DVD Review – TIDAL Wrestling Fools Rush In


Welcome to my latest TIDAL Wrestling review, it’s been a while since I have watched any TIDAL shows and I am happy to be back doing them. The review I will be doing today is of Fools Rush In which took place on March 22nd 2015! This had a very good card and hopefully will live up to expectations!
Match 1 – Dan James & Ruby Summers vs Peace and Nina Samuels

This match was between two TIDAL regulars in Dan James and Ruby Summers against Peace who had one appearance previously and Nina Samuels who was making her TIDAL debut on this show and I was looking forward to seeing what she would add to this match for sure. Ruby and Nina were starting off the match and both shook hands. Dan told Ruby off for not wearing a wristband and they walked out of the ring. The referee started the count while Peace and Nina Samuels counted along in the ring. They ran back into the ring and Ruby and Nina finally locked up with Ruby pushing her into the corner. Nina got the upperhand with a wrist lock showing she wasn’t going to be a pushover and when Ruby reversed it Nina did it again but wrapped it round her back and got her in a headlock but giving her a clothesline. Nina then did an impressive inside cradle for the pin but didn’t get the three count. She continued to dominate until Ruby got her with a springboard crossbody which allowed Peace and Dan James to be tagged in. Dan James quickly got Peace onto the floor to utilise his armbar but Peace got him up with a wristlock used but that was only reversed. Peace though reversed it again with a variety of flips to get him out of trouble which he then used to get Dan down so he couldn’t get into control. Peace continued his quick offence with a springboard crossbody but Dan looked effortless when he worked the arm when he floored Peace but both men exchanged some hard shots when they were both back up which was followed by a back heel kick. Nina and Ruby then came in with Nina getting the upperhand with a big slam to the mat which was followed by a pin which only got her a 2. Ruby though got herself back in proceedings but only before Peace and Dan James got back into the match but all teams ended up getting involved with the referee not knowing who was legal. Nina though ended up tapping from the arm bar. Dan James smugly went to the top rope and then went back for more on Nina Samuels with another arm bar to rub salt into the wounds. Dan and Ruby then confronted each other with Ruby being slammed to the mat by James before making various hand gestures at Ruby who was down on the mat.

Liam Lazarus came to the ring for a promo and spoke about how he was treated by Rampage Brown. He talked about he wants to leave on his own two feet after facing Brown in June. Martin Kirby came to the ring and said he can face Rampage Brown in June but he won’t be the champion. Kirby then hit Lazarus before taking the championship and Lazarus’ flask of tea.

Match 2 – JD Boom vs Addy Starr

This was the second intergender match of the night and a perspective great match between Addy and JD. JD started it off by rubbing the canadian flag down his arse and then stepping on it. They locked up with JD trying to kiss Addy. JD ran around the ring away from Addy. He went for the midsection instead of going for the lock up but Addy wasn’t having any of it. He tried next for a thumb war, Addy first time kicked the thumb but second time JD poked her eye with the thumb again JD ran away and then we got a bull type spot with the flag being used. He got a roll up before being smashed and kicked repeatedly before an irish whip clothesline combo twice, Addy then get a few more slaps and forearms in before JD ended up throwing her to the mat before kicking her arse a few times but then got slapped. JD kept taunting her which allowed Addy to lay him out and knee him right in the midsection before a cannonball which only got her a 2 count unfortunately. JD then according to Craig Anderson used the Moustache Thrust and then he tried to low blow her but of course he couldn’t. JD got frustrated after constantly getting only 2 counts and got his Makeup bag out and start throwing boomerangs at her. A modified version of a Fishermans Suplex and a canadian destroyer followed from Addy onto JD. She grabbed a wig out of his tights and then JD choked her with it. He asked to use a chair but when the referees back was turned he hit her with a megaphone. After the match Addy hit him with a steel chair and a rematch was announced for June 28th which would be a barefoot Lego Deathmatch. .

