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1. First of all, please give the readers of BWR a quick introduction to yourself??
My name is Micah I work for the wrestling company TNA and I’m part of a group known as The Rising. I love my profession and I take pride in my work. I am the son of WWE Legend Haku and the brother to The Bad Boy Tama Tonga of New Japan Pro Wrestling
2. Second question, did you ever do any other sports when you were younger or was it mainly Wrestling??
I grew up playing every sport possible. In the U.S American football is the sport I grew up playing and wanted to be my profession. I played real football, baseball, basketball and in high school I did track and field events as well, mostly field events like discuss and shot put. I did not participate in amateur wrestling though, my father did not like some of the practices some coaches used to have their wrestlers wrestle in lower weight classes.
3. You were born into a Wrestling household having Haku as your father and Tamu Tonga as your brother but you were trained by The Dudleys, how did training with them come about and did you ever do any sort of training with your father Haku??
My brother and I started training with the Dudleys because their training facility is near our parents home and because they’re the Dudleys! Both Bubba and Devon are amazing trainers and have great minds for the business of wrestling. I was fortunate enough to train with our father and a great family friend and former wrestler Ricky Santana on Sundays thanks to the Dudleys allowing us ring time then. When we trained with our father he is hands on, he’s very passionate about wrestling and he wants you to learn wrestling by doing it, he’ll teach with words along the way but he wants you to really use all your sense, get a feel for what you’re doing.
4. Thinking of your respective style who do you think would be a good person to do a seminar with and why??
If I were to attend a seminar on wrestling I wouldn’t pick anyone in particular because there is so much to learn in the business and sport of wrestling and everyone has something to share. If there is a criteria that I would like the instructor to have, I would like them to have a professional career in wrestling, someone who is passionate about wrestling and is able to translate that passion not only through body language but through actual audible skills. There’s probably more I can write down but I believe you understand where I’m’ coming from.
5. You were with the WWE between 2009 and 2014 working for FCW, the main roster and NXT at the end, what are your thoughts on your time with the WWE, how did your release come about and would you be welcomed back or did you end on bad terms with the company??
I enjoyed my time with WWE and I believe I took my opportunity for granted while I was there. I’m grateful for my time there and I learned so much from so many resources that they have there. I still have plenty to learn but like I said I’m grateful for the time I spent there. I was released around June/July of 2014. It was a phone call from Mark Carrano and he let me know that my time had come. I don’t believe I ended on bad terms with WWE, if you know my father then you know that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
6. NXT has become a hotbed for talent such as Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and formally current WWE champion Seth Rollins, do you think that NXT is better than the current main roster programming and who do you think will be the next big thing in NXT and why??
NXT is an amazing place/environment! NXT is doing big things from bringing in and building talent to production, to strength and conditioning, to character creative. I believe NXT rivals their big brothers on RAW and SmackDown. With their resources and now they’re traveling outside the state of Florida they will be just as successful as the main roster. Everyone on the NXT roster has the ability to be the next big thing for WWE or else they wouldn’t have been hired.
7. What would you say about your relationship with Triple H while you were down with WWE??
Triple H was good to me. We weren’t the best of friends  but he treated me with respect and I did the same. He was a good boss who listened and who cared about all of us because he takes pride in the product, the WWE.
8. What are your thoughts on the facilities at the Performance Center and also the training from the likes of Robbie Brookside and Norman Smiley given down there??
The PC for WWE is an amazing place with amazing coaches. The PC has everything an aspiring wrestler and professional wrestler would want. The staff is diverse just like the talent, which is perfect for young talent. New and young talent are exposed to different perspectives, ideas, thought processes. They have so much knowledge and experience within the staff that they can draw from and adapt to their own skill set and thought process.
9. Who would you have liked to have faced while in WWE if given the chance that you never did while on the road??
I’m not sure if there was any one person in particular that I really wanted the opportunity to face in the ring on the main roster. On the NXT roster they have established talent and new talent that I would like to roll around in the ring with. No one in particular everyone they have.
10. You are now with TNA as part of the Rising, how did getting signed come about, how is it working with Drew Galloway in the stable and finally do you think the future is looking bright for you in TNA and also TNA as a promotion??
I am with TNA now and it’s because of good brothers and my talent, family and work ethic that caught the attention of TNA talent relations. I knew Drew and Eli before we got together as The Rising so I knew coming into this group that we were ready to do whatever it takes to make things happen for ourselves. The future is what we make of it at TNA and we are all very hungry and willing to put in the work to be successful in TNA.
11. If given the chance would you come over to the UK and if so who would you want to face and why and basically give promoters a message ??
Hell yeah I would come to the UK to wrestle if given the chance. Am I familiar with the talent in the UK? Nope. Do I know guys from the UK that wrestled here in the states with me? Yup. Does it matter who I wrestle out there so long as I come to work, kick ass and entertain? Nope.
12. What are your thoughts on the Independent Circuit in America and the talent such as The Young Bucks and AJ Styles it boasts??
The Independent circuit is great right now! There are plenty of former and current WWE, TNA. NJPW, ROH stars wrestling all over the states to wrestle future superstars and each other to make money, put on great shows and matches and have a great time doing it. Since you named The Young Bucks and AJ Styles, I believe they are some of the best talents in the wrestling industry right now, AJ has been for a while now, and its good for wrestling and wrestling fans.
13. What future ambitions/goals do you have for 2015 and beyond??
My goals and ambitions for 2015 and beyond are mine and you can just wait to see what happens.
14. Where can the readers find Micah on Social Media and do you have any booking info??
If you want to follow me on social media you can find me on Twitter @MicahTNA and on Instagram @TheMicahTNA.
15. Have you got any future dates you wish to plug and any merchandise??
Any future dates of me working or merch I’ll post in on my social media accounts. Thank you!

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