DVD Review – WWE FastLane 2015


Here we go again with the next WWE DVD review and this time it is a PPV which are notoriously not very good in my previous reviews. This was the last PPV before WrestleMania and kind of a last chance saloon in a way for WWE to build a storyline for the upcoming big event. Most people thought this would be lacklustre at best and especially considering this is normally when Elimination Chamber is, I for one didn’t mind that the Chamber was being pulled as I was never a big fan of it and it was always highlighted by a drab undercard. In this event the main event was a potential great match between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan with Reigns putting his title shot at WrestleMania on the line that he had won at the Rumble. I think the reason why this was on FastLane was one to get a good match with some good talent on an other wise under par show and also because loads of people were annoyed with the fact that Bryan didn’t return and win and they didn’t want Reigns to win it, my thoughts on this match will be after the undercard though which is always first on the agenda

Lets talk about the undercard, There was some good points such as The Usos vs The Masters of The Universe (Kidd and Cesaro) which was a pretty awesome match to say the least which threw together two of the best tag teams at that point in the WWE with Cesaro and Kidd finally winning the straps. Nikki Bella vs Paige was a cracking match, a lot of people slate The Bellas but I have always been quite a big fan and that is mainly due to Total Divas and knowing their personalities outside of the ring as a result. Paige always puts on a stellar performance on a Pay Per View but being from England you have to like Paige and I have liked her since her days as Britani Knight in WAW. More matches like this please Creative. Rusev vs John Cena was a great match which really heightened their feud before the big match at WrestleMania. The underwhelming parts have to be Goldust vs Stardust was quite bad and watching this on the night it was on as it was free on UK TV I was really underwhelmed and I could see from this for sure that they were not going to go down the Brother vs Brother route. The end was botched and it left a lot to be desired and when watching this you think why has this produced such a bad match especially with the talent used, I wouldn’t have minded so much if it was Adam Rose vs Tyson Kidd if it was bad but these two are normally star performers on an other wise drab PPV. Dean Ambrose vs Bad News Barrett was an okay match but not the best by any means. The finish was pretty poor with Ambrose being DQ’ed for refusing to stop attacking the retaining champion before hitting Dirty Deeds and then Ambrose running off with the belt. The Authority vs Rowan, Ryback and Ziggler was pretty good but the fact the Authority won didn’t give it the best rating in my eyes but this was needed for the future storyline with Orton returning to basically hype up his match with Rollins at WrestleMania.

Now onto the main event like previously alluded to Reigns vs Bryan. This was a pretty good match but was there to basically set Reigns vs Lesnar in stone for WrestleMania. Even though it was short by main event standards but still gave enough for myself to finish this review happy with the match and probably the masses who were there. It is on the new Daniel Bryan DVD/Bluray so it must of been a good match in Bryan or WWE’s eyes. This finishes an OK PPV and better than a lot of the PPV’s I have reviewed recently but not as good as ECW and Ultimate Warrior releases previously reviewed by me.

Rating 7/10 – The tag match and main event were the must sees on this DVD but most of the matches on the Undercard such as Nikki Bella vs Paige up the rating on this one to a solid 7 good job WWE.

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