Match 3 – The Fabulous Bakewells (Steakly & Jerry Bakewell) vs Chris Brookes & Tyler Bate

I have never seen The Fabulous Bakewell Boys apart from on British Bootcamp 2 earlier on in the year and I have seen both Brookes and Bate live previously for Southside so I know what to expect with them. They started off by ripping trousers and shirts off to unveil their singlets,Brookes and Bate then said they didn’t appreciate The Fabulous Bakewell Boys or anyone drinking before the match. The referee instead ended up chugging it. Brookes and Bate questioned the referees state so he walked the line in the middle off the ring. The match started with a fast tag before some shenanigans with the irish whip with both men constantly staying on the floor as Chris Brookes ran the ropes before Brookes being thrown over twice. Bate came in to smash the knee and then he grounded Jerry on the ground before both men exchanged wristlocks but Tyler worked on the leg before tagging in Chris Brookes again, Chris like Tyler grounded him before Tyler came back in again only for both men to exchange forearms. Steakly got tagged in which allowed him to constantly slap Tyler repeatedly. Chris came in again and kneed him in the face but as soon as he did that Tyler was tagged in again and he grounded him again before another tag was made before constant elbows to the face. Steakley tried chopping both men but the numbers advantage was used. Tyler kept stamping on his head before slamming him down to the mat before a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Steakley got back into the match and tagged Jerry in. The referee did not see the tag which allowed Brookes and Bate to smash Steakley with elbow pads. Brookes forearmed Jerry off the ropes before a headbutt to the crotch of Steakley by Tyler. Tyler started some hard shots to the chest as well as focusing on the arm and Steakley nearly got to his partner and then finally did. Jerry was on fire and went after Brookes using a variety of clotheslines and a hurricanerana. Bate came back in but was floored with a flying arm drag, Jerry spun him round before Brookes kicked the knee which nearly allowed them to finish him off but not quite Steakley got there before the three count. The Fabulous Bakewell Boys got the win though with a stunner followed by a Rock Bottom which got them the win.

Match 4 – Sean Only vs Josh Bodom

Sean Only has been a regular for a while for TIDAL and has recently had a feud with Dan James, Josh Bodom on the other hand as far as i’m aware was making his debut on this show and given the MMA style of Only and the talent of Bodom this was sure to be an epic match. Bodom introduced himself to the audience as a tweener and superstar before saying he is a CM Punk wannabe. Sean grabbed the microphone and called him Josh Knobhead before saying he is going to kick his head off. Sean started by throwing a kick at Bodom which made him leave the ring. Bodom kicked him in the head followed by a few slaps to the chest and a fist to the head.  Only jumped over him and started his kicks again which wore Bodom down for sure. It couldn’t last long as he was thrown over the rope by Bodom who then started beating the crap out of him on the outside including throwing him into the ring post. Bodom just lay on the turnbuckle before kicking him in the face through the ropes. A nice springboard dropkick followed which made Only even more injured. Sean Only came back in and the crowd was behind him but Bodom continued the beating probably due to the injury. When Sean got back into the match he went at Josh like a house of fire using his kicks and a knee to the jaw which sounded and looked amazing. A DDT followed but it only got him a 2 count. Sean used the last Caress but Bodom wasn’t done and hit him with a superkick or JD said it was a dental plan kick. Another one followed as well as a swanton bomb. Sean though made him tap out to get the victory and got another victory in TIDAL which shows his credentials for a future title shot hopefully.

