Interview – Micky The Dragon


   Q1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Micky, please introduce yourself to the readers??

A1. Hi I’m Micky aka Micky The Dragon/The Dragon, formerly Micky The Mann, Micky Miyagi, nearly as many faces as Mick Foley! Lol
Q2. Lets talk about growing up first of all, did you watch wrestling growing up and if so were you inspired by anybody in particular to become a professional wrestler??

A2. I was first introduced into wrestling in the 80s so the likes of Hogan, Warrior, Macho Man the lot. I used to buy the Hasbro action figures. When I was in my teens and didn’t have sky to watch WWE, I watched wCw on TNT and channel 5, 1 of my favourites was Goldberg. I eventually got Sky and followed WWE religiously, watching Raw and Smackdown and stopping up to watch all the ppvs. Whilst watching WWE the invasion from wCw and ECW came along, still to this day Invasion is 1 of my favourite ppvs and the Jeff hardy vs RVD match for the Hardcore title was 1 of my favourite memorable matches, RVD has a unique innovative style and he used a lot of kicks and he inspired me to use a similar style.

Q3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling, who trained you and assessing the different training schools this country offers who would you say would have been good to have been trained by??

A3. I used to play a lot of football when I was younger, tried pub level football when I was older but wasn’t really enjoying it. I came to a cross roads and thought what can I do instead of football. I grew up watching wrestling and always wanted to try it. 1 of my mates from Sheffield was a wrestler under the name Gary Player recommended me to go down and have a trial weekend for 1PW and to visit him. It was my first taste of wrestling, I learnt how to do the basics and I impressed them with how natural I was! I apparently bumped better than some who had been training for months! At this time I also met legendary Old B*stard Keith Myatt, Milky Bell the ref and also Rob now known as Robbie X, it’s good to see that he started at a young age and has progressed and evolved into the wrestler he is today.

However that was in Sheffield and with me from the North East I couldn’t go on a regular basis. When I decided to give wrestling a go I looked for the closest 1 which I then came across CRW in Newcastle, it was when I first made real progress and started as Micky The Mann. Trained there for about 4 months then had a new recruit who goes by the name of HT Drake, had our first training match together at CRW and we instantly had chemistry. Many matches against each other and with our similar fast paced high flying innovative styles we started tagging. CRW was when I first started, we tried out other places like NEWG, 3CW and currently NGW. Trained by some big names such as AJ Anderson, Tony Spitfire and currently 1 of UKs best Rampage Brown.

Q4. You recently became one half of the first ever UKWE Tag Team Champions, how did it feel to win those titles and also what are your thoughts looking back at the show in general and are you excited about the future of UKWE??

A4. Yeh I was excited of the opportunity to be part of UKWE, debuting and winning the UKWE tag team titles with HT Drake, close friend, tag team partner and sometimes arch nemesis haha. It feels good to have won the tag team belts twice for 2 different companies, the other belts for Main Event Wrestling (MEW).

Q5. You defeated Lou King Sharp a one to watch in Scotland at TIDAL Point Break ’15, what are your thoughts on the rise of TIDAL and now you have beaten both Lou and HT recently in TIDAL do you think that a run for the title that Liam Lazarus holds will be in the pipeline??

A5. Yeh as a local guy from Darlington I have been wrestling for Tidal at the dolphin centre and I’ve been climbing up the ranks, some tough battles against HT Drake, shutting the big mouth of Lou King Sharp – I had a local supporter of mine comment on Facebook saying I should be called Foo King Sharper! Haha.

In regards to Lazarus, he has quickly climbed the ranks not just in Tidal but throughout the UK! He is a hard worker, he’s not the biggest dog in the fight but he has a huge heart. Once I’ve proved I can be in main event status – I think I would definitely give Lazarus a run for his money. Or even Rampage Brown, even though he has mentored me since last year. I’ve had a taste of Tag team gold on 2 occasions for 2 different companies but I want singles gold.

Q6. You compete mostly in the North East, do you want 2015 to be when you break out more down South and if so give your message to promoters??

A6. Throughout my wrestling career, I have travelled to Scotland, North East, Leeds, Wakefield even down to Wales. This past year has been my biggest and busiest yet, I’m still open to more bookings – the more the merrier, I would like to have more regular bookings outside of North East area, I just think it’s a matter of time. Anyone interested in contacting me – find me on Facebook as Micky Mann and inbox me.

7. What are your thoughts on the current state of British Wrestling??

A7. British wrestling at the minute is very high, the likes of NGW are growing bigger and bigger! But there are a lot of small local feds……I mean ALOT! It seems nowadays anyone can open up a fed!

It’s good to see British wrestlers make it to the big time though, the likes of Paige, Neville and Bad News Barrett (to name a few).

Every time I mention wrestling to someone – they always mention “oh I remember seeing the likes of Giant Haystacks on ITV etc”, it’s nice to see the likes of NGW on TV and the rise of UKWE who will also be aired on Sky.

Q8. What are your future goals in Wrestling that you want to achieve in the next five years??

A8. My future goals would be to continue building my name throughout the UK and possibly make a name across seas. I admit I was tempted to make a tape for WWE Tough Enough this year but I don’t think I’m quite ready yet, maybe next year 😉.

I will continue to train hard and build myself up to the main roster of NGW for the TV tapings.

Q9. Where can the readers find The Dragon and where can promoters book you??

A9. At the moment I’m doing regular shows for Tidal (Darlington/Newcastle/Leeds), Main Event Wrestling (Newcastle area), UKWE (Leeds area). Like previously said – promoters can contact me through Facebook or find me at shows to book me. I’m mobile and happy to travel.

Q10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

A10. I return from my wedding/honeymoon on 12th June and my first show back is on the 14th June for Tidal. You can see my current schedule as follows:

Riverside, Newcastle 

Sunday 14th June 2015

Dolphin Centre, Darlington 

Saturday 12th September 2015

Testing Ground

Dennison Hall, Leeds

Sunday 13th September 2015

Northumbria Uni, Newcastle

Friday 2nd October 2015

Voltage Supershow, Leeds

Saturday 31st October 2015

Thank you for interviewing me and I hope everyone has enjoyed reading. If anyone would like to ask me more questions or see me at future shows or even to book me – add me on Facebook as Micky Mann.

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