DVD Review – WWE WrestleMania 31


Welcome to my latest DVD review, this time it is the turn of the next WWE release, WrestleMania 31, the yearly event came to Santa Clara, California this year at Levi’s Stadium. Today I will give you a run down of what was good and what was bad about the event as well as a rating. This was a perfect show when I initially watched it back when it was released on the Network but does it stack up to my high rating initially, let’s find out!

The opening match for the Intercontinental Title was an entertaining ladder match were all the wrestlers in the match even the ones who you weren’t putting bets on winning put in some high risk spots which entertained the crowd and myself to start the show off with a bang instead of the usual rubbish that WWE put as the kick-off, Daniel Bryan ended up winning the match and I think it was needed at the time for him to win the match as he had been everyone’s choice to face Brock Lesnar at this show and at least then he gets his WrestleMania moment by getting to win a title which was of course short lived due to an injury that could retire him. I hope not as I have always liked Bryan as a wrestler, he may not be my favorite but I still admire what he can do in the ring.

Another good match was between Randy Orton and Seth Rollins which was highlighted in my eyes by the curb stomp attempt which went into the RKO Outta Nowhere, a finish that any casual wrestling fan would want due to the whole thing about it on social media. At the time I thought this was one of the best WWE matches I had seen in ages and I wasn’t disappointed the second time but watching it back it wasn’t as good as the first time when I watched it live and went crazy for it.

Sting vs Triple H followed which again was a match that wasn’t as good the second time around, I got into Wrestling quite late on so I never watched WCW back when it was on but of course I have made the effort to watch as much as I can without overkilling it and it seemed to be that the run ins from DX and NWO were showing a sort of WWE vs. WCW vibe to it which didn’t really need to happen when looking back at the match. I didn’t really agree either with the fact that Sting lost on his WWE debut as why have all this build up for Sting to debut and the whole Survivor Series angle for him to lose on the Biggest Event of WWE’s year. Hopefully Sting will have one final match before he is inducted into the Hall of Fame as I would like to see what he does with someone like The Undertaker for example.

The women’s match followed and normally it wouldn’t be amazing considering  it is put normally after a really good match on a PPV card as a sort of cool down but in this case it was a really good match which was of course AJ’s last WrestleMania pay day before she retired from Wrestling and fair enough if I was a wrestler I would want to retire on the biggest stage and that is WrestleMania. Paige and AJ got their WrestleMania win and it would of been more special for Paige considering it is her first ever WrestleMania after debuting the night after the year before and ironically beating the person she was teaming with and also in my opinion it was better they did it like they did as I would rather have this match than if Nikki faced Paige not saying it would of been bad just that this was more logical especially if they knew in advance that it would be AJ’s last match.

John Cena vs Rusev followed next and I was not looking forward to this match when I initially watched WrestleMania the night after and so I skipped through it when watching it but in reality it was a really good match and don’t let the fact it is the umpteen time they are facing off against each other make you not want to watch it as it had the drama factor to it which is what matches like this are all about and watching this made me wish that I had watched it initially. This was followed by the segment which involved Triple H, Steph, The Rock and UFC’s Ronda Rousey thrown into the mix, I really enjoyed this segment and it was a break from the matches to see The Rock come back again for his yearly segment and to see Ronda was great, I don’t really watch UFC but I know of course who Ronda Rousey is and so to see her come in to do this gave me a massive pop that they brought in literally the toughest woman on the planet and I hope that Dana White gives in and gives us this mixed tag match.

The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt was a good entertaining match that on paper looked to be a shocker considering the fact that is well known that the Undertaker is not at his best anymore but we got the usual Deadman spots which made the crowd and the people at home believe that he could still cut it. It was good to see him take the victory and even though the 1 will always be there I think that the attraction of the Deadman is still alluring and I think he has one more match in him before a big Hall of Fame induction for one of the best in Wrestling of all time.

The main event was between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns which was an excellent match which showed how good both men were, the fact that Reigns took so many suplexes showed that he could cut it in a main event spot despite people thinking otherwise. Lesnar as usual was amazing and before the fight I was not really looking forward to it but it surprised me and turned out as one of my favourite matches of this year by far. The Rollins cash in may have been obvious but shocked me and I was happy that he took the title home ahead of the other two men as he was more worthy of the title considering his MITB briefcase and I hope that we do get Rollins vs Lesnar soon enough maybe even at WrestleMania 32.

The Hall of Fame was on the other disk as well as the Kickoff matches, I would say if you haven’t watched this year’s HOF it is worth a watch with the best ones in my eyes being Madusa and Kevin Nash apart from that all the other ones seemed to ramble on and that’s what let it down but it is definately worth watching if you get the chance.

Rating 8/10 – This was a good show but not the 10/10 I initially thought it was. Still worth the pickup and the event of the year that WWE has produced by quite a mile. I look forward to seeing how Extreme Rules stacks up against this.

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