Match 5 – The Proven vs So Scandalous II

This was the highly anticipated rematch between Caz Crash & Sam Wilder vs Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne. I thought the last one was amazing and even tweeted TIDAL asking for a rematch and they said there definitely would be so I’m glad there is one. The Proven went after them before the bell but you could tell that it would be sheer anarchy, The Proven were on both sides of the ring and both Damo and Ryan dived at the same time. Ryan and Caz were starting with Caz getting the upperhand with his clothesline but Ryan jumped over him and dropkicked him. Damian got in and continued the beating that Ryan had administered originally. Ryan came back in but Caz turned him inside out with a clothesline showing that he wasn’t going to be a pushover after being dominated in the opening exchanges. With them being on the opposite side of the ring they went back and forth in terms of tags but Ryan got to Damian which allowed Damian to come in like a house on fire and get some offence against Caz. Sam carried him out of the ring and threw him into the wall before being rolled back in which allowed them to be back in the driving seat and isolate Damian on the other side of the ring again. Even when Damian had a sniff of getting back in he was too far away from Ryan to get the tag. Another quick tag occured with Caz returning to isolate him and this time he got him on the floor instead of keeping him up using an uppercut to get him back over to Sam Wilder to get another tag. Sam was straight back on it after a pin and stayed on his opponent so basically he couldn’t get back over to Ryan it was simple but it worked. Sam stuck his middle fingers up at Ryan which allowed a spear from Damian and a tag which allowed a crossbody which took both men out. He used his fast paced style to decimate both men and having good ring awareness it meant he knew where both Sam and Caz were at all times to take them out. It soon became crazy though with all men exchanging superkicks with each other which got both men down. Damian and Caz exchanged forearms with Damian getting a backbreaker to finish off the war of the forearms. Sam turned Ryan inside out before an RKO outta nowhere which got a 2 count. Caz drove Damian into Ryan who was on the top rope which allowed a devastating cannonball of the top rope by Sam to win. Following the match, Ryan Smile challenged The Proven to a third match with an added stipulation.

Match 6 – Joseph Conners vs Pete Dunne

The sub main-event was between I would say my favorite wrestler in the country in Joseph Conners vs Pete Dunne who has really become one of my favorites after seeing him multiple times this year. The match was sure to be a clinic and the match was really fast paced at the start with the referee having to break holds multiple times. It became more of a proper wrestling match with both men administering holds on the ground and these two men were showing in this match that they didn’t need to do all the flips and that they could have a proper wrestling match. Conners went to the outside which meant it was even when they got back into the ring, the mat based wrestling continued when he got back in with both men exchanging holds and there was no clear winner at this point. They got up and Pete got him in a headlock when they were up and then on the ground again. Conners got attended to by the referee which got mocked by the audience. The pace changed and it became fast which didn’t favor Conners. The breaking of the holds continued with the referee having a lot of work to do in this compared to the other matches. Conners took Dunne down with a clothesline and then finally tied his laces but Pete mocked Conners by squatting and then crashing down on both of his kneecaps. Dunne was on the outside but not for long as he floated back in and covered him. Conners crashed him down to the mat with another clothesline but Pete countered a few seconds later with a great suplex followed by an awesome powerslam. This continued to be back and forth though as Conners would not lose just like that, this was a proper brawl and this match like previously alluded to exchanged holds and hard hitting wrestling action. Conners grabbed a win after throwing him into the exposed turnbuckle and rolling him up.

Main Event – Liam Lazarus vs Martin Kirby

This started off with a brawl with neither man exchanging any handshakes and it simply went to the action straight away. Lazarus got the upperhand after being in a headlock from Kirby originally and showed his legitimacy as a champion. Lazarus though kept up the antics that we usually see and found his flask and drank some tea only for it to be slapped out of his hand and then for himself to be suplexed. Kirby as a result got some offence and especially in a match where a title was on the line he needed to take it and run with it. Lazarus though got back into it with a nice Yorkshire uppercut as Aaron Beatup said but then Lazarus got his head kicked in by Kirby, while Lazarus was down he stamped on his hand then performed a legsweep to get him down again and continued to smash him on the back. Lazarus though went after the brew after dodging Kirby twice and the tea fired him up and he hit him with a boot to the side of the head to stamp his authority back on the match. Kirby was struggling to stand but hit him with a nice enziguri after making him stop. Lazarus went up top but Kirby hit him with a superplex which made you think it was going to be it, Kirby hit him with a chokeslam but it only got a 2 count. I was actually surprised Kirby didn’t win it as towards the end of the match he dominated but Lazarus picked up the win and also his flask. Following the match, Martin Kirby handed back the flask of tea and gave Lazarus a thumbs-up.

Rating 8/10 – A great event as usual from TIDAL, not their best by any means but to see The Proven vs So Scandalous 2 and Liam Lazarus once again made this DVD one of the best Wrestling shows I have watched in quite a while! I cannot wait for the next installment of TIDAL I watch and hopefully it will be soon!

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