Interview – Mark Hendry

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Photo Credit : The Ringside Perspective/Oli Sandler, credit given with permission

1. First of all, please introduce yourself to the readers of BWR and give them a quick summary of your career so far??

My name is Mark Hendry and I’ve been wrestling since July 2004, which is almost 11 years now although I did take some time off when I learned that I was about to be a father, I got back to training properly in 2011. During my time I’ve wrestled for Dropkixx, AWA, CWA, Phoenix wrestling, Superplex wrestling, IPW, Progress wrestling and I’m due to debut for Climax wrestling May 16th and Full House Wrestling May 9th.

2. Let’s talk about growing up, did you watch wrestling growing up and if so who inspired you to become a wrestler overall??

When I was little around 5, I remember being round my cousins house and wrestling was put on the TV, I couldn’t look away if I remember rightly it was a cage match after that day I was hooked and watched it religiously after, I grew up watching WCW/WWF and there were lots of influences for wanting to become a wrestler but the main one for me has to be Shawn Michaels as he wasn’t one of the big bodybuilder types but was one of the main guys and always had great matches. The fact that someone that wasn’t 6 foot plus and 300 pounds could command that sort of place really inspired me and made me feel that there was a way for someone like me to truly make it in wrestling.

3.How did you get involved in Wrestling training, who were you trained by and do you have any training stories??

Well me and my best friend at that time were obsessed with wrestling and always had aspirations to get involved somehow but we just didn’t know how, the Internet wasn’t really a major thing then so the information wasn’t really available for us, luckily as we were finishing our GCSE’s he had found out about a school in Hornchurch which was NWA Hammerlock with Dave Stewart and I instantly fell in love with it, was sore as hell every morning after but it all felt worth it there was nothing else I wanted to do with my life, it carried on when we went to Dropkixx under Frank Rimer and Jon Ritchie’s tutelage this was completely different from what I had been learning it was more mat wrestling based as the gym was heavily influenced by the World of Sport days which was really good and we got to see some of the legends like Adrian Street, Mal Mason and more every now and then which helped us a lot, after I had left Dropkixx for a while I trained under Greg Burridge for a year or so at a little place my friend was at in Sidcup, Kent. Greg was a really good guy to learn from as he had been around a while and had just come back from Italy with some of the ex WWE guys so brought some really great insight with him and he was top bloke as well. At this point I took some time off as my son was born but never really could forget about wrestling and always had that itch to get back to it so after a few years I went back to Dropkixx but also wanted to try out other places as well so did my research which was a lot easier thanks to the now invaluable internet! I saw Progress wrestling was local to me and decided to give it a go my first session was under Eddie Dennis and I loved it he was a lovely bloke and had some really great stuff to teach, I went again and this time I was trained by Jimmy Havoc and due to low numbers that day it was basically a session focused on me, I had an idea in my head of how good I was, not a massive ego or anything just that I was above capable in the ring, this session almost made me not go back as I spent the next 3 hours having what I do and how I did it picked apart and was shown that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did, it was pretty demoralising and I really got down on myself about it but I went back as everything in that session wasn’t about putting me down, it was Jimmy giving me his insight and helping me so although it was tough to take it needed to be done or I would never have improved and I can’t thank him enough for that, it was a wake up call and after that I became more determined than ever to improve and achieve my dream, Progress have a fantastic range of teachers and all of them have helped me immeasurably especially Darrell Allen and James Davis who also trains at IPW and got me involved there too. I have had the great fortune with Progress and IPW to train with some really amazing trainers and guest trainers which has helped me improve so much and I cannot thank them enough for that!

4. Is there anyone you would like to have a seminar with in the future at the Projo or elsewhere and do you have any words/recommendations for up and comers??

There would be so many people that I would love to learn from but as he inspired me I would love to have a seminar with Shawn Michaels. For people starting out or not long in training I would have to say choose a good school with recognised coaches and just be patient so you learn all you can, as it’s really easy to become impatient and think you’re ready but there is so much to learn and you only get one first match make sure you remember it for all the right reasons.

5. You have been part of the ENDVR shows after training at the Projo, do you think ENDVR is a UK version of NXT anyway as a way of enhancing talent before they go up to the main roster??

Definitely I would say at Progress it’s such a different atmosphere to anywhere else I have experienced, the main shows are great and the crowd are too but it’s truly special when a show meant for people coming through their training school can generate an atmosphere similar to that and the fans are always incredible no matter what show Progress put on, it’s an amazing experience and is definitely a great way to bring people through which they’ve done successfully already.

6. You are wrestling for Climax Wrestling at Until Summin Breaks in a pretty epic looking 6 man match, what are your thoughts on new promotions such as Climax and what do you think of each of your opponents at the show??

New promotions are always interesting as you never know what to expect from them, Climax did well with their first show and hopefully will continue to do so. My match at Climax Is amazing for me personally as every single person in it I’ve never wrestled before but have wanted to do so, it’s a fantastic opportunity for me and one I intend to take! Martin Kirby, Noam Dar and El Ligero I have seen around a lot and have the utmost respect for each of them from watching them whether it was at Progress, IPW or elsewhere they have been around a lot and for good reason! William Eaver and Scott Star I have trained with at Progress and IPW respectively, they are both terrific wrestlers and have made good impressions on every show but actually facing them will be an interesting situation so we will see how that plays out.

7. You also compete for IPW:UK one of the best promotions in the UK right now, is it good to go from Progress to a promotion such as this so early in your career??

IPW has been great! I used to go down to the Orpington Halls after training on Sunday and watch the shows at IPW they were brilliant and I always thought to myself that one day I wanted to wrestle for them, so to have that opportunity is a great experience for me both personally and professionally!

8. What are your future goals/ambitions for 2015 and beyond??

My future goals are just to try and establish myself as a main roster wrestler for Progress and IPW and hopefully further my experiences in wrestling as I truly love it and wish I could do it full time!

9. Where can readers and promoters find you on Social Media??

I’m on Facebook – Mark Kevin Hendry Also on Twitter – @markhendry88 For bookings it’s easiest to reach me via e-mail –

10. Have you got any future dates you wish to plug??

May 9th my debut for Full House Wrestling. May 16th for Climax wrestling as that’s my debut there so hopefully will have a good turnout. IPW have May 10th which is Royal Rewards Progress have their weekender coming up too which is 24/25 May which is sold out but if you can manage to find a ticket get it! Also check any IPW or Progress show you can get yourself to you won’t regret it!

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