DVD Review – Pro Wrestling Chaos Scallywags, Scoundrels and Seadogs


Welcome to the latest show review as we return to Pro Wrestling Chaos after an absence! This time with Scallywags, Scoundrels and Seadogs! I was given this to review a whole ago but with me being busy with WWE reviews I haven’t had a chance but here it is finally! This is only the second time I have watched a show on demand for review and hopefully with it being PWC it should serve up some cracking action

Match 1 – Jeckel vs Charlie Garrett


First of all we get Jeckel accompanied by his manager and mouthpiece Pariah Khan who cut a promo in the ring about himself and Jeckel! Garrett then came to the ring to rapturous applause and cheering from the PWC fans! Garrett got the fans fired up but it was Jeckel who got the upper hand only for Garrett to use Jeckels offence against him, they locked up again only for Jeckel to act dirty and bite Garrett. I was impressed by Garrett who evenly matched Jeckel for size and was really fired up from the start to the end a great person to get behind. Pariah Khan of course was there to distract Garrett when he could and Jeckel has always impressed me in PWC and if Bird wasn’t King of Chaos, Jeckel would be a good person to step up and get the title. The winner in the end was Jeckel who won after Garrett super kicked Pariah Khan which led to a quick roll up in typical heel fashion. Jeckel had an argument with a mum in the crowd which was hilarious and cemented his heel role for sure, overall a great opener which highlight two great wrestlers! More of this please Chaos!

Match 2 – Alex Steele and Kid Lykos vs KillBane and Big Grizzly


In theory this match was heavyweights vs cruiser weights as Bane and Grizzly said a combined total of around 50 stone vs a total of 11 stone 3 (Kid Lykos) and 11 stone 6 pounds (Alex Steele) but watching quite a few PWC events before when I used to do then regularly Steele is a great talent who can beat anyone on the PWC roster. My overall thoughts on the match were that it wasn’t a squash by any means and Lykos frustrated Grizzly for sure at the start by crawling under his legs and dodging all reversals, Steele was great as usual and him and Lykos as a team show promise and they can become real fan favourites in PWC, probably due to the fact they are the same size they are really good together. Grizzly and Bane impressed me but not as much as Lykos and Steele. The winners in the end were Grizzly and KillBane who in typical heel fashion won through cheating with interference by Ian Williams and KillBane holding down the pin so there was no kicking out!

Match 3 – T-Bone vs El Ligero vs Wild Boar vs Martin Kirby – 4 Way Dance


The next match was between 4 of the best on the UK circuit right now, this match if done correctly would be match of the night! T-Bone was out first to make his debut for PWC as far as I’m aware! Having seen T-Bone multiple times live he sure does represent Best of British! Wild Boar was out first accompanied by Pollyanna formally known as Pollyanna Peppers for anyone reading this who knows her under that name! Martin Kirby was out first using his heel gimmick I’m used to seeing at Southside, I think i have only seen him once face and that was for WrestlingStore in Bedford! El Ligero was out last to a massive cheer, he has become a bit of a Chaos regular and rightfully so as I consider him to be the best in Britain! To start it off Kirby went into the barricade and Boar and Ligero teamed up to beat T-Bone down! Wild Boar and El Ligero then engaged in a fast paced battle until it’s was halted by Martin Kirby who tried to attack Wild Boar but Boar continued his offence! T-Bone came into to stop it and beat the hell out of Wild Boar in the process using his strength to get the better of him! Ligero came back in to be ganged up on by Kirby and T-Bone only for T-Bone to turn on Kirby! Kirby then was taken out again by Boar and Ligero! So as you can tell this match was crazy and really fast paced! Ligero ended up winning after T-Bone attacked Pollyanna which then led to Ligero hitting a nice C4L on Kirby to cap off a great encounter!

Match 4 – Morgan Webster vs Dave Mercy


The next match was between Flash Morgan Webster and Dave Mercy two great wrestlers. Flash cut a promo about how much he hated every single fan which led to Mercy coming out fired up and after Morgan. Morgan said he wasn’t going to wrestle Dave but Dave battered the living hell out of Morgan until he fought back. Morgan went into the steel ring post and then the match started which was really hard hitting as both men were out for some sort of retribution.  The match ended with a disqualification for Flash, the referee was attacked only for Mercy to take Morgan off the referee.

Match 5 – Mike Bird vs Pete Dunne


This was for the King of Chaos championship between Mike Bird and Pete Dunne, Mike Bird as readers will know has made a name for himself over the past year for the likes of TIDAL and NGW and also has been on BWR as an audio guest in the past. Pete Dunne on the other hand has always been a regular down near where I reside in the Midlands and I have seen him take on The World’s Cutest Tag Team and Will Ospreay live over the past two months so this was sure to be a cracker and it sure was. This showed how good Mike Bird is especially with the belt round his waist and I think he will hold it for a long time to come and he showed that by beating Ligero multiple times in a series of matches that were heralded as amazing and this also showed Pete Dunne once again to be a great talent, some of the moves he pulled off towards the end were frankly awesome. They had a sequence with elbows to the face which was great and prompted Pete Dunne to get angry and kick him twice in the head and then bring him down to the apron using his feet from the ropes. Mike Bird got the win in the end which of course shows his superiority as a champion in Pro Wrestling Chaos. He finished him off with a sort of Neutralizer move like that of Cesaro from WWE. A cracking end to a cracking match like I thought it would be. El Ligero came down to the ring to hype up the feud with Ligero and Bird having a quick taste of what was to come down the line.

Match 6 – Grudge Lumberjack Match – Captain Dick Morgan vs Gideon


These two men had been fighting since the first show Chaos held and this was the match to end all matches, Gideon of The Doomsday Killers against Captain Dick Morgan of The Wyld Galleons. This was a grudge match with an added twist, the two teams partners were around the ring and when someone was thrown out the ring depending on their allegiances they would be beaten up. At the start it was a proper good wrestling match between the two with no man being thrown out for the sake of it in a way you could say they just wanted to settle the score in the ring. Dick Morgan was the first to be thrown out and The Doomsday Killers took full advantage wearing Dick down. Dick didn’t want to be worn down and the crowd got behind him which meant he never looked like he had been knocked senseless by the rest of the Doomsday Killers a few minutes previous. This meant that whatever Gideon threw at him he came back fighting with the chants and cheers from the crowd. Gideon though did throw tons at Dick Morgan and the two teams ended up fighting on the outside as well which added to the match as you had two battles going on. The best bit ad to be when Gideon threw a member of The Wyld Galleons into about 8 men. Dick Morgan ended up winning to the delight of the crowd but The Doomsday Killers were not done there beating The Wyld Galleons senseless. This was an absolutely awesome match to cap off a great event probably because of the stakes involved.

Rating – 8/10 – This was a great event and to be honest shows once again why I think Pro Wrestling Chaos is one of the most underrated promotions in the UK, they have put on another cracker and considering I haven’t reviewed one of their shows in quite a while they haven’t dipped and bringing in more top talent such as El Ligero, Wild Boar, Charlie Garrett, T-Bone, Martin Kirby and on their last show Chuck Taylor and Drew Gulak in April and Jigsaw and Kenny King this month they are catering to both the family-friendly audience who come to see great wrestlers they can cheer and also the internet fans who will come for the big names! Great job Pro Wrestling Chaos until next time!

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