Interview – Kieran Young

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1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Kieran, please introduce yourself to the readers??

My name is Kieran Young i’ve been wrestling now for about 4 years up and down the UK , i have a mixture of wrestling styles that i like use in my matches so that no matter who i’m against i always have a game plan….

2. Lets talk about growing up first of all, did you watch wrestling growing up and if so were you inspired by anybody in particular to become a professional wrestler??

When growing up i was hooked to wrestling watching WWE on the TV the first match that i ever saw was the rock vs stone cold Steve Austin at wrestle mania 17 and i was hooked the minute that bell rang and i thought to my self i want to be a professional wrestler one day so yeah it was the rock and stone cold Steve Austin who inspired me to become a professional wrestler.

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling, who trained you and assessing the different training schools this country offers who would you say would have been good to have been trained by??

As soon as i had made my mind up about becoming a professional wrestler i started looking for training schools and i found Phoenix wrestling association, the head trainer there is psycho Steve and i learned all i could from Steve then i found out about other training schools in Birmingham Rugby and Wales then decided that i was going to go to as many training schools as possible to learn as much as i could from them, there are so many pro wrestling schools out there i would personally recommend either Hunter Brothers Training school in Birmingham, Dragon Pro wrestling school in Wales but like i said there are plenty of training schools across the UK so just search the web for training schools near you and I’m sure you will find one!

4. You are part of Born 2 Fly with a previous BWR Guest Tomas James Sky, how did the team form and would you say that you prefer teaming with TJ or performing in singles action on shows??

Being apart of Born 2 fly with Tomas James Sky is great i love tag team wrestling and so does tom the team formed a few years ago when we met in training one year and was booked on a show as a tag team and we just hit it off from there were now best friends and travel up and down the UK wrestling, as for singles or tag team action goes i think id lean more to tagging as its what i love but singles wresting is just as awesome.

5. Speaking of Born 2 Fly recently you competed on two Kamikaze Pro shows first of all both on your own as part of the rumble and then against Dan Moloney in a 2 on 1 handicap match, what are your thoughts on Kamikaze as a promotion and the direction they are going in and do you think that now you have competed with TJ as a tag team in Kamikaze that it will be a regular booking in the future??

Working for Kamikaze is always a blast great team and mind blowing talent they always put on a great show and the fans always enjoy themselves, Kamikaze pro are always growing and the direction there going looks very bright for them and id like to be apart of that so i’m sure if both myself and Tomas James Sky keep proving ourselves to Kamikaze and other promotions we will hopefully be booked again and again.

6. You are the Coventry Pro Wrestling champion I believe as of time of writing, how did it feel for you to win the title and also do you have any words for Big O ahead of your match next weekend??

Becoming the Coventry Pro Wrestling champion was a big deal to me because Coventry is my home town so it was great winning a championship belt in my home town, As for Big O you better watch out as your going home with nothing.

7. What are your thoughts on the current state of British Wrestling??

British Wrestling as a whole is getting better and better the British talent here is just amazing you have guys like Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Dan Moloney, Chris Brookes, Noam Dar and so many more British wrestling is defiantly getting better year by year.

8. What are your future goals in Wrestling that you want to achieve in the next five years??

My future goals in wrestling are to become the best wrestler that I can become, and within the next five years I’d like to wrestle abroad and make sure people know about Kieran Young.

9. Where can the readers find Kieran Young and where can promoters book you??

Fans can find me via my fan page Facebook:


And promoters can book me via my fan page on Facebook

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

Upcoming shows: Saturday 30th may Coventry pro wrestling search Coventry pro wrestling in Facebook for more details Sunday 31st Future Championship Wrestling. Search Future Championship Wrestling on Facebook for more information

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