DVD Review – It’s Good To Be King: The Jerry Lawler Story


Welcome to the latest WWE DVD Review, I have been on annual leave which is why this review didn’t come earlier, I always love the documentary releases from WWE so this should get a high rating to be honest. This DVD in my opinion is warranted as he is a true legend in Wrestling in my opinion, some may disagree but he is up there in my book both as a commentator and a wrestler.

Disc 1 is an 80 minute documentary, In this documentary we start off with Jerry drawing talking about how Memphis is associated with Kings and how he became the King of Wrestling in Memphis after Elvis Presley and BB King. He first of all talks about his Early Years when he was born, his family, his situation of being just above poor growing up as a child and moving to Ohio for Jerry’s Dad’s job and him getting special memories as a result adopting the Browns and Indians as his teams. Following this up with talking about his Dad having multiple heart attacks. High School was the next topic including Jimmy Hart being at the same school when he was part of the Gentrys and Jimmy talked about seeing Jerry’s art up around the school even then when he was in high school. The next chapter of the DVD was about Jerry being a memphis wrestling fan growing up in which we get Jerry Jarrett, Vince McMahon and Jim Ross talking about Memphis Wrestling at that time. Jerry talked about how he sent in the artwork and how Lance Russell said his name on air and showed the drawings, as a result Jerry started doing drawings for Memphis Wrestling and him meeting Jackie Fargo who was a big star at the time in Memphis Wrestling and if he never was around, Jerry would never be the man he is today. Jerry Lawler’s interest in Wrestling peaked when Jerry’s Dad passed away and how he would of been excited if it was when he was alive and seen him involved with it. The next chapter was about his art teacher and how she got him a scholarship at University of Memphis. Jerry’s start in Wrestling was next and how he wrestled Backyard in Arkansas with his first match a main event against Jerry Vickers. Jackie Fargo got him his start in Memphis as an enhancement talent originally and then how the torch was passed by Fargo to Lawler which is how the King character started and he ran with it which made him a star in Memphis as young, brash and outspoken.  His family life was covered with Grandmaster Sexay talking about life growing up with Jerry being on the road. His run towards a title match which meant the likes of Bobo Brazil and The Sheik were brought in on the way to the match with Jack Brisco was covered. Jerry moving with Jerry Jarrett to Channel 5 was covered and Channel 5 and the previous operation crumbling as a result. Andy Kaufman’s introduction into Wrestling from Hollywood, his intergender challenge and his match with Jerry Lawler was discussed by Lawler and originally Apter who got him his start in Memphis by ringing Lawler. Lawler slapping Kaufman on the Letterman show was discussed and especially the media frenzy surrounding the whole incident. Memphis Wrestling in the 1980’s was discussed and how serious it got when WWF and WCW nicked all their talent and even imitated Lawler with Harley Race and also the Memphis/AWA alliance with Lawler and Hennig having a match with Lawler winning the title. Jerry’s start in WWE was then focused on with The King’s Court which was the Highlight Reel or Miz TV of that time being focused on mostly as well as him being one of the biggest heels at that time. His announcing career which he has basically done ever since that time, in my opinion he is the best announcer that WWE have ever had and is always as well as Jim Ross what I associate with the commentary on WWE and WWE TV was covered next which was mostly about the Attitude Era and his famous PUPPIES! catchphrase which was originally Road Dogg’s but it was made famous by Lawler. Jerry ran for mayor of Memphis and this was covered and Stacy Carter, Jerry’s ex wife talked about how people who ran came to his house and asked him not to run, Carter was then covered more extensively when Stacy was released and Jerry followed suit, Jerry worked independent dates and then his return was also covered a few months later. His Hall of Fame induction was covered with JR in the same class and how it was special for both men another thing that was special was his first WWE title match vs. The Miz which then led onto his feud with Michael Cole which again was something he never got and that was a WM match which again was really special and worth waiting for Jerry. Finally to end the documentary we get Jerry’s heart attack what happened during and after when he was in hospital and then returning, his girlfriend spoke about how he got an outcry all over the world with cards, well wishes etc., We then get Michael Cole who said he cried the night he returned and then we got Hart, Cole, Ross, McMahon, Road Dogg who talk about his impact as a promoter, performer and announcer and I have to say he has made an impact on me as a fan over the years I have watched Wrestling.

Rating 5/5 – A great documentary which I really enjoyed, I got to know more about Lawler as a performer than I did already and WWE have made another cracker here after the Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior documentaries blew me away this is another one that has and I hope that WWE continue to pump these out because I love watching and reviewing them and it shows why I love Wrestling so much.

Thanks for reading as always guys and I hope you have enjoyed this and my interview with Micah this week,

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