW and even though it may not appeal to everyone I have always been a fan of ECW and always will be! It is worth adding to your collection for sure and worth 6 hours of your time! Please go and buy it if you can as you will not be disappointed! There maybe some bad matches but the great matches made up for it and gave it another 5! My next DVD reviews will be FastLane and the Jerry Lawler DVD and I will probably like the Jerry DVD more as if your a usual reader of my blog, PPV’s get low ratings and Documentaries great to perfect ratings! Until next time thanks for reading!

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