Interview – Ali Armstrong


1. First of all, please introduce yourself as the latest guest of TheBritishWrestlingRevival??

Hello, I’m Ali Armstrong, I wrestle other wrestlers at wrestling events. Most of the time. The rest of the time I lark about dressing up, dancing, being a general nuisance and taking nothing too serious.

2. Lets talk about growing up, were you into wrestling growing up and if so was there anybody in particular who inspired you to become a professional wrestler??

I watched wrestling with my cousins as a kid and my first experience was Wrestlemania 3 on VHS. I was banned from watching it at a later age as I was meant to be concentrating on getting a “real” career. It wasn’t until later when I was a bit older and independent that I rekindled my love for wrestling. Wrestlers who I have always been a fan off are the likes of Kurt Angle, Sting, Hulk Hogan and Samoa Joe. It was seeing these “superhumans” and how entertaining they were that made me really get of my arse and begin my career.

3. How did you get involved in Wrestling overall in terms of training and how was it training at the ProJo training school??

I was going to shows in the UK and when PROGRESS established I kept an eye on their social media. Not being a Londoner I couldn’t easily get to the live shows but I had all the DVDS and studied them with a child like enthusiasm. When I saw a tweet that they were opening a school I made a promise to myself that this would be my first steps to achieving my dreams. I counted down the days untill that Saturday morning. I think I was there an hour early. Walking about the streets around the Somers Town Community Centre and going back to find a couple of people waiting too. Actually first person I met was Rosie Leigh who I would later get to tag with at ENDVR3. Training at the Projo has been incredible, I have met people who I honestly may not socialise with but we all have this common goal and interest and passion for wrestling. I was trained originally Jimmy Havoc and later J.D of the London Riots, Eddie Dennis and Darrel Allen. Honestly never met a group of people who want their students to do well and succeed. Always available for my many many many stupid questions and to help me get better (except Jimmy who did at first but the mainly liked to drop me on my head and now is probably sitting in a plastic covered room sharpening things.)

4. At RCWA presents Saturday Night Wrestling last time out, you teamed up with Katey Harvey and Lance Lawrence, what are your thoughts on RCWA as a promotion and the team you were apart of on that night??

RCWA was a whole lot of fun. If you combined the family entertainment of a Christmas panto with the gymnastics of a circus and the fighting spirit of a Vegas fight night you would probably come close. Me and Lance have been friends since I started working with him on the Holiday Camp circuit and we gel well in the ring so it seemed right to forma team…if only we could think of a witty name??? Adding Katey to the mix was amazing she is a real powerhouse! and super talented. We got the victory over Pollyanna, another brilliant lady in the ring, and the well oiled machine of Duggan and Donnelly (although I’m still not sure which is which?)

5. At Kamikaze Pro presents Over The Top 2 you took part in the Rumble, what are your thoughts on rumble matches and specifically your debut for Kamikaze Pro??

I love a rumble match because as the saying goes “YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL BE OUT NEXT!” The WWE Royal Rumble is my favourite PPV so I jump at the chance to burst through the curtains at any event where my music hits and I take a chance and winning I against all odds. Debuting for Kamikaze was nerve racking as it was a completely new area and crowd who probably had no idea who I was and I was in a match with 29 other guys and I wanted to make an impression…so maybe sitting in the crowd and taking selfies with them wasn’t the best idea? I got a little carried away.

6. Like previously alluded to you trained at the ProJo, you have made your jump to the main roster, what are your thoughts on the rise of Progress as a promotion and also making it on the main shows after initially training??

Being able to be part of a company like Progress that are just going from strength to strength, like all of British Wresting, is incredible. My debut on the main show was not only brilliant as I was competing with two amazing guys in Chuck Mambo and Pastor William Eaver, but I was also back stage with Samoa Joe……yeah I was pinching myself. I hope to see Progress continue its success and really really hope I can up my game and be worthy of a spot on their future cards.

7. Speaking of Progress you were a Natural Progression Series II semi-finalist, do you think that getting to the semi-finals got you more exposure and more eyes on you due to the fact you were that close to getting the win in the series overall??

Yes. When I was approached about competing in the NPS I saw it as my golden ticket to get my name out into the Wrestling world. Obviously getting that 1st win meant a lot to me as it gave me another shot at showing the fans what I can do. Zack Gibson is one heck of a guy and as much as he beat the life outta me I would jump at the chance to face him again.

8. What are your future goals and ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in a few years time??

My goals. I want to be worthy of a title in Britain. I will keep training an entertaining and hopefully in the future I will achieve this.

9. Where can the readers find you on Social Media and where can promoters book you??

Find my on Facebook
My twitter is @_ArmstrongStyle I love twitter so am always on it
Instagram is the same @_ArmstrongStyle
Email me on
errrrr….message in a bottle too that would be cool

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

right now nothing set in stone but keep an eye on my social media and more importantly if you want to see me get beat up by someone for a promotion get on twitter

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