Interview – Dr Ernest Price on behalf of Smiley


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival, please introduce yourself to the readers??

Good evening my name is Dr. Ernest Price I am the head administrator of Fairchild asylum for the mentally deranged and head psychiatrist for Smiley

2. Lets talk about growing up first of all, did you watch wrestling growing up and if so were you inspired by anybody in particular to become a professional wrestler??

Growing up smiley had always admired wrestling and watched it from a young age smiley didn’t officially start training to wrestle till just a couple of years ago where he was taken in by Amazing Red and Brian XL which was an amazing feeling being taken in by amazing red since smiley had grown up watching red and being greatly inspired by him he was also inspired by Tommy Dreamer, Mil Mascaras, El Santo , Blue Demon, the road warriors to name a few

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling, who trained you and would you say your training experience put you in a good position to become the wrestler you are today??

Smiley is trained by amazing red and Brian xl who have brought in guest trainers for us in the likes of low ki Samoa Joe Eddie Kingston quite storm Jay lethal all of the training smiley have gotten at house of glory has definitely made smiley the wrestler he is today and he couldn’t thank hog enough

4. You are of course called Smiley and it entails a facemask with a smiley face on it, did you come up with this or did someone else and would you say that having this you stand out from all the other wrestlers currently in Wrestling??

Smiley was given the name smiley by amazing red him self his look is very unique and helps him stand out but the biggest stand out for him is his style and how he has multiple masks that come off in random and unique was to display his more wild side

5. You are part of House of Glory’s roster and you have faced off against the likes of Ricochet, Amazing Red and the Young Bucks and you have only been wrestling two years, how does it feel to get the chance to face some of the worlds best something that some wrestlers don’t do after ten years never mind 2 years ??

Smiley has been incredibly fortunate to wrestle some of the world’s best and some times it feels very surreal to be standing across the ring from some of the stars he watched from the stands years before some say it’s a testament of all his hard work some say it is a testament of his talent either way smiley is very fortunate and humbled by every opportunity he receives

6. You also work for the likes of JAPW and WOW, what other promotions do you want to work for in the States and who do you want to face in the future that you haven’t had the opportunity to step into the ring with as of yet??

Smiley has had a chance to work for over 60 different companies including house of glory, revival pro, excellence pro, jersey championship wrestling, fight the world, vow, on point wrestling, and there are many people smiley would like to wrestle some being more famous like that of delirious Okada,  Nakamura ACH PJ Black and Tommy Dreamer and he also has some fellow hogs he would like to be in the ring with like getting one on one with Anthony Gangone, Ken Broadway Nicky heat and smiley may have had 12 matches in the past with Marq Quen who is currently his partner as The high spot heros he always enjoys wrestling his best friend marq

7. Would you come over to the UK if given the chance and who would you like to face if given the chance?

Smiley would jump on the opera unity to go to the UK he has goals to go out that way he would love to wrestle any and everyone growing up watching the likes of Johnny saint and Billy Robinson smiley has become in love with the British style and the art of their style

8. What are your future goals in Wrestling that you want to achieve in the next five years??

In the next 5 years smiley is hoping to get his name out there more and branching out to bigger things like czw roh and maybe pwg and travelling more around the world so far smiley has been to Canada and the US he wants to get out to Mexico UK and Japan

9. Where can the readers find Smiley and where can promoters book you??

smiley currently has a like page one Facebook at

Email –

There’s also instagram and twitter @smiley_lucha

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

Smiley has some great dates coming up this Friday at five Boro he takes on tj Marconi then the next night against jgeorge and Rockstar Spud at warriors of wrestling on top of that smiley always in courage people to check out house of glory announced so far July 10th and in august with a dream Main event Rey mysterio vs amazing red!!!